Things I Want My Daughter to Know: Rescue a Good Man from a Woman Like This

To my daughter, this is a topic that I find very important in determining your future, and understanding the value you will bring to your future husband.  Please read this man’s comment about his experience living with a woman who literally destroyed his life.
I want you to find and marry a good man.  I want you, like your Grandmother wanted me, to find a man like this, and rescue him from this fate of marrying someone who will treat him in this way.
Good men like him deserve so much more.  And I want you to understand how to truly value your husband, as well as how to spot women like this who purposefully go after them in order to control them.  And when they can’t control them, they betray them in the most painful little ways that add up overtime, making their marriages needlessly painful over the decades of life.
This is his story of how he was failed by a pastor in allowing his wife to successfully execute her plan to control their marriage (and if not control it, then end it).  But I want you to focus on the wife’s descriptions, as well as the pain this man went through due to her choices and actions in their marriage. 
I want you to realize how valuable you will be as a wife to a man like this – you can become a “crown” to him, “more valuable than rubies,” like the Bible says, rescuing him from a woman like this who passive aggressively harms him year in and year out.
SaltMark says:


I knew Doug Wilson personally, for many years. I love him as a brother in Christ, but I have not liked him for many years.

I met Doug in the early 1980 soon after I had become a christian in the military. Doug is an ex Navy man who served on subs during the cold war. He led a scruffy and well grounded bible church in Moscow, Idaho that met on Sundays in a auto-body shop. On Sundays I would help other men push out the cars and sweep the floors and set up chairs. I was drawn to Doug’s preaching from the Scripture. He with authority from the word, and was not pretentious. He was educated and articulate yet down to earth. In those years, most folks attended, including Doug and the elders, wearing jeans, flannel shirts, etc. There was good expository teaching in those days and good hymns sung. He and the elders were a real spiritual blessing to the little flock of 75 – 100 saints.

I regularly attended Doug’s Wednesday night bible studies held in his small home. I ate it up. He was very good at explaining scriptural principles. Again good expository teaching and good exegetics. I am forever grateful to Doug for his repeated admonishment to not read commentary, but read the Bible. When finished, read it again, then again, and again. I took it to heart like nothing I ever had. I read the scriptures, then again, and again.

I met a young woman at that fellowship whom I had known at Moscow High School. We discussed marriage and the scriptural roles of men, women, husbands and wives. She agreed with these truths, i.e. the husband/father is the head of the relationship/family, the wife/mother is to submit to him. We received pre-marital counseling from Doug. We had him marry us. We embarked on our life together as one flesh, through rich or poor, sickness or health, until death should part us…

Early on a situation developed in our marriage where her mother became terminally ill. My wife was in graduate school where she had, prior to our marriage, signed a contract to complete certain research. We met with Dough and his wife (his wife only as hostess and friend to my wife) to find an answer to the question of whether or not it was moral to nullify the contract so that my wife could attend to her dying, mute, paralyzed mother in her last months of life. Doug said no, my wife should continue in school, so that in the future, if I should die or become disabled she could earn better money. I politely disagreed and pointed out Numbers 30:13 stating that a husband may void her vow once the vow is brought to his attention, as it was with me at that time. I had done what Doug had taught – read the word, and again, read the word. Doug stood up and left the room leaving the two of us alone with his wife. We left and I voided my wife’s contract. She cared for her mother.

We attended Doug’s church while I finished my degree, but I became unhappy with what became more and more heavy handed teaching. Make no mistake, Doug is a very charismatic speaker, using many cute, witty expressions and anecdotes, through which he garners a large, enthusiastic following. But I tired of this because I saw it as pandering.

Not too long into our marriage it became clear that my wife was a dyed-in-the-wool feminist. She came out of the closet, so to speak, with regard to many a shocking thing which cannot be mentioned. She was extremely contentious and fought endlessly (ultimately for thirty years) to have authority in the relationship and home using all sorts of sneaky tactics as well as passive-aggressive maneuvers. I would not yield. I had no idea what blue-pill or red-pill was, but because I held to sola scriptura, which resulted in me being red-pill. I was not the perfect husband for father, but I was a good one. I read the entire scripture to my wife and children, all seven, and instructed them at home, one the road to Walmart, at every turn. But I was not respected. She secretly poisoned half my children against me. I sensed for a long time that she wanted a divorce, but despite the fact that being married to her was like being in a three-legged race with a corpse, I would nonetheless die honoring my vow to the Lord.

