Texas Winter Wonderland!

Well… for a day LOL….

This happened last night right before bedtime….


This was crazy last night!  We haven’t had real snow that lasted since 1985!!!!!!  My husband had to work, so I was worried about him driving (even though I know he’s smart and a pro at it…) still… black ice and all :/  But he was fine and came home safely.


She’s ready for her first Snow Day ❤


My husband wanted to take some pictures of me with our daughter for her first snowfall this morning 😀


Little fur coat and hat with ears don’t fit when you’re so tiny! 😀  ❤


I seriously can’t believe it… and I think it’s going to be hot again sometime next week just to throw us Texans off again 😛

Oh well! We’ll still take our One-Day Snow-Day 🙂



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