How to Stand Strong in Stressful Times

This is a great video.  I urge all you readers to watch it.  It’s SO. GOOD.

I found it about two or three months ago, and it’s just repeated wisdom of what I’ve heard all my life growing up in a strong, Christian school from age 4-15, having strong Christian parents, and then mentors who have poured into my life.

I feel so lucky (not sure “blessed” would be the right word here) – but seriously lucky to have had all those people in my life, to the point where this message is not new to me, but wonderful to have so much wisdom piled into such a short video.  We’re all at the mercy of where God places us – what kind of parents we will have is probably the biggest deciding factor on how our lives will turn out.  And yes, I have some “survivors guilt” I think from having such wise, wonderful people for parents.

Anyway… no matter what you’re going through, and this message seems to speak to many things, I hope you find comfort in this video.




  1. looong before home computers 😉 … i used to listen to Chuck Swindoll daily on the radio. lots of wisdom there 🙂

    he did some children’s stories that my girls loved when they were little, too.

  2. My mom used to listen to him on the radio every morning driving me to school (which was like a 45 minute drive). Oh my gosh Ame, we were probably hearing some of the same sermons… life is so strange!

    Now I listen every chance I can, which was everyday when I worked 🙂 And my oldest likes to hear him, too.

    Aw I bet your girls, especially your oldest will like to listen to him after she moves out. And then her kids will hear him at times as well. Your one choice (just like my mom’s) may have made a change passed down from generation to generation.

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