Things I Want My Daughter to Know: Men Don’t Like Tattoos on Beautiful Women

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This should be a given, but unfortunately, with our culture especially, it’s “bad” to come out with truth like this.  First, I should admit that this is an “in general” post.  There ARE some men who like women with tattoos as visible and large as this lady’s.  But MOST men are turned off by it.

It’s just the way it is.

A woman’s body is like a beautiful piece of artwork – and she is, as God made and designed the female body to look feminine and wonderfully made.

Related image

Yes, she is like a beautiful piece of fine art – worth millions of dollars – and yet she’s been disfigured by markings all over one of her arms… leaving the artwork, that would have been worth millions, virtually worthless.  The picture above even has an artistically beautiful tattoo in my opinion (there are worse I’ve seen!), but men just do not usually see it that way.

They don’t see “beautifully artistic.”

They see disfigurement.

And this topic is a controversial double-standard – men tend to look great with tattoos, in fact, subconsciously it increases their sexual attractiveness to other women because it speaks danger or rebellion.  It may carry over from ancient days when warriors would use paint to intimidate their enemies.  Tattoos tend to masculinize a person, so while that’s great for a man to appear more masculine, it takes away from the femininity of a woman.  As “unfair” as it may seem, it’s just reality.


Here are some male comments from the article I found this topic being discussed at (

“She is hot but I’m not a fan of a lot of ink on women.” 

Ink, from Classy to Trashy.” -Mark C

“Ladies tattoos are ugly.” -Rockon

“the tattoo ruins the picture…” -Steve

“Would you put a bumper sticker on a Ferrari?” – Brian

“Why does anyone (especially attractive people) desecrate their physical body with graffiti, people with nice cars don’t put any bumper stickers on them!” -Roger

“As pretty as she could be, the tattoos take it all away.” -I

“Naw, too much ink.” -MarkH

“Really unfortunate about all the tattoos.” -Richard

“The tattoos turn a sold 9 into maybe a 5.” – Jesse



And the comments went on and on and on.  Men just REALLY do not like tattoos that visible and big on women.  Even if a woman is extremely beautiful – the tattoos make her completely unattractive to most men.

That’s a very powerful tidbit of information for young women to realize, but while most won’t be paying attention to what men think (or care), hopefully you’ll listen to us and read these entries in your journal I’m making for you ❤  and you’ll resist any strange temptation to turn yourself into a coloring book! 😀


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Side Note: Yes, I know some readers may point out that I am the girl with a dragonfly tattoo (my website name).  It’s really small, and only my husband sees it.  He loves it but again… it’s really discreet.


33 thoughts on “Things I Want My Daughter to Know: Men Don’t Like Tattoos on Beautiful Women

  1. oh, you hypocrite! lol. just kidding.

    but your post is on point. at least for me. as i commented elsewhere, one or two small tattoos that have some real meaning, can be cute.

    the problem being that more than a few women get tattoos that are too large, don’t have any real meaning in their life, and have too many of them.

    there is one young woman that i am incredibly fond of. she has a tattoo on one of her feet, and above her ankle that are kinda cute. but her others get increasingly larger, and just don’t look that attractive.

    she is absolutely beautiful, and incredibly sexy. but the tattoos really ruin an otherwise stunning woman.

  2. Good points, Stephanie. My daugher will definitely know what her father thinks of tattoos. She is a work of art…not to be tampered with!

    Fyi…I wrote about this topic several times. When I brought the same issue up on social media, the sh*t hit the fan. You would have thought I was promoting the murder of children.

  3. On another social media site I subscribe to (an alternate to FB) I am subscribed to a few “artistic nude” feeds and the reality of what you have said in this post is so starkly apparent its sad. Beautiful women, ruined by getting “inked”. Now, I will admit, my wife has a couple of small tattoos, and they don’t bother me, but women with full sleeves on one or both arms; full CHEST tattoos; one whole leg or upper thigh. This, I do not understand. To add to the madness many of them forgo “cute”, “girly” flowers and such and end up getting demon skulls, monsters, bleeding and torn creatures, PERMANENTLY INKED ONTO THEIR BODIES!

    As I said in my “women’s day” post, the female form, in shape, in color, in clarity, is one of the most sought after and reproduced shapes in the history of the world. Be it in painting or physical design, to capture it is to capture something that is instantly pleasing to the eye, for both men and women! Todays culture, however, has turned the beauty of women into a curse. “Men just want me for my body, but what about my mind!”. Its a sad thing to see a lovely woman with anything more than small, pretty markings, and sometimes even that is sad. I guess the main thing is that ladies shouldn’t overdo it.