I never spoke to outsiders about my relationship with my wife, or our family life. There was no abuse. We home-schooled all our children. I earned a six-figure income as a software engineer. But there was this constant rebellion, war of authority between me and my wife.

I started hearing rumors fed back to me, about me, from all sorts of people, local and far away. Friends, family, church acquaintances, pastors, even people I never met had “dirt” on me. My wife had carefully carried out a smear campaign on me.

I was utterly despised by her. Unbeknownst to me, over all the years of our marriage she had been in regular email and phone contact with the Wilsons, Doug, his brother, Evan, their father, Jim, and their wives, where she reported falsehoods about me and played the tragedy queen. She wasn’t haaaaaaaaaaapy, and literally coveted my God given authority over her and the family. She worked hard over the years to undermine me and divide our family so that today our children are separated from me and one from another. She nuked us. I had a heart attack and open heart surgery two weeks before our divorce hearing. In court my lawyer exposed her hugely falsifying her financial statements. The judge chose to ignore her lies. I was divorce raped.

What stings is that the Wilsons and the larger Churcian Church allowed a tattle-tale wife to spread falsehoods about our relationship yet never once contacted me to discuss any of it. She got the green light to divorce based upon her tales alone. They taught and encouraged her in christo-feminism. I had on three occasions appealed to different pastors and elders over the years, but I rebuffed and blamed for her sinfulness. I was ignorant about the take-over of the church by the feminists and white-knights, like Doug. I truly expected that these Christian leaders were reading the scripture, like I was, and understanding what it teaches. I expected them to back me up against my wife, enforce church discipline if necessary. I was so naive. No one had my back. I was isolated and destroyed, physically, emotionally and financially. Those men, those Christian leaders could have prevented the destruction of me, my wife and our family, but I consider them culpable for its death.

I eventually became formally red-pill thanks to Rollo Tomassi, Dalrock, Vox Day, and others. Today I’m especially thankful to Dalrock for calling out Doug more than once on his harmful duplicity and unbiblical teachings. I am a very humble man in speech and word and could never challenge Doug myself. There is great need among the brothers that these bad leaders be skillfully, biblically rebuked.

Again, thank you Dalrock. It helps to heal my wounded heart to see you so righteously take them to task.

I pray that Doug, his brother Evan, and his Father Jim, my brothers in Christ, would repent.”


Let’s talk about his comment –

When I was a pre-teen, my mom frankly stated to me that I should try to “rescue” a good man (like the one in the comment) from a controlling, passive aggressive woman like the one who literally ruined his life.

The way she explained it was that good men like that are actually PREY to women who know they can take advantage of his kindness and possibly naivety. 

She told me stories about women who went after good men in order to teach me what they looked like.  They tended to fall into two categories: the sexy, seductive adulteress, and the Christian, “submissive” controller.

