What Happens When You’re the Man She Settled For?

This is kind of a surprising, semi-recent, news-item I guess.  If you’ve already seen this, just know I seem to always be the last to know anything these days.  Very caught up in life and raising babies at this point!  Anyway… last week, the wife of a pro-golfer violently attacked him and his mom in a drunken tirade because he didn’t perform well in his sport that day.  Yea… talk about being a supportive, respectful wife!!

The arrest report says she called him names and threatened that he’d never see his kids again if he didn’t win in tournaments.

This is what happens (I believe) when a wife marries you for mercenary reasoning.  I don’t usually like the different definitions categorizing men into names like “alpha” or “beta” etc. because I think men are more complex than that and often have sometimes characteristics of both those definitions.  However, it does seem to have a lot of truth to women choosing men based on either/or traits that stem from them being an alpha or a beta male.  When a woman chooses a man primarily based on his provisioning, however, this is termed her “beta bucks.”

My husband is an “Alpha Provider,” meaning he has many alpha traits that I find extremely sexy and attractive, but he’s also a good provider for us.  Hence the term (that I did not come up with), “Alpha Provider.”

He also fits the description of a “Wolf Alpha,” which is described here:


Wolf Alphas, unlike Bull Alphas, are more interested in finding an excellent wife and devoting themselves utterly to their family.  Wolves are highly social creatures, just like humans, and the social hierarchy of the pack is an important survival function for the species.  A Wolf Alpha is a man who has essentially made the survival and prosperity of his family, and the members thereof, his personal responsibility.

Bull Alphas make their personal vision or ego their personal responsibility, and see the fulfillment of that vision as proof of their success.  That success is validated by the mad poon they can pull as their confidence and success makes them irresistible to a lot of women.

Bear Alphas have made the ideals and vision of the non-familial group their personal responsibility, and see the continued prosperity and success of that group as a reflection of their personal success.  Their success is validated through social respect and the praise and acknowledgement of their professional peers.

Wolf Alphas have made their family their focus.  Their dedication and devotion is to their personal social and genetic clan, in which they assume a leadership role.  This often means gently dominating the family to ensure proper security, health, and guidance for everyone, as well as undertaking to provide as many resources as possible for the family.  A Wolf Alpha’s dedication to his family (including his wife) is not a betrayal of his Alpha status – it’s an expression of it. 

Bull Alphas make great lovers and poor husbands.  Bear Alphas make (often) mediocre and awkward lovers and distant if competent husbands.  Wolf Alphas make good lovers and great husbands, if they have done a proper job of wife selection (and most Wolf Alphas make a point of that).

It’s interesting that most beta-type men seem to marry women who have usually been with multiple men, or party-girls in their youth, and believe that suddenly they’re going to be good wife and mother material.  Not that alphas don’t also do that, but alphas are more likely to find either a virgin that is younger than them (and lock them down when they’re young), or they tend to marry someone much younger than them, increasing their power and sexual prowess in the relationship dynamic.  It also shows how an alpha man tends to pick a woman of higher value for himself in the longrun.  Instead of an older, used-up woman, possibly with a child in tow, an alpha values himself more than that and goes for someone who will pair-bond with him better (no or low prior sexual partners), and has a proven history of good choices which is the best predictor for later life choices once she’s a wife and mother.

But what happens when a woman sleeps with (hot alpha) men throughout her 20’s and then “settles” for a more beta-type male in her 30’s or 40’s?  She ends up mostly only valuing him for the status or money that he can bring to her – hence the term “beta bucks” to describe men like that.  It’s not a relationship built upon attraction and respect, which eventually causes problems.

“An arrest report also accuses Krista Glover of telling her husband when he plays golf tournaments that “he better win or her and the kids would leave him and he would never see their kids again.”

When a woman picks her man mostly for his status and money or provision, not because she was truly in love with him and attracted to him, when he fails (and it’s notable that all men experience failure at some point… obviously!), she’s strongly tempted to leave him or belittle or berate him over it.  Because to her, the only reason why she married him in the first place was because he was her Beta Bucks ticket to status or fame or money (and in this case, all three).  Or sometimes it’s just that he was “the only decent male” left around after she was done partying her way through lots of sex in her 20’s (this quote was mentioned in the new “mommy” movie Tully and explains why she and her husband live in a sexless marriage).

The men she slept with in her 20’s often end up marrying women younger and less jaded than her, while she’s left to either marry divorcees, or beta men who are less attractive overall.

