Skincare – To Not Wear Makeup

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ZERO Makeup!!!

I don’t do very many posts on skincare, at least… not as many as I wish I could find the time to do.  There’s so many do-it-yourself ideas I’ve seen over the years that would be great to write about… especially for teen girls to start doing.  I think of beauty – a woman’s beauty – as her being a good steward over her countenance (face and the spirit of joy behind her face that shines forth), and her “crowning glory” as the Bible calls it – her hair!

“Doesn’t nature itself teach you that if a man has long hair, it is a disgrace to him, but that if a woman has long hair, it is her glory? 

For long hair is given to her as a covering.”

1 Cor. 11:15

I do think beauty is important – whether married or single, beauty is something I believe every woman has a deep deep desire to give or bring to the world. ❤

And with skincare, to me the goal should be making your skin look so healthy, that you don’t hardly need makeup at all.  Obviously I’m totally ok with makeup – I wear it almost everyday.  But lately, after using only 3 new products I’ve tried out this past month I wrote about here, I’ve actually been forgetting to put any makeup on at all!  I almost can’t tell the difference when seeing my face as to whether or not I have my foundation and concealer on, and so I just forget!

This NEVER used to happen to me!  I always felt like I had to wear my makeup, almost as part of the grooming process before being “presentable.”  So this… feeling good enough in my skin to the point where I totally forget to even put it on – I’m either getting early Alzheimer’s or my skin is looking A LOT better.

Hopefully, it’s the latter LOL 😉

The picture above is without makeup.  My skin is nice and even-toned now, it even feels so much smoother than it did just a month earlier before using these products.  My little pores have shrunk down.  My skin is baby soft again.

Side note–this isn’t a product review per say, and I’m not getting compensated to say these things LOL.  I just thought I’d do an update on them though to let y’all know that wow, these 3 simple products really do work.

So go back and read what I’m using here.


And since it’s almost the end of the week… I thought it’d be fun to do a questionnaire thing! 🙂

  1. What is your favorite color?  Pink, the shade of ballet shoes.
  2. What are your favorite hobbies?  Dancing, playing with my babies, doing anything together with my husband, exercising, cooking, cleaning (yes – I’m OCD so it’s actually “fun” to me), painting, writing, being in nature, and especially gardening!
  3. Extrovert or Introvert?  Extrovert 100% !! And an optimist.  This combination tends to be annoying to some people 😀
  4. Meyer’s Briggs Type?  I always get the “ENFJ-A” (Extroverted Intuitive Feeling Judging Assertive) or the ENTJ-A (Thinking instead of Feeling).  I’m not sure why it changes over the years, but it does.  Most bloggers seem to be introverts, so it’s interesting to me that I’ve blogged for so long and yet am an extrovert.
  5. What is annoying you right now?  Wearing my horrible braces – but I’m almost done in a few more months!!  They hurt!!  It’s been just over a year since I had to get them, but again… almost done!  They even change the way my mouth looks lol!
  6. What’s a daily habit you can’t live without?  Um… lots of things.  Probably my morning quiet time reading the Bible and talking with God is the first thing.  But then also writing in a journal (a planner/journal).  I actually go back and re-read prior years’ journals to see how God’s gotten me through rough patches and things.
  7. What defines you in your life?  I always wanted to grow up to be a woman who had a beautiful family and had a garden.  A couple of years ago I realized that I’m actually living this, so I wrote it down in my journal as something I’m thankful for.
  8. What do you consider yourself?  Texan.  😀
  9. Parents married or divorced? Married 40 years!!
  10. How many kids do you have?  3 right now
  11. Do you want more kids? My husband wants us to stop at 4 🙂  For me… I could literally keep on making babies with him until we had 20 or something.  I hate pregnancy and being pregnant, but I love carrying his babies inside me and knowing we’re growing our family.  I never knew it would feel this joyful.
  12. Length of marriage? 10 1/2 years ❤
  13. Schooling/education or training?  Bachelor’s of Science in Biology with just one year short of a double major in Chemistry
  14. What kind of student were you growing up and in college?  Sometimes straight A’s, sometimes a few B’s.  I ended up graduating Magna Cum Laude and that was after giving birth my senior year, which was hard.  I remember being a little disappointed I missed Cum Laude (the higher honors), but considering I was a married student with a baby lol, I was ok.
  15. Favorite thing you own?  My socks.  lol  Seriously though!!  I find a ton of value in the little things like that!


Back to skincare… what do y’all use that you feel has really helped your face brighten up or become softer or smoother?  I’m actually amazed that retinol is working this well for me.


11 thoughts on “Skincare – To Not Wear Makeup

  1. I have always believed that women with minimal, or no makeup at all, stand out as natural beauties. I have always preferred the ‘natural look’, and have steered clear of women who devote an inordinal amount of time, money, and labor to maintain a cosmetic appearance. I will also add that I consider piercings and tattoos to be ‘blemishes’ on a woman’s natural appearance. I wish more women would appreciate their body’s natural beauty, just as God has made them.

  2. Yes, my dad thought that way, too, and would frequently remind me to never wear too much makeup.

    And how funny that you mention tattoos!!! I have a post in draft as part of our daughter’s book telling her that men don’t like tattoos on women. I collected a bunch of quotes from men on it… one even said that it takes a 9 all the way down to a 5 to have an unseemly tattoo! That is a huge difference in beauty (and shouldn’t just never be talked about).

  3. You look great 🙂 I’m mega sensitive chemicals, so I have opted for all natural skin care since my late teens. I wash my face with ground oats, which exfoliates,draws out impurities, and leaves my skin feeling creamy. I moisturize with coconut oil and vitamin e oil, and sometimes I add essential oils that are known for nurturing skin. I hardly ever wear makeup… maybe if I’m speaking in front of a group where there will be harsh lights. I know my skin will age, but most people have a hard time believing how old I am. I just consider it an extravagant blessing for now!! I agree with you–I want to set a good example for my girls to care about taking care of themselves. I also want to set an example for my boys that they will encourage their future wives to do the same!!

  4. Wow that is so beautiful, Linda, thank you for letting me know what you do! I’m totally going to try that washing my face with ground oats! I bet that helps with things like inflammation, too probably! How interesting!!

    I do love the natural things and DIY things like Honey Scrubs or washing your hair in apple cider vinegar (totally done that and it works to be really shiny!).

    It’s so encouraging that you feel that way about aging 🙂 and I love that you want to teach your daughters about taking care of their skin and beauty!

    And mentioning setting a good example for your sons for their future wives – that is so anti-cultural right now!! Very inspiring to even see you said that! Most women really don’t see their influence over their sons in that way, but you really really encourage me ❤ So thank you!

  5. I agree with Wayne.

    That said the only other persons opinion (besides your own) that should matter to you regarding your looks is your husband’s.

    No amount of makeup can cover up a wicked woman’s inner ugliness as she ages and her outside beauty fades.

    On the other hand a good woman’s inner beauty will always make her glow no matter how old she gets.

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