  1. The Seductive Adulteress – this type of woman is the forbidden woman warned about in Proverbs 7.  Potiphar’s wife is an excellent example of the way this woman acts and behaves with complete disregard to her husband’s feelings or dreams or aspirations for their life together.  She is set on ruining it, due to her lust of other men and desire for adultery.  Potiphar was a good man, too good for his scheming, treacherous wife, but I was taught that women like her go after men like Potiphar by design.  Good, upstanding men like him are purposefully picked so that she can abuse his good character and integrity, knowing he would never have the “guts” to divorce her or call her out on her behavior.  She is usually a reprobate, meaning it’s very unlikely a wife like this can be “reformed,” even by Church intervention, although I’m sure sometimes God can redeem them (Gomer and Hosea).
  2. The “Submissive” Controller – the description submissive is placed in quotes because while this woman appears to be extremely nice and sweet and submissive to the public eye, at home, nothing could be further from the truth.  This kind of woman usually has a character disorder where her entire being is ruled by games of passive aggression, her husband being her main opponent (and only real witness to all her behaviors).  These women are often quiet, good church girls.  They abide by the rules, they marry as virgins – which is so rare these days and makes them stand out.  They have internal problems with pride, but overcompensate by displaying false humility.  They are a walking dichotomy, often living a double life.  Out in the public they are kind and caring and good-natured, leading Bible studies and even teaching other women how to be good wives.  But at home they are nit-picky, “sneaky” as the commenter said, passive-aggressives who are controllers, and who cause their husbands and children immense pain longterm (although it’s a silent killer, the pain isn’t all felt at once).  They often cast themselves as the “victim” to their husband’s faults, and the feeling of being a perpetual martyr causes them to seek out the “help” of other people either personally or via emails to all kinds of people, or by slowly poisoning his children against him. 😦  She is also the kind who takes her husband to their pastor to get him to “correct” him (AMOG him), getting the church or elders involved if she doesn’t agree with his leadership.

So you can see, this man was likely married to the second kind of wife, which unfortunately for him, is the hardest for good men to avoid because she’s living a lie, and practically “tricked” him into marriage.  He will say sometimes when they are fighting that he doesn’t know who the “real” her is… is she really the sweet, kind, gentle submissive wife he married?  Or is she the nit-picky, betraying, passive aggressive character, who acts “bitchy” when she knows she’s home alone and not being watched?  Because even she often cannot see that she’s living a double life due to having this character disorder, she truly believes her actions are “normal” and that all women are this way.

Both kinds of women make for a very difficult, tumultuous marriage, although with the first, everyone but the husband seems to know she is horrible to him.  While with the second type of wife, nobody but the husband tends to know how terrible she really is to him at home, as her double life is seamless and she keeps them both separate.

I’ve come across women like the “submissive” controllers that the commenter’s wife falls into; they have emailed me complaining about their husband’s bad habits or their mistreatment of them..  They would never come right out and attack their men in public, because that’s too openly aggressive, it’s more in small, personally betraying ways that only he feels the sting of, while no one else understands what’s really going on.

Like posting photos of his used condoms on the floor (yes, that’s the above pic, from here).  I spoke with this blogger privately via email about the way this photo came across, and her response was that her husband was completely fine with her post, he just felt worried someone may notice the used condom(s) on the floor. 

If anything embarrasses your husband, it’s probably a good idea to admit it was a dumb move and just take it down, but women like this don’t seem to be able to have empathy for their men’s feelings about her revealing things that should probably be kept private.  If he was posting pictures on his public social media sites that caught some of her used tampons on the floor, and then refused to take it down (because… the blog must go on), then possibly they’d be able to see the damage it does to their husbands’ reputations and ability to safely rest in their trust them overtime.

“I started hearing rumors fed back to me, about me, from all sorts of people, local and far away. Friends, family, church acquaintances, pastors, even people I never met had “dirt” on me. My wife had carefully carried out a smear campaign on me.”

I also find it really interesting that so many of this second type of wife (that I’ve come across at least) are often married to software engineers oddly.  It’s very strange to me that it’s a reoccurring theme in multiple ones I’ve seen, this man being just the latest one.  Not all… one I knew growing up in real life was married to a Pilot.  She let herself go physically and cut her hair in a super short haircut (that he didn’t find attractive,) and he ended up falling in love with another woman who was more feminine around year 20 of their marriage.  Does her lack of care excuse his affair?  Definitely no. But I think being passive-aggressively attacked over decades probably does not make it easier for him to stay faithful to that kind of contentious woman, especially when he’s around younger, more attractive stewardesses all the time who defer to him and truly admire him and respect him (and would never dare criticize him).

It’s typical that the Seductive Adulteress keeps her beauty and physique in shape for other men, and not for her husband, while the Christian Submissive Controllers often let themselves go after marriage, which is a passive aggressive move against their husbands because men typically want their wives to try to stay attractive to them.  Or they cut their hair super short, when they know their husbands’ would really prefer that they took the time to maintain long locks that look more feminine (again, a passive aggressive move against him).  Not all who use passive aggressive manipulation techniques fit into this “type,” or even the seductress “type,” but there does seem to be stereotypes here that ring true.

