8 Months – There’s No One Like Dad!


Someone just turned 8 months recently!  We are so ready for SPRING… it’s been raining for a couple of weeks – gray days, no sunshine, but now the sun is just beginning to peak through the trees.

It’s beautiful!


Her little pink onesie says,”There’s No One Like Dad!”  And it is SO TRUE!  And so cute!  My husband is seriously the best father I could ever have asked for to our children.  She adores him, as they all do.


She is just the happiest little baby I’ve ever seen, and so easy!  Her joy affects everyone who knows her – even the girls who take care of her while we’re working out at our gym, just adore her and tell us they love when we come in because she’s such a sweet, happy baby!


And she laughs so much!  She thinks everything her crazy, wild brothers do is hilarious!  LOL 😀


I can’t wait for more sunny days, gardening to my heart’s content ❤ and playing in the yard with our kids!  The Spring and Summer are just such a welcome change… yes, even for Texans ;) LOL



  1. She’s a cutie alright.

    I used to not like rainy days because my first stepmother would make me play under the carport, locking me out of the house during the day while she slept, even when it was cold and rainy outside.

    Now it gets so hot inside the plant where I work (there are 13 roll up doors throughout the building that are constantly opening and closing in the winter time while staying open all of the time during warm weather) making it too expensive to put in air conditioning in the main part of the plant.

    So that it’s always nice when a rainstorm comes through cooling down the place for a little bit.

    Until the sun comes back out ant the humidity (I work in Lithia Springs Georgia) makes it feel hotter then it did before it rained.

    Right now it is raining and I’m enjoying listening to the raindrops fall onto the roof of my home as I write this.

    Have a blessed day.

  2. What a little joy! We Minnesotans are buried under nearly a foot of new snow! Still digging out, but I know spring is coming!

  3. Awww! I know, I heard that y’all got tons of snow this past week or weekend. That is just so hard to imagine for me! We’re already seeing bright green grass that looks like it’s literally glowing against the grayish background of the sky. It looks like St. Patrick’s Day already in Texas!

    I guess at least y’all have 4 seasons right 😀 LOL! I do wish we had those… 😉

  4. I can’t believe your horrible step-mothers!! Ugh Dabir… I’m so sorry. I’m so glad you came out of all that with so many lessons learned and real wisdom. But it’s so horrible to me that children have to go through that kind of neglect and abuse. They didn’t get to pick their parents 😦 and that leaves children with wounds that are so hard to heal. Ugh…. 😦

    But yes, humidity in the South (yay you’re another Southerner!) is REALLY bad. I think we’re lucky we don’t get it as bad as some more coastal places do here. But I’m glad you’ve begun to like rainy days.

    I do like them as well usually… but the last time I said that on my blog and posted a song telling the rain to “Pleeeassse Stay…” it freaking FLOODED ALL OF TEXAS!! Well, MOST of Texas. It was insane. And I felt bad LOL… So… no more sentimental songs asking the rain to stay… I don’t want to encourage another state-wide mass flood 😀

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