Updated Blog Tabs

I recently had a couple of email complaints about my blog not being up to date with the cataloged posts underneath their respective tabs (Marriage & Sex, Single, Personal, etc.).

I understand how annoying that would be, so I’ve spent some time tonight to update everything… we were just really busy as a family during this past pregnancy, not to mention I rarely write or check the blog when I’m pregnant (it’s a welcome break).

I also did away with some old tabs I never write on here anymore (STYLE, Health, etc.), as well as added a new tab and changed the name of another one.

Hope it annoys you readers a lot less now that it’s more organized and all nice and updated 🙂 .  Please bear with me going forward on cataloging lol…

And don’t forget to check out the new posts that have been catalogued!  There were over 50 that were “lost” in translation – which is a ton of writing.




2 thoughts on “Updated Blog Tabs

  1. One of the problems with blog platforms is that it’s hard to find all of the posts, once they become dated. Categories, tags, and search queries are the only way to find long-buried posts. So your time and efforts spent updating these methods does your readers a huge service. How long have you been blogging, and how many posts do you have now, in total?

  2. I’ve been blogging since 2013 here… and then I had another blog devoted to marriage and Christian topics I started back in 2009 (it’s long gone now though) called Beauty from Ashes.

    This blog has a little over 500 posts (and that’s not counting the ones I’ve taken down like the Proverbs 31 series 🙂 ), so I totally understand how annoying it would be to not be able to find something they saw a year or two ago because it’s not cataloged correctly. Plus when I started 4 years ago, I had no idea I would go “viral” several times and made the mistake of having too many “categories,” and “tags” to really use that as a structure. So tabs on the homepage are easier (plus women seem to be able to navigate tabs better LOL).

    Your posts have great structure, are incredibly well researched – and very easy to read even, which I think is hard to create that kind of balance. Thank you for writing with a little more balanced viewpoint than the more negative red pill male viewpoints. I really have enjoyed reading the “Enduring Suffering” posts.

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