Since growing up being forewarned about women like this, and how they target men with good character, I do believe it may be partly because they find that this particular kind of man (the kind who would be more likely to become a software engineer? I don’t know) is more easy to control.  If they sized him up when they were dating and decided he was a “weaker” type of “beta” male who would be more susceptible to passive aggressive attacks?  I don’t know.  I do know I’ve seen these women admit that they grew up with very “dominating,” “harsh” or “controlling” patriarchal fathers, and that they wanted to marry someone who was the “opposite” of their dads so that they could avoid the “oppression” they felt like their own mothers went through.  So it seems there is a link between them purposefully picking someone they viewed from the get-go, as a weaker leader-type male, so that she could avoid being controlled by him like her mother was (in her mind), and have more success in passive aggressive attacks against him.

It’s also important to note that the man writing this comment felt as though half his children had been secretly poisoned against himThis is the effect of a passive aggressive mother.  That’s what it’s designed to do.  When someone is passive aggressively attacking her husband, she’s also usually doing and saying little things trying to get the kids on “her side,” to view her as the victim having to put up with his ways or leadership.  Chances are she learned this from her own mother, who played the part of a “victim” or “martyr” to her husband’s “dominating” leadership in their marriage.  In other words, her mother was also likely a passive-aggressive, who bucked her husband’s leadership in a myriad of little ways that chipped his armor overtime, and put him always on the defensive (and therefore coming across as too harsh at times or “dominating”).  I’ve seen that in real life, and it’s very sad even to watch it online with a woman whose exposed her “game,” because you know it’s happening behind the scenes.  No matter how perfect their family pictures may seem, only that man and his kids know how “bitchy” she’s actually being in their private times together.  “Everything hidden will come to light,” the Bible says, and her children’s testimony of how she treated their dad, or his testimony when he finds out later on that they were “poisoned” against him, or when he finds out that people around the world know his failings and shortcomings because she’s been emailing anyone with a listening ear for years playing the victim in their marriage, is when that comes to light.

So… hopefully I’ve written enough now to convince you that good men don’t deserve wives like this, however, because of their character and natures, they often get targeted by women who seek to control them, or even abuse them.  You have to snatch one up quick, before she gets her hooks into him with her faux submission, or sex.  Because once they’re married, he’s really really stuck, and all you can do after that is pray for them, and watch how she humiliates him on her social media sites (pictures of his used condoms!!!).

Hopefully you’ll take your Grandmother’s advice, Sweet Girl, and you’ll literally rescue a good man from being the prey of this kind of woman who seems to purposefully pick him, and then ruin his life or betray him repeatedly in a million little painful ways that add up over time.

Believe me, the rewards for having the heart of a man like this, and truly treasuring him – never betraying him or passive-aggressively harming him, are SO immense it’s hard to describe!  Your father is such a man, a man of such fine outstanding character, my diamond in the rough, and you can see clearly the way he loves me and cherishes me.

When you marry a good man, and treat him like a king, he will repay that love 10-fold and with more loyalty and devotion than you could ever imagine!  And as he gets older, men like this with good character get wiser and better at recognizing how you are different from the wives who act like these 2 stereotypes, and he becomes more openly grateful that you’re different – which is a nice blessing in itself to be acknowledged by your husband for your efforts in being a good wife to him.  You start to experience Proverbs 31:28-29 where your children rise up and call you “Blessed,” 🙂  and your husband actually tells you,

“Many wives have done excellently, but you surpass them all!”

You will become that wife, Little One, if you are good, kind, and respectful to him, always being careful to never give in to passive-aggressive manipulations because that will become part of your character and be very hard to extricate.  You will never post pictures of his used condoms and post them publicly, because you’ll be raised knowing (and seeing) this example.  You will honor him and guard his reputation so that he can safely trust in you (Proverbs 31:11 “The heart of her husband safely trusts in her...”).

