Am I Tricking Men When I use Makeup? Is Makeup Unethical?


the Makeapp …


I’m going to try to write this post with a straight face…


ok!  I can’t 😉  😀

I’m laughing as I type ❤

Are we women tricking men with our makeup usage?

This is a lot like the constant harpy criticism that we’re all just teaching women to manipulate men… UN-ethically at that!  Oh my!!!

Recently, as you may have seen, an app came out called the Makeapp that allows men (or anyone really) to take a picture or upload a picture of a woman, and completely simulate what she probably looks like without makeup.

It’s not a perfect app, I’ve read up on it a bit and apparently some people actually look better without makeup than this app claims (it adds pimples and acne, so if you don’t have skin problems it won’t be completely accurate).  But overall, it’s pretty correct!

Is it tricking men to use makeup?

This topic has come up before in the world of male – female issues, in fact, I’ve actually written before on women covering their acne with makeup and men responding not so pleasantly to it.

Is makeup tricking men?  Well, to be completely honest, yes, it is, in a way.  But most reasonable people understand that makeup tends to make a woman look better, so they “get it.”  It evens out skin tone, it imitates the flushes and redder lips a woman gets when she’s in ovulation – making her extremely more sexually attractive.  It lengthens her eye-lashes, another thing proven to drive men subtly insane.  Is it manipulation of some kind of form?  I guess it is… when it’s used the way it’s intended (to make men more sexually attracted to you).

I decided to do it 😀

I used this picture… and in it (below) I actually don’t have very much makeup on.  Concealer, some foundation in areas but not all over “full-coverage,” mascara, and light pink lip gloss:


LOL… So I guess I look like I have the flu 😀 ….

But ok… so is using makeup really unethical?

I think my other older post answers this question some.  If you’re deliberately hiding major flaws and such, yes, it’s effectively tricking a man into thinking you look VERY different from how you actually look.  You could make some kind of case that doing that was “unethical,” although most women who are doing that are doing it for their own self-esteem issues and not really trying to harm anyone.  But still, men don’t like feeling tricked… even if you’re covering acne for yourself so you can feel more confident 😦  They’ll still (as we saw in the other post) react badly to it if you put yourself out there like that one girl did.  It’s a no-win situation.

If you’re a teen and you’re worried how this app will affect the way guys see you, please try not to worry and just focus on important things.  If it DOES bother you, figure out ways to take care of your skin (toners, acne scrubs, prescription medicine if need be).  The thing that will give you the most confidence without makeup, will be having beautiful skin, and that’s just the truth.

Most men totally accept knowing you’ll look better with some makeup applied.  Heavy emphasis on the “some.”   Too much and it turns them off… usually.


But almost all men dream of a woman who looks good without makeup and doesn’t need it to be beautiful.  And that’s the truth.  


And that’s why this new Makeapp where men now have the magical ability to SEE what you look like underneath makeup really gets to women.  To be exposed for how you really look shouldn’t be an issue (a romantic interest will certainly find out anyway!), but for many it seems to be.  “It’s unfair!” some say.  “It’s SEXIST!” others say.


Is there any good “take away” from this new app in the hands of men? 😉

Yes!  If you have good, beautiful skin, you’ll look great even without makeup!  Does the app distort it?  Yea, it does, but if it makes men feel better lol…. *shrug*

And technically, this makeapp shouldn’t worry you if you’re using makeup correctly anyway.

On the other hand, the Makeapp can also ADD LOTS of makeup to your face LOL… this was only after adding “one application” of makeup!  LOL… more like cosemtic surgery haha!



**Tear!!**  I don’t even recognize myself!!!  What an app!

Anyway… this app is really distracting!  If you’re a single woman, any man who is interested in you will already notice when you’re not wearing much makeup, and he’ll usually like it!  I’ve read many comments and emails where a girl says she couldn’t believe how the first time her boyfriend or husband told her she was “beautiful” was actually when they had been swimming or at a water park all day and all her makeup had washed off, or when they were hiking and it melted off -and guess what?  He still adored her.

If you have beautiful skin, you’ll still look great without all the makeup.  And that’s what men love.  I do believe most men do NOT want a woman who wears too much makeup.  It’s kind of obvious when someone does (unless they’re a brilliant makeup artist, which honestly men, most women aren’t).

But for women, even if you’re married – no, especially if you’re married – your husband wants to see you without any makeup on at appropriate times – first thing when you wake up, in his T-shirt or naked (however it is you prefer to sleep) – he wants to see his bare-faced Beauty and know you are his.



  1. This app is funny it over does taking makeup off the person or people who made the app were probably mad that women could use make up and make themselves look a lot better. There are women who use tons of makeup and to me it’s a turnoff, however, if a woman uses a little to make themselves feel better is good. Women should not be worried about this app because if they meet a man in person and they started a relationship or were close to the man liked them the way they were and if he gets turned off by what a computer thinks she would look like is not worth the woman’s time.

    These computer pictures are not accurate. I’m teaching my boys to not go after only the pretty girls but the girls that do have a good character. My daughter will learn to look pretty but also have good character and find a man that appreciates her character.

    Having makeup is partially manipulating but I don’t see it that way. Makeup is not the same as putting an old picture on dating sites. I think people need to find a proper way to meet who they get in a relationship.

    My wife who writes this looks a lot better than what the picture makes her look like without makeup so that is proof that you cannot make this app be the sole basis for saying they are manipulating.

  2. Had to smile when I saw this, as for some odd reason, I’ve been capable of doing what that software does since I was a youth–figuring out what portion of attractiveness is troweled-on makeup. As Dave Barry said, if you can push a straight pin more than a quarter inch into your face without feeling anything, you may be wearing too much makeup for the business environment.

    (maybe I’m weird, but I’m one of those who gets seriously creeped out at “glamour” makeup”…..I’m thinking more dads need to pipe up when their wives are helping daughters learn to use it….)

  3. Wow! That’s amazing you can tell. I can’t… I will be watching a youtube video on a new hairstyle to try, then get curious about that person’s makeup routine, and then be SHOCKED when I see the girl without makeup.

    I may do another post on the value of “less is more.” There seems to be a new trend of putting on 5-10 layers of foundations, concealers and powders. They don’t need that much IMO!

    This girl is gorgeous, but she uses 11 things (11 layers) on her face.

  4. Not really that amazing, really just being basically observant. Is the color of the face off from that of the hands and neck? What about the texture–am I looking at skin or foundation? What bumps show up under the foundation? Is there a “stiffness” to the face, as if those “11 herbs and spices”–I mean “11 layers of foundation”–are being felt by the wearer? (or, worse yet, cracking)

    Part of my advantage here is that, having run cross country and track, a lot of the ladies I ran with did not wear much makeup because the consequences of sweat plus inexpensive cosmetics can be “highly entertaining to all but the wearer.” And then Mrs. Bubba doesn’t wear much makeup, either.

  5. I ran cross country and did hurdles in track, too! Awww I loved running… well, I loved it when I stopped lol!

    That makes sense that being around athletic women would give you a sense of what real skin looked like versus a made-up version… never thought of that before.

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