Good Friday

We are taking lots of time this weekend as a family to reflect on the events of Jesus’ life and the culmination of His death and Resurrection on Easter Sunday.  So I won’t be letting comments through until Monday because we’ll be focusing with intensity on what Jesus did for us!

If anyone stops by and is interested, though, this video is what we’re watching today, on Good Friday, in order to better prepare our kids’ hearts.  There’s just something so beautiful watching the events play out.  This is the video I was made to watch every single year at my Christian school, and even as little kids, we had to follow along word for word in the Gospel of Luke.  I remember we would get in severe trouble if we weren’t paying attention or weren’t following along 🙂

I urge you if you haven’t prepared your hearts or your family’s hearts for Easter, to go ahead and take time to do that!  This video is just one way, but nothing beats actually talking about it all with your kids, that way they intimately understand how Passover and Easter go hand in hand, and why Jesus was the ultimate Passover Lamb for the past, present, and future.

God bless you readers!


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