So may you rescue a man like that, so that his goodness won’t be taken advantage of, and so that he won’t have to suffer through life with a woman he can never fully trust, and therefore never truly and deeply, even love.




  1. “…the Christian, “submissive” controller.”

    I know you can also find these in the Jewish religion: i.e. the dutiful woman that continually attends Temple, yet breaks her husband’s testicles into pieces later on that night.

  2. Something in me is uneasy with the notion of a woman rescuing a man from a bad woman, even though one could see my wife as having done exactly that for me. If one has the goal of rescuing, one is likely to skip some other things in mate selection.

    I might phrase it as “the woman who truly loves Christ does indeed rescue her man from the possibility of marrying a disastrous woman.”

    Regarding the story you relate, I obviously cannot judge, as I don’t know both sides of the story, but I’m currently trying to encourage my brother in law, whose testimony is that he’s in a similar sort of situation. In his case, it wasn’t necessarily that his wife tried to hide her feminism, but was rather that there were signs that her outward conservatism was merely a cover over a feminist core that I don’t believe she even knew about.

    Which is a long way of saying that counseling is hard, and right now I’m doing more praying than talking with my brother in law. Blessings to you!

  3. I don’t normally advocate for women “rescuing” a man, but typically the rescue portion involves finding a bad boy who is sexually attractive and trying to turn him into a not-so-bad boy who will support her financially. I can get behind this, though.

    That being said, I wonder what changed in Doug Wilsons life that he so drastically moved away from scripture and toward feminism, which is all it is, really. Was he always that way? Did the teaching of someone else change him or did he just see the writing on the wall and decide it was more beneficial financially to pander to women?

    I have learned that a lot of women cannot bring themselves to see respecting their husbands as anything other than “babying” him. I once got on to my wife about an incident in which she raised her voice at me and chided me like a kid in full view of everyone on our street (well, everyone who was outdoors at the time). I didn’t get angry, I didn’t hit her or yell at her, when we ended up back in the house I calmly told her that she was out of line with her behavior and that her action was disrespectful and I expected better from her. Her response: “Oh, so now I have to baby you? Man up! I’m not going to tiptoe around you because your feelings are going to get hurt.” And this seems to be what I typically see from other women as well. Its one of the main reasons why men should NEVER listen to advice about spilling every feeling and thought to their wives, it wont be taken like they say it will be.

    Anyhow, getting off track. Its really cool that you would train up your daughter to seek to respect and honor her husband in a way that is radical, even to modern Christian women, but in the end it will be so much more rewarding, not just in her marriage, as her husband will see her as an indispensable ally, but also in the next life, where she will be called a good and faithful servant by God, our father!

    I noticed, this morning, you have quite a number of followers. I will be praying that the number greatly increases, as there are many ladies out there who could benefit from your insightful wisdom.

  4. Thank you Snapper. I don’t know about Pastor Wilson. 😦 It sounds like he started out well, and then fell off the path somehow, which is maybe normal? :/ I know Pastors seem to have a lot more temptation to things that normal Christians don’t have. It could be pride maybe? I think when someone won’t listen to correction, private rebukes like he’s received, or even criticism from his enemies, it usually is because they’ve become “stone-faced” and it’s a pride issue. I also think maybe it’s an age issue? Someone that much older would have I think a harder time humbling himself to listening to *anyone* younger offering him “advice,” to better his sermons or writing. King Solomon was once the wisest man alive!!!!!! But look at how he ended up 😦

    I think in general, people *start* well on their journeys, but it’s very very hard to maintain that or to *end* well.

  5. I’m sorry, Bike Bubba… I guess I’m just coming to his comment from a position of only looking at it through a teen or pre-teen girl’s eyes of learning how to not to behave once she’s married. I’m also going to use this example for our sons in understanding how not to be “prey” to different types of women out there.

