Married Women: Take Advantage of Halloween Sales!


My husband loves for me to collect Halloween costumes, some of the racier ones are great for lingerie!  Every year we either buy one on sale, or sometimes have waited until after Halloween to take advantage of when they really mark them down.


Doing Marriage Right’s post made me think of my collection hanging in our closet 😉

Most men would LOVE to see their wives play dress up for them when it comes to bedroom activities!

So surprise him!


The costumes are now on sale 😉



  1. Yea! Seriously!!! I love your blog btw, so sweet! You’re going to love having a child and being a mother… it’s just incredible the whole journey. And you definitely change in different ways.

  2. Great post! I have always been a fan of the pirate costume for some reason.

    Appreciate the reference! Clicked the link to last years Halloween. Great family. Hang on to those days. They go by fast. My youngest turns 16 in a few days. As we ate dinner discussing his birthday tonight, it occurred to me my wife and I were his age when we started dating. As I discussed this, he laughed and said “That was a long time ago dad.” I told him that in my mind, it was last week. That is no exaggeration… I looked at me wife and saw her as I did in high school, fun, smart and beautiful. Heck, with all her work in the gym all these years, I think she looks better now than in high school! I talk a lot about choosing wisely when it comes to picking a wife, I look at her and know I chose wisely.

    Come to think of it, I need to find her a pirate costume…

    Keep up the great work!

  3. Again, you and your wife sound like such great people ❤ And your blog is just wonderful and very open and honest, of course I'd recommend it!!

    And it's romantic to hear how much you adore your sexy wife!! I sincerely hope that when my husband and I are at y'all's stage, with our youngest being 16, that he still views me that way. 😀 Very inspiring to see that kind of rare love!

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