There’s Beauty in the Imperfections

I saw a cute mommy friend of mine is reading “My Not So Perfect Life” by Sophie Kinsella.  I looked at the description online and it wasn’t what I was thinking it would be about, but the title is interesting.  No one’s life is perfect, but to me, that’s why life is so beautiful and interesting.

That book I just mentioned though, hits on the topic of people living a lie through social media.  It’s fascinating to me that the very people who try to accuse others of doing this, are in fact, doing it themselves to bigger degrees sometimes.

There’s a black female blogger that used to link to my blog at times to do sarcastic pieces, especially when it came to my Proverbs 31 series.  She hated my blog, even made fun of me gaining weight due to losing my dad and depression.  I mean this Christian lady was yuck.  Her devilish interest in me caused me to look into her blog and see who and what she really was.  Her chosen photo for her gravatar was of a really gorgeous, happy looking black woman with natural hair.  Just a very beautiful young woman you could tell was overflowing with positive emotions inside.  I saw other people really believed that photo was her, they’d comment often on how beautiful she was.

I had a strong hunch this woman was lying about what she looked like.  The photo of the happy, kind looking girl, and how she wrote in general, didn’t add up to me, plus I thought I actually recognized the gravatar as a model I know from a private social media site.

So… I actually found the real model on that social media site, and contacted her personally and gave her a link to the Fake’s blog, and showed her everything this woman was saying (how yucky it was in general)… while using her picture.

That picture came down real fast – and she hasn’t used it since.  I’m not sure if the model contacted her, she was definitely annoyed and concerned with it when I talked to her personally, but this blogger never let her followers know all that happened that caused her to suddenly take down her (fake) profile picture.

The girl she was stealing the picture from was still a relatively young model and even though she’s had some great shoots already, having her picture be used by someone that ugly (words-wise) online isn’t fun – even if it wouldn’t necessarily affect her ability to get new shoots (I don’t think it would), it’s still SO dishonest.

And to think!!!  This blogger is big on criticizing OTHER women for being disingenuous about their real life selves lol.  It was all very interesting and funny, another human psyche experiment gone well in my opinion 😀 .  I don’t understand why someone would use someone else’s picture (especially a head shot) that people could easily recognize is someone else, unless they were trying to do **exactly** what this female blogger was criticizing everyone else of doing.  Lying about who they really are on social media.  Kind of sad really when you think about it.


Life isn’t perfect, embrace it and your failures with honesty, and at least people can learn from your humility.



  1. Sorry you got treated like that.

    I actually do understand why people would use a fake profile picture and it’s more common than many think.

    OK, maybe most people don’t actually steal someone else’s picture but most of us do crop an use only our very best pictures and we only post our best moments. I know a dozen people personally who totally seem like they have it all together on social media but, in reality, their lives are a mess. Anyway, putting on a front of some kind is, I think, pretty normal.

    Truth is though, it’s also exhausting.

    Not saying people should air every bad detail of their lives but they should know that being honest about our faults and flaws is very liberating.

    Really good post.

    God bless,


  2. I think the imperfections of life are beautiful! But yes, I actually do agree with you that people shouldn’t be airing their “dirty-laundry.” It’s a balance, but one that should be an honest balance as long as you’re protecting your loved ones’ privacy (ie: not talking about their dirty laundry or things that would hurt them, etc.).

    I’m finding being extremely “real” about my temptations, hurts and things that have happened in my life has been really nice and therapeutic to just be extremely honest. I think it makes a person more human in a way, to acknowledge their flaws and faults and mistakes, etc.

    I’ve noticed that the people I really admire in life, (in real life) are the very honest ones who aren’t afraid to admit what they’ve had happen to them or what they struggle with concerning sin, or how other peoples’ sins have affected them. And then how they manage to overcome all that to become a better Christian.

    It’s all fascinating to me, but it can’t happen unless you’re brutally honest with yourself and others about your failings and flaws etc.

  3. Oh and something else that makes sense with what you pointed out! People like models etc. that make money based on how they look literally, DO often post photos that look better than they do in real life. It’s strange that sometimes people just photograph really well or look much better at certain angles than others, but that’s an understood thing I thought.

    But then there’s always the women whoh post much much better photos of themselves in online dating, and then men get upset when the woman looks different than she did in her picture. It’s being dishonest really. Sad that people do that too 😦

    Stealing a totally different person’s head shot, then actually pretending it’s you (not correcting people when they *think* it’s actually you) is really really weird to me and kind of creepy. You have to think about it from her point of view honestly… if someone stole your picture, and then you saw they wrote a rather yucky opinionated blog that you didn’t really want yourself affiliated with as you use that same picture yourself for a **professional photo** … it all gets just kind of sketchy.

    But yea, even I use photos that look nice – lol I’m not probably going to ever post a photo of myself when I’m extremely exhausted or have just had a good cry, or when I first wake up in the morning LOL!!!! Although I did snap a selfie right after I had my 3rd baby the night before, sans makeup and having just woken up… I guess that was pretty “real.” Usually people want to present their best selves like you said. To me, there’s no problem with that!

    It’s like how people brush their teeth, etc… would we REALLY want them not to brush their teeth in the morning in the name of “being real” so we could all somehow feel better about ourselves?? LOL

  4. there IS beauty in the imperfections of life, and there’s beauty in the authentic and the real. the fake is an illusion.

    i’m so sorry that happened to you 😦 … and thankful you were able to contact the model so she could clear her ‘name.’

  5. Well, at least something beautiful came out of it right? Talking to her was nice – she was so kind, sweet, and had a beautiful personality. Exactly what she looked like in her pictures. I could tell it from her eyes I think – but it’s still weird to me that I was right that this other person’s character could NOT have matched this girl’s face. That’s probably not a good way to always judge people obviously… don’t judge a book by it’s cover is something I firmly believe in. But it was gut-level feeling that turned out to be right. Hmm…. ?

  6. And… thinking on it a little more. It’s probably not fair to solely just say that (above). I mean I did recognize her to some degree, so there’s that, too.

  7. You’re a big baby.

    You complain about people complaining about you.

    You complain about stumbling blocks, and then throw one in front of others. Then you write and gloat about being a block.

    Get over yourself.

  8. I read your comment to my oldest son earlier today, and we both laughed at how ridiculous you sound!! It looks like a 3rd grader wrote me hate mail! OH no!!!! I’m gonna die!!!! I’ve never received negative comments before! 😀

    Yes, we all have flaws and have ALL been stumbling blocks at one point or another to someone – that’s part of being human – yes, I’m guilty of that. I’ve also been prideful at times or hypocritical. Hey at least I’m open and honest about my character flaws. But you clearly have deep, ugly character issues as well, and I have a pretty good idea you’re not nearly as open about working on them. Ugliness on the inside is A LOT worse than on the outside (which can be made better).

    Choose a different path, and you’ll be a lot more joyful.

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