    It’s basically the same as doing a post on really bad men (cads) that pre-teens and teen girls should be taught about in order to avoid disastrous marriages to bad men. I actually have a post like that already written in my head, so hopefully it will make it out soon. But warning or teaching young girls what to do and what not to do, is the model my mom gave to me that I feel led me to make a better choice (based mostly on character, but also being attracted to him of course). My husband had a lot of girls flirting with him and even trying to steal him away from me when we were just beginning to date. Two were in the type one “seductive adulteress” category, and he just had no clue that they were that way until YEARS later. But I knew instantly because it was something about the way they acted around him (and me lol)… but young men of good character usually cannot tell **at all** the character of a woman who seems like she’s interested in him.

  6. The perils of being a “nice guy”. There are many articles online about the Nice Guy Syndrome (NG). And, these kind of men are prey to feminists.

  7. No apology is necessary, gracious hostess. Just hoping to clarify a bit. Along the lines of what you describe, my wife and I benefited from mutual friends who made sure each one was on the up & up. It’s tough out there.

    Regarding Wilson, I don’t know that he’s changed in this regard, even if I assume the story related is 100% true. Rather, I wonder if stories like this can become reality simply because, just as Wilson couldn’t see through Jamin Wight and Steven Sitler, he has trouble seeing through a manipulative woman.

    And really, knowing what I do about the situation I described, I think a lot of counselors, no matter how good their training, are basically helpless in this because they can’t see the full context. For example, the “fundamental” woman who makes every significant decision for the couple is a feminist inside–but you have to dig deep to figure that out and address it.

  8. I was once friends with a woman like this. They won’t abide anyone who doesn’t fully support them (which is why we’re no longer friends). They’re the Proverbs woman who “tears down their home with their own hands”. They are exceedingly miserable, and it’s their desire to blame someone else that causes them to torture everyone around them. But make no mistake—the truth always comes to light. This kind of woman loses her credibility because eventually everyone knows what she is about.

    It is sad, but God can mend. He truly can. So if you know this woman, make it your business to intercede for her daily. She desperately needs your prayers.

  9. That’s so sad, Linda. 😦 I’ve rarely ever seen the truth come to light for these people, although I do believe what you say is true. If anything, I think it comes to light decades later, but not usually when they’re young and God has that chance to change them. I do think it’s some kind of mental illness or character disorder… my dad *almost* got his Masters in Psychology (the school in our area stopped offering the last few classes he needed so he changed career paths), but he would teach me about these things all growing up.

    I’d never realized how bad and deep that issue was with the second type of wife because I’ve never been close with someone like that. I’ve only met them mostly online ironically… I think in real life they know how that looks, but the anonymity of the internet (even if they’re not blogging anonymously) makes them feel empowered somehow. I don’t really know one of the women mentioned in this post (it’s actually using examples from about 7 I’ve come across) but when I tried to warn that one mentioned in this post what that picture looked like, her response back to me was this:

    Your email gave me a good laugh. You, your husband and your mum don’t like my posts? So what! It really doesn’t bother me. No one is forcing you to read it.

    I’m happy with the tone and things that I write. My husband likes them too… his only concern with me putting it on the blog was that everyone would notice the condom wrapper in the rubbish, lol.

    Why don’t you link to the posts you are talking about, then your readers can decide if you are being truthful and accurate, or not? My guess is that you won’t because you are purposefully lying and twisting the truth about the people you write about. If you linked to them, your readers might see that everything is not the way you portray it to be.”

    I told her I don’t like to link to people because that’s typically very nasty and can be public humiliation for them. It’s better to take an action or idea and generalize it, but being called a liar or told I’m lying to my readers about examples I’ve seen made me link this time.

    And yea… hard to be friends with a person like that. There’s that verse “Better is open rebuke than love that is concealed. Faithful are the wounds of a friend, but deceitful are the kisses of an enemy,” Proverbs 27:5-6 Good friends try to be gentle and warn you what something looks like, but if someone won’t listen and only prefers flattery, you can’t really help them.

  10. Yes, unfortunately the woman I’m referring to did destroy their family unit. People also “got her number”. She hasn’t come around, but with God, nothing is impossible.
    Personality disorders are tricky. I truly believe many of them are avoidable. People make choices that send them down the wrong path and some of them never come back. But I hope you can draw the right kind of attention with posts like these, that healthy Christians can spot those who are “out of line” early on so that they can be bold to lovingly correct them.

