Rough Men – by a Retired Police Officer

If you don’t follow, or at least read, The Family Alpha you are missing out. Hunter Drew has some good things to say that many men today need to hear. This Post from June 7th, struck a cord with me. Go read it and tell me if it doesn’t stir something in you. Hunter has done something […]

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11 thoughts on “Rough Men – by a Retired Police Officer

  1. That is the downside to making what one does for a living their identity when the job is over either through retirement or a layoff their identity all too often goes with it. Back in my thirties after my dad died I was in the same place until I made the decision to make my writing my identity. My job is what I do to put food on the table, a roof over my families head and clothes on our backs. That is what I do however I am a Poet and a Poet I’ll always be. My job can be taken away from me but no one can take away my identity as a Poet without my active consent.

  2. You know… I truly do believe that for Police Officers (and some Military Officers as well), that it is part of their identity. I’m sure not all of them feel that way, we’ve known quite a few who quit when they decided it wasn’t for them. And I’ve personally known plenty of disillusioned military men… but that I think is due to other issues, and not the fulfillment men get in doing rough and warrior-like jobs such as that.

    Not sure if you’re Christian, but I know for my husband, it’s like it’s his calling. A passage he leans on is Romans 13:1-4, and to him it describes what he’s trying to do for society. So I can totally understand why and how these great men make their occupations (which to some, it is their calling and reason for being on earth), into their “identity.” And we know enough people to see the difficult transition from working to retirement where it IS hard for them to find something to do that carried that burden or weight that they truly loved carrying for society. It’s honestly the most beautiful thing I’ve ever witnessed and I would have never known there were men like this until my husband embarked on that journey and it became him.

    As you can probably tell, I admire him so much! ❤

    We all have different identities at times right? I'm a daughter to my parents, a sister to my wild brother, a wife and lover to my husband, a mother to my kids, etc. I think the one that is my "calling" has been becoming a wife to such a great man, and then becoming a mother and trying to raise up godly children.

  3. Men and women were designed to be three dimensional -physical, intellectual and spiritual. The Bible makes it clear that only the Sons of God of the unfallen worlds were called to meet with God as a group. The problem with our worldly society is that it celebrates the rough and tumble warrior mentality as the ultimate model even as it also fears and despises those who fit that model as well. And thanks to the brutality of far too many police officers and those who cover for them the status of being a police officer has fallen and will continue to fall even lower in the future.

    That said the root cause of male unhappiness is in conforming to societies one dimensional model of masculinity instead of cultivating their three dimensional identity.

  4. I’m sure you’re right about the 3-dimensional identity, that makes a lot of sense. And you’re right that the rough and warrior type is not really “better-than” the other divinely ordained ministries men can perform. God created different people with drastically different giftings and capabilities, and if someone judged themselves against someone else’s very different gift or ability, they’d run the risk of never figuring out (much less appreciating) their OWN gifting and capabilities given to them by God Himself.

    Thanks Dabir for your comments on this.

  5. Your welcome Stephanie. My religious background is Southern Baptist and Seventh-day Adventist. Though I am not a practicing Christian at this point in my life I have studied the Bible extensively and have been granted some insights.

    Christians who truly study the Bible have an advantage over their worldly counterparts (especially feminists and Meminists or men’s rights activists who have taken the Red pill) simply because the Bible reveals the truth about our fallen human nature. As a result of the fall of Adam and Eve the human race has been devolving as opposed to evolving.

    Electricity is composed of both positive atoms and negative atoms (+ atoms have an equal number of electrons and – atoms have an odd number of electrons) when they come together in a cloud lightning flashes across the sky.

    A battery works by keeping + and – atoms separate until the circuit is completed when the switch is turned into the on position.

    In mathematical terms + gives and – takes.

    Men were designed to give love to a woman which makes man positive…

    Women were designed to take a man’s love and give it back which makes them negative…

    This does not mean men are good and women are bad this is just simply how men and women were designed to operate…

    Man + Woman = family or 1 man + 1 woman = 3 children or more…

    Feminism and Meminism was designed by God’s adversary (the God of this world) Satan to divide men and women and turn them against each other…

    Feminism came first Meminism is the response both are negative and are a very bad thing…

  6. By the way I do not consider your blogs “girly” they simply are written from a Christian Woman’s Perspective.

  7. Thank you. Although I am very “girly” in real life…. My husband’s perspective when he has the time to give it, is a welcome change from the “female” side of seeing things. I wish he could write more (here or anywhere!), he has so many wonderful thoughts and ideas and is very persuasive… but it’s probably for the best with all the hostile haters out there that have gone after us for just the tiniest offense.

  8. Sorry I think I posted a comment meant for another site addressed to @earl. If so please delete it. Thanks.

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