Barbie Knows How to Be Fruitful & Multiply!

be fruitful multiply

This is so cute!  A fellow police wife and friend has a daughter who takes toys to the store sometimes.  Apparently the whole Barbie family had to go on this grocery outing LOL!

This is what she said —

“My children fully believe in the word of God

and know that we are to be fruitful and multiply,

this includes Barbie world.

I must say that I will miss these days

when I’m caught off guard

either by carrying around a huge stuffed animal that is a duck

or pregnant Barbies…..

it’s Saturday y’all.

That’s all I got.”

This is partly why I love Texas.  It’s the South, the Christian women are REAL.  And little girls still play with Barbie and want to have BIG families.

I know… I’m sorry you’re not Texan 😉  Feel free to move here, though.



  1. PS:::

    Barbies don’t just come pregnant 😉 . This little girl stuffed a Barbie shirt up in there because she knew that’s what pregnant (beautiful) women look like!

    Makes my heart SO full ❤

    Here's to Generation Z, and their love for anti-feminism.

  2. My first thought was that she was going to be charged for the dolls at check out. That might be a little embarrassing.

  3. my Youngest had to have ALL her dolls and stuff-n-fluff in families – BIG families! you cannot even begin to imagine how many stuffed animals we had of each kind out there! we shopped at the thrift store, and every time we went i gave each of my girls $1.00 to spend however they wanted. the ladies who worked in there LOVED my girls and often let them squeak a few ‘extra’ stuffies in their dollar … especially when they had a ton in. by the time she gave those things up not too long ago just about every animal family ever made was well represented in our home 🙂 . you should have seen her bed when she went to sleep every night – we had to line them all up just right before she could rest … it was sooo precious 🙂

  4. That’s adorable, Ame!!!! I can’t wait to see how our daughter is going to play with toys… we’re really interested in it actually!

    Maybe I’ll start buying her little dolls just to be prepared lol.

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