  4. I agree!

    Unfortunately today’s modern day Princess Leia wannabes know more of how to be masculine than feminine.

    On the other hand they become shriking violets whenever a man dares to look at them instead of protesting himself at their feet.

    After working all day around men this is definetely not the kind of female I would want to come home to.

  5. “On the other hand they become shriking violets whenever a man dares to look at them instead of protesting himself at their feet. ”

    I think you mean “whenever perceived low value men” dares to look at them. If Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson or any host of athletes or movie stars were to look at them they would eat it up.

    Unfortunately it seems like tattoos are become the defacto way for women to represent how “individual” they are. Supposedly it tells the world how nuanced she is and tells her life story. I have a cousin who is always posting her trips to the tattoo shop on Facebook. She was a pretty girl back when we were younger, but was rebellious at heart like her mother and ended up getting tossed around by life. Now she’s around my age (I’m 42) and she has put on quite a bit of weight and, of course, years, but that could all be dealt with. What cannot be dealt with, though, are the massive tattoos she has put all over her body. The last one I saw was of hypodermic needles arranged in the shape of a flower. She indicated that it was based off of the cover of the band Gungor’s “Beautiful Things”, and I understand where she is coming from with it, but its tacky and gross and huge and it does her no favors in making her attractive to a man. Overall its just another way for women to be rebellious AND garner attention. “Its my body I can do what I want!” and “Look at me, I’m so individual and deep because of my carefully selected tattoos!”.

  6. And thank you Snapper for adding the things you’ve seen! It’s fascinating that most men think like this, especially when for some strange cultural reason, tattoos have become extremely popular everywhere. It’s so obvious at the gym or when swimming that nearly everyone has them now.

  7. “but women with full sleeves on one or both arms; full CHEST tattoos; one whole leg or upper thigh. This, I do not understand. To add to the madness many of them forgo “cute”, “girly” flowers and such and end up getting demon skulls, monsters, bleeding and torn creatures, PERMANENTLY INKED ONTO THEIR BODIES!”

    ^^Yea 😦 We just were at the gym this morning and saw a woman covered in tattoos and one was a huge scorpion… it almost looked demonic it was so ugly 😦

    Your entire first comment is gold, Snapper. I love what you said about the female form.

  8. “You would have thought I was promoting the murder of children.”

    Anything that makes women feel judged seems to get reactions like that. How dare men have preferences and tastes… likes and dislikes.

  9. the problem, is that men “give in” and overlook our likes and dislikes too easily. men do an awful lot of settling, and a lot of women do little compromising.

  10. and it’s not just a distraction to a woman’s physical appearance.

    the idea of tattoos=damaged is pretty widely believed. whether it is true or not, it leads to preconceived ideas about a person. especially when the tattoos are large and very overt.

  11. Great post! And you are right in my opinion. My wife has a small one on her lower pelvis that only I get to see. Sometimes it peeks out the top of the bikini, but I find that sexy. Large sleeves etc. do not look good in women in my opinion.

    That being said, tattoos are personal and opinions differ.

    I have a large St Michael slaying the devil on my upper right arm. In short sleeves it is barely visible. I went with a black ink because I personally don’t like all the color, particularly on men.

    I got it when I retired. I was thankful to get through my career without major injury. I felt I had him watching over me. I know… sounds dumb to some, but that’s what I feel.

    Tattoos are permanent and should mean something. Getting random tattoos because the “look cool” or are trendy is a mistake. When I ask someone what their tattoo means and they say “I just liked it” I lose a little respect for them. Not that they care I suppose. The interesting thing is I find it is often women who say they got a tattoo with little or no meaning. I always found that odd with how vain most women are. As long as they are happy, good for them I guess.

  12. “I have a large St Michael slaying the devil on my upper right arm. In short sleeves it is barely visible. I went with a black ink because I personally don’t like all the color, particularly on men.”

    ^That sounds really nice and meaningful. It’s totally different for men, even though that seems “unfair,” it really does just make y’all look more attractive and masculine.

    And my husband wants to get something very similar to that, too! He already has a giant couple of tattoos on his arm that he wanted to get that represent our love and marriage to each other – the three strand cord that is not easily broken (Eccles 4:12). But he’s going to get another huge one on the other arm that will be a crown of thorns with nails looking like they’re going into the skin with blood dripping out (kinda gross lol). And then another one of a knight with the cross on his chest armor that he wants on his back, representing how he’s literally doing God’s work in fighting evil.

    LOL… he really really likes tattoos.