  11. Personality disorders are not disorders in the sense psychologists use it; but, are in reality patterns of behavior an individual chooses to engage in because they can get away with it.

    BTW love your gravatar photo: two beautiful women – one grown up – the other in the making! 🙂

  12. Thank you DaPoet. 🙂 That’s really kind.

    I do wonder sometimes if a person with a character disorder, sees themselves as others see them (I don’t think they do, but maybe I’m wrong… there’s all types!). But like Narcissism for example, usually they don’t (or can’t?) see they act that way. I know passive-aggressives always play the victim, they don’t seem to be able to “see” reality like a normal person does. It’s all confusing to me… and sad!

  13. Your Welcome Stephanie…

    They don’t.

    They have made up their minds to never be a victim and won’t hesitate to victimize someone else in order to keep from being a victim.

    They engage in self selected empathy which remains fluid and quickly end friendships when offended instead of exercising forgiveness.

    They are demanding and controlling yet refuse to allow others to make demands on or to control them.

    They love and put themselves first before anyone else.

    To them doing unto others as they would have others do unto them is just a bunch of hooey.

    I’m not perfect and I’ve made a lot of mistakes…

    Yet I’m so tired of dealing with the negative drama of my mother, wife and other women throughout my life. (In my mother’s case for half a century and my wife’s case 36 yrs.)

    That I’m seriously considering suicide on my 60th birthday – a year and one month away – if I can’t resolve the issues and put a stop to their drama.

    One things for certain I’m determined not to live my remaining possible 20 yrs the way I’ve been forced to live the first 60.

  14. Oh my God Dabir!!! You’re going through some serious pain!!! I’m so sorry, but suicide is NEVER the answer!!!!

    Sometimes I do believe leaving (separating) from a wife is helpful to a husband’s health – and if she divorces you, then it’s on her for 1) pushing you to this breaking point and 2) for filing first.

    Have you ever tried a separation and let her know you will not put up with her drama anymore?

  15. I know some of the men at Rollo’s site (here: ) have friends who have killed themselves over their idiot wives/girlfriends. Also… the men at Dalrock’s could help you so much better than I could!!! My husband is just so busy, but he may try to comment as well (?).

    Here’s Dalrock’s page:

    Also, your example of how you feel, this is why I wrote this post. Men like this stay for decades, and I believe it REALLY wears on them to the point where suicide is more comforting than living with a wife like one of these in these examples.

  16. Unfortunately the laws regarding separation and divorce favor women and put men at a disadvantage.

    My wife if she were to chose to do so could very easily destroy me financially while the domestic violence laws have completely taken away my rights in my own family and household – just as they were created to do.

    I personally have had enough and just want to move on and enjoy some peace and quiet for a change – minus the female drama.

  17. If it is not too much to ask, can we get specific examples of what the husband wanted? Or how his wife ‘disrespected’ him?

    Is it right for Christian husbands to be ‘red pillers?’

  18. Uh…y’all can keep guy. He sounds like as much of a passive aggressive creep as his ex!

    P.S. There’s 3 sides to every story. We’ve heard his side, so how about her side? The kids that she supposedly corrupted? This description of Doug Wilson DEFIES everything I’ve ever read from him, which makes me immediately skeptical of everything this guy says!

  19. “No one had my back. I was isolated and destroyed, physically, emotionally and financially. Those men, those Christian leaders could have prevented the destruction of me, my wife and our family, but I consider them culpable for its death.” I know *exactly* what he means. They are guilty before God for the destruction of the marriage, the family, and the spirit of the man. That kind of treachery and loneliness can and does cause physical pain.

  20. I went back and finished reading the post. Wow. Your mom and you are perceptive! And your daughter is blessed!

    I believe my wife married me because I was easy for her to control. She may not have thought that overtly, but I am positive it was a major thing for her. I am also sure she feels that she is right, and I am mean. No need for introspection. I even think she really believes that she is loving me. After all, she hasn’t left me.

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