Depression Cooking with Clara

Just found this woman from Mrs. White’s blog.  Fascinating stuff!  She reminds me so much of my paternal grandmother, whose husband never gave up his depression-era habits.  ❤

She even makes a remark about her mom giving them just a drop of coffee in their milk… but that they “were happy.”

So sweet.

8 thoughts on “Depression Cooking with Clara

  1. I’m like binge-watching her videos 😀 I can’t believe all the wonderful people who put this stuff out there for free!

    How are you doing Ame? How is all the gas-panicking going n your area? My neighbor just scared the hell out of me ringing the doorbell at 10pm, and was panicking earlier about all the gas running out.

  2. the gas panicking is so stupid and causing all sorts of problems for people who NEED the gas to do their jobs. i know a nurse who had two sexual abuse exams in two different hospitals quite a distance from each other and was trying to find gas so she could make it to both appointments. it’s stupid crazy b/c we’re not going to run out of gas … it might be slower getting here, but it’s not going to run dry. it’s befuddling how people panic and cause all sorts of problems – like they talk about at spawny’s a lot – so easy to manipulate people to do stupid stuff.

  3. It is insane! My poor neighbor believing all of it… I thought it was a serious emergency LOL I adore her though so it’s ok… just glad I didn’t shoot her…. :/

    Not sure if you’re aware, but it seems the coastal cities are still having it very hard. Rockport had to completely shut down their schools indefinitely 😦 Our favorite island town’s mayor has declared the disaster a “100% loss,” and encouraging residents not to come back yet. We’ve sent around 100 officers just to Houston, and I know your area committed to at least just as many. It is amazing how fast everyone comes together in something like this.

  4. it’s all so tragic.

    i don’t look at everything or read everything; i just can’t. i know it’s there. i can do what i can do. and then i have to live my life. i internalize stuff like this too much and then it takes me away from what i need to do.

    we have to live. and the hurricane and its victims aren’t the only ones who need help in our world. i remember when katrina came thru my first husband had just left us, but everyone was so focused on helping with katrina we were ignored. it was so painful.

  5. What she’s doing is following the advice that her home ec book in school had–I’ve got my grandmother’s, circa 1920 or so, and it makes extensive note of how the cheaper cuts of meat often have more flavor and nutrition, and that any lentil/bean plus any grain forms a complete protein. My mom grew up fairly poor, and as a result she was expert in this kind of thing, and my brother and I still cook a lot this way.

    To put things in perspective about how our version of poverty differs from the rest of the world’s, I remember discussing what I thought was pretty much depression cooking, and a women who’d been young in Germany in 1945 pointed out to me that her family only rarely had even the cheap cuts of meat I thought were frugal back then.

    As a result, I have rather limited patience with those who tell me how horrible it is to eat on a food stamps budget….and quite frankly, I’ve pretty much been doing it since I was a kid.

    Hang in there with Harvey, BTW!

  6. How is all the gas-panicking going n your expanse?
    To put things in position about how our variation of poverty differs from the relaxation of the mankind’s, I remember discussing what I sentiment was pretty much impression cookery, and a women who’d been immature in Germany in 1945 pointed out to me that her crime syndicate only rarely had even the bum cuts of substance I sentiment were stinting back then.

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