I do actually think this happens a lot more than we care to acknowledge, partly because we usually don’t view women this way.  Women are supposed to be innocent and incapable of never treating their husbands as commodities.  And the mating strategy – this sleep with hot alpha men in your 20’s, but marry a “Steddy Eddie” just before or around age 30, phenomenon is still not really talked about, because it’s just so taboo.


And side note... since my husband has had experience with female violence on their male partners, yes, it does happen, and yes, they do get arrested (he’s been the officer arresting the female… more than once).  This kind of thing happens, even with poor couples on your city’s bad side of town.

Back to the story… this golfer’s wife, Krista, is 36… he’s 38, and they married only 6 years ago!  So she’s a classic case of a promiscuous woman in her 20’s who settled for someone with money, but likely not many alpha traits (or he slid back into beta traits after marriage, which seems to happen), and is now disappointed when he fails to meet her expectations.

What would you say their sex life is like?  I’m guessing it’s extremely dry… and probably has been a dead-bedroom for a couple of years now LOL.  Or maybe she lets him sex her only when he wins?  Yikes!!!

My advice to women?  Don’t marry someone you feel you are “settling” for just because you’re in your 30’s or may feel terrified you’ll never have children.  Marry for love and commitment and to someone you’re attracted to, and who you’ll be able to support even when they fail or have major setbacks in life.

Be a loyal wife, and a loving one that supports (and respects) your husband through thick and thin.




Looks like he took her back and says “everything will be ok” and that they’re “working on it.”  I do wish them well, but it’s notable to say that he’s showing another “beta” trait to allow this woman to do something like that to him, and not divorce her right away.  Most men with self-respect would not give her a second chance to abuse him again like that.


  1. this is sad to say, but i think that you are more right than you know.

    when my stbx and i first started dating, she went out of her way to show off “what i was” – work wise, instead of who i was as a person. it bothered me a little at the time, and i just wish i had paid more attention to my feelings about that, and other things.

    and it wasn’t just her i noticed doing that. another young woman i was fond of really focused on what i did for work, and which agency i had retired from.

    but that’s part of the problem with dating female cops. it’s all about rank and power for them.

  2. This is a pretty sad story, and I had seen something about it over the weekend. I think what is particularly sad is that the state has completely handed this guys wife the ability to carry out her threat and he would have almost no way to stop her, with all of his hope resting almost entirely on a judge that could be sympathetic to his situation. No fault divorce is a horrible, horrible thing. I wouldn’t be surprised if she went ahead and pulled the trigger anyway if she figures she can get enough out of it.

  3. I have read that in some American Indian tribes, when the men returned from a hunting expedition without being very successful, it was common for the women to mock and insult them.

    Don’t know how common this way—lots of different tribes, and there were big differences from tribe to tribe—can’t remember which one this was.

  4. Hmm that’s really interesting DF. Thank you for your comment about that. I knowHispanic culture is actually a Matriarchy with one of the females kind of controlling the entire family and they operate as a group, or mob in a way. The men do not stand up to their wives, and the female matriarch controls the kids, the cousins, and even their families as much as they will allow her. It’s very very toxic.

    Not sure about the Native Americans, but Hispanic culture does get a lot of their “culture” from being usually part NA.

  5. and what about when you are the man she settled for, and then decided to divorce?

    taking 42% of my retirement pay

    taking both of my motorcycles

    taking all but one of my 40 guns

    made it so i can never have a relationship with any of our three kids ever again

    but on the bright side, it does mean i will no longer have 300#s of toxic waste to worry about.

  6. I’m surprised I didn’t see mention of this on Dalrock.

    So she’s a classic case of a promiscuous woman in her 20’s who settled ….

    While it is extremely likely that you are correct, it is an assumption. Is it necessary to state it as though it is fact? Is it Christian?

  7. Hi OKRickety, I know it sounds mean to assume that, but based on her other extremely aggressive and violent actions toward her husband and his mother, I think judging her past critically in how it created the person she is now, is Christian and necessary.

  8. “It also shows how an alpha man tends to pick a woman of higher value for himself in the longrun. Instead of an older, used-up woman, possibly with a child in tow”

    Can you Clarify what you mean by this comment as it sounds as though you are saying older women and single moms are not of high value.??????
    Please do not delete but address my comment as you have the others.
    Thank you

  9. Hi A reader, I just got this comment, sorry it was in mod so long. I did use some harsh language there (and I understand there are certain situations where a single mom or older woman didn’t make mistakes to get herself there, but that’s not the norm).

    As far as them having value, I do believe they have value as people, but whether or not they can **bring** value to a very high value man himself (rich, powerful, influencial etc.) – that’s up to that particular man to decide. Obviously Macron thinks a mom his mother’s age can bring him high value… but he’s got major psychological issues LOL!

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