  13. I’ve honestly had very little desire in my life to get inked. At once time I told my wife I was going to get a little naked blond cartoon girl somewhere on me as a bit of a tribute to her if I had lost some weight and put on a bit of muscle, but that was a long time ago and I don’t know if I would do it now. I thought I wanted a cross and some scripture at one time, and I did see some guys cool hex sleeve that I thought was just badass (I don’t know why, I have a weird thing for hexagons, they are just cool to me. Still, I’m out of shape and haven’t been able to get motivated to get in shape, so it will likely never happen. Heck, even if I DID get in shape I don’t know that it would happen. Just not a priority for me. That being said I have seen some guys with really awesome ink before. Tattoo artists, the good ones, can do amazing things.

  14. Leviticus 19:28 KJV
    Ye shall not make any cuttings in your flesh for the dead, nor print any marks upon you: I am the Lord .

  15. This is one of those laws that wasn’t done away with at the cross. I personally believe that it is still God’s will for his children today.

  16. Oh, yes. Very true. I’m a ballerina, or I used to be and so body lines are important to me, especially on women. If a woman has a tattoo, it cuts her body lines up and looks weird. I hate foot tattoos especially.

  17. So true! It’s sad that this is reality, but it is true.

    Have you ever tried Mary Helen Bowers’ Ballet Beautiful workouts? Most past dancers really love them, and WOW do they get you in shape!

    Here’s a clip:

  18. And yea… I’ve never seen past ballerina dancers get any large tattoos or even visible tattoos. If they have them, they are always covered.

  19. No I haven’t! Might have to check them out. I occasionally attend an adult ballet class and then otherwise workout at home.

  20. I would rather see more ladies taking ballet than pilates or yoga. Every ballerina I have ever seen looks very, very fit, but it looks like a lot of work! 😃

  21. I’m one of those weird ones that isn’t terribly fond of tattoos on either sex. I get that a lot of people with temporary jobs and temporary relationships want something permanent, and it can be a great conversation starter to ask them what one means,

    My overall take, though, is that they require someone to have their hands on the person getting tattooed for an extended period of time, and as others have noted, they can indeed break up the pattern that a spouse ought to rejoice in.

    I don’t think that Christians are bound by the Torah in this matter per Leviticus 19:28, but I do think that spouses ought to contemplate the Song of Songs and ask “how do these tattoos affect my spouse’s enjoyment of me?”.

  22. Yeah, I’ve been of the mind that women who want to get married might be wise to wait until AFTER marriage to get tattoos. I mean, find out BEFORE marriage how your husband feels about it, then agree together AFTER marriage as to what extent and content is okay. My brother likes tattooed girls and his wife has a couple, I think, but he isn’t bothered by full sleeves and stuff like that, so he likely wouldn’t have a problem with his wife getting one. I, on the other hand, don’t mind tattoos, but would never, ever want my wife to get something that big and definitely nothing that wasn’t considered “girly”. Flowers, faeries, etc. would be good, skulls, snakes and weapons: No.

  23. I just stumbled across your post while doing a search and was intrigued by the title. At first I thought it couldn’t possibly be a serious article, so imagine my surprise. You should probably add the word “some” in the title, because the title isn’t accurate the way it is. You would be telling her only what you want her to hear, and not the truth. The truth is that there are men that love women with tattoos. I think you’ve taken a small sample of what is probably an older generation. Many tattooed ladies on Instagram have millions of adoring male followers. Model @lolobe4 has over one million which is a pretty impressive number. I’d also like to point out that women’s sexual fluidity doesn’t have anything to do with tattoos.

  24. You’re right that there are some men who don’t mind lots of tattoos… but it does seem like the majority wouldn’t want to marry a woman like that and bring her home or expect her to be a good mother. It’s sad that there’s a stigma like that, because I’m sure those girls aren’t thinking about that when they get giant sized tattoos, but this does seem to be true.

    I know I think I linked to a scientific study on how men treat women with tattoos versus not having a tattoo – and overall the consensus was that men treated them as if they were sexually promiscuous. It may be purely hindbrain stuff to where if you asked them what they thought, they’d say one thing, but actions-wise, the science found they **treated** women with tattoos like sex objects.

    I wish there was more research into this area though.

  25. Well, good thing that most women who get those tattoos aren’t going to want men who think like this. It’s 2018, tattoos are pretty, women should be able to do whatever they want with their bodies regardless to what men like, and men need to stop thinking that they can dictate what a woman should and should not do. And now I’m tempted to get a huge tattoo just so men can leave me alone.

  26. @Selena awww :/ I get it that this stuff must sound really ridiculous. People have different values though, and there will always be a majority versus a minority. And that’s not wrong that most men don’t want something – it just is.

    And please keep in mind that like Papa Ink said, there ARE men out there who like women covered in tattoos. But if you’re tempted to get a huge tattoos just to keep men away, then maybe you just don’t like men?

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