French Makeup & Hair

This and more of the woman’s videos remind me so much of my mom’s beauty habits, especially regarding perfume – which for me, is hard to live without!

Beauty, in my opinion, should look low maintenance and mostly be able clear skin and bright eyes, and long, nourished hair.

Enjoy the video!  This woman is so cute ❤

3 thoughts on “French Makeup & Hair

  1. love it.

    i’ve found i’m allergic to so much stuff it gets frustrating sometimes. my girls, too. and i’m terribly allergic to fragrances – walking thru the fragrance dept in a store will always give me a headache and also cause breathing issues … same for my girls.

    there are certain groups of people who use products with more fragrance than others, and i have to avoid them simply b/c of the strong fragrances b/c they make me sick.

    and i hate sitting in public places where people are likely to be wearing strong fragrances cause at least one someone will have dosed themselves strong, and i’ll definitely react to it. ugh.

  2. Yikes Ame!! Yea I don’t like “strong* fragrances where you can smell them when they’re near you either, I like my perfume to be smelled when someone gets close to me – like a hug, though. And I spray my hair for my husband 😉

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