Science Shows (Again) that Children Need their Moms During Their First 3 Years

Recently, an article published in the Wall Street Journal reported on research survey done why a far-left Democrat psychotherapist based in far-left New York City. Surprisingly, her book caused an uproar among the author’s left-wing allies. How come? Excerpt: Motherhood used to be as American as apple pie. Nowadays it can be as antagonistic as […]

via Survey of scientific literature finds that children need their mom for first 3 years — WINTERY KNIGHT


  1. Most of the media advice is counter-intuitive. I think that the Amish are correct to a certain degree when they immediately mark the offerings of Hollywood as Satanic refuse. It’s best to err on the side of caution and follow their advice, even if it is a bit extreme.

  2. Their advice is only considered extreme by those who travel the board road to hell.

  3. babies need their moms. kids need their moms. accurate science will always back that up.

    “The thing I dislike the most is day care,” she says. “It’s really not appropriate for children under the age of 3,” because it is “overstimulating” given their neurological undevelopment.

    ugh. don’t get me started on overstimulating environments for little ones. we dealt with that everywhere, including and especially church. my aspie girl couldn’t go to church when she was little b/c of how super overstimulating they make children’s environments in church.

  4. It’s really disturbing when people refuse to even LOOK at evidence, because it makes them feel ‘uncomfortable’ or ‘triggered’. Yeah, research studies are sometimes wrong (more than sometimes, in the social sciences), but at least take a look and see what the man or the woman has to say.

    There is a concept called ‘motivated reasoning’ which refers to people subconsciously trying to look at data in a way which confirms what they really, really want to believe. Someone did a study in which they gave subjects an analysis purporting to show that ‘coffee causes cancer’ and asked them to analyze it and find any holes in it. Guess who really, really tried to find flaws in the study? Yep, female coffee-drinkers.

    Too much motivated reasoning in business or investing will cause you to go broke, in aviation it will likely lead to something worse.

    Many of the reactions to the study you linked on children and mothers go way beyond even motivated reasoning: these people won’t even look at the study to try to find holes in it, its very existence threatens them.

    It’s increasingly clear to see how heretic-burning became a thing.

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