The Most Evil Religion in the World

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satanic islam


I’ve steered clear from writing about politics, what I thought of wars, and of the Prophet of Satan (Mohammad’s) terrorists, but I’ll be adding Robert Spencer’s blog JihadWatch to my short list blogroll.  Just wanted to give out a warning to the cowards out there in Western countries they may want to stop following my blog if this “triggers” them lol.

I’ve been reading Spencer’s blog since 2007-2008ish, far before it became widely popular after the recent explosion of Muslim migrants into Europe, Canada, Australia and the US.  So that being said… I was reading what the Muslims were doing in their terrible countries and it was dark – everyday they were harming someone, killing people, cutting off hands, raping innocent women and getting away with it.  It was horrific the everyday crimes against humanity they were just allowed to get away with, but it was mostly contained in their own sh-t-hole countries so the rest of the world looked the other way.

Our military had to see this front and center though, and most of them even now know the truth of how much hatred there is in those peoples’ hearts for America, white people, and especially women.

Anyway, just wanted to make note that I’m adding Spencer’s blog officially on here.  He is a humble hero, and his work you can trust.  With everything in me, I stand with him in his desire to bring to light how evil this religion is.



  1. The ancient, wicked religions of the past never went away, they just picked up a new name. They have a good PR guy, if you catch my drift, but his days are numbered.

  2. It is best to see Islam as a diabolical inversion of Christianity.

    Which is why they hate us and the pagan elite love them

  3. I landed on this blog from The Rational Male. I find your writing pretty good and helpful. But boy was I surprised when I saw this post!

    I’m a Muslim. I know it’s hard to for you unlearn all the information you ‘know’ about Islam at this point, so I’m not even trying. All I want to leave you with is this: I’d have the same opinion about Christianity if all I read about it was a blog about the Crusades and Ku Klux Klan.

  4. I’m sure you’re not radical hence you reading the Rational Male. I used to follow a man who went by the name “Iranian Atheist” I can’t find his blog anymore, but he was just as much against Islam from an Atheist’s perspective. He was living in the midst of watching the effects of Islam play out – which is what made him an Atheist eventually… and looking into Christianity because it is literally the opposite of Islam in every way.

    I’m not against Muslim people, just like he wasn’t (he used to BE Muslim and much of his family still was Muslim).

    It’s not hard to recognize that someone can be against an ideology or religion, but still care about the people IN that religion.

  5. Sure I’m not a radical, but I read you have a problem with Islam, not radical Islam.

    Anyways, Christianity and Islam has so much in common you would be surprised. But this is not the point either. My point is, I could also find and read ex-Christian atheist blogs and make those my primary source of information on Christianity, but I think I’d be very far off what Christianity is really about. Don’t you agree?

  6. Yes, my problem is with Islam.

    If you are really against terrorism done in the name of your religion (which you haven’t said either way), then I don’t see why Robert’s site would bother you. He is only posting the evil that is done in your religion’s name and draws it back to the text the acts come from for support.

    If it embarrasses you that your religion creates so much evil in the world (which I think it does, which is why you wanted to talk about it here), if you’re a moderate Muslim, then you should be working for the reformation of Islam and the cutting out of all those texts that call for jihad and violence against the infidels or wife beating or sex slavery. There are Muslims like that and I respect them for being able to call out the evil inside their religion… in the religious texts. Are you trying to work for Islamic Reformation? If not, if you truly think your religion is a pure and good force in this world (which anyone can see how much bloodshed it causes daily, and rationally **disagree** with you), then I understand why you’d be upset that I see Islam as pure evil. Just understand that most people wonder why the so-called “Moderate” Muslims aren’t actively and vocally working against the evil in their religious texts, and willingly being persecuted to exterminate the violent behavior that springs from those texts.

  7. I think there are other religions are that at least as evil, such as wicca, and satanism. They may not call for jihad, but are their hearts not at least as evil as that of islamists?

  8. It seems like the main reasons for professing American conservative Christians for opposing islam is because it hates America and white people, and of course, its pet group, women, whom it is so biased against (just look at the family law system and how many men are suffering, you better believe it).

    These conservative Christians do not hate Islam because of its evil theology being against God, but rather out of selfish love for itself.

    Don’t get me wrong, I am no supporter of Islam. But I strongly believe it is important to speak out against all evil, not just islam. Do you speak out against homosexuality, feminism, liberalism, humanism, satanism, atheism? Do you have the guts to?

    I challenge you to do so.

    I would like to recommend to you

    They speak out against not just islam, but also homosexual agenda, feminism, liberalism, and the alt-right.

    For an expose on Spencer, see:

    I don’t intend to be mean to you. I am just seeking to protect people from the snares of falling into controlled opposition, that is, the anti-islam counterjihadists who use the issue of islam to really advance an anti-christian agenda.

  9. I think there are other religions are that at least as evil, such as wicca, and satanism. They may not call for jihad, but are their hearts not at least as evil as that of islamists?

    I kind of wonder if you’re being sincere here…. Wiccans are not saved (if they die, I’m pretty sure they’d go to hell), but they’re not out in mass trying to convert non-Wiccan believers, and they aren’t out in mass trying to slaughter people in the name of their religion. I’ve known a couple of Wiccan women, and although it’s only a couple, they weren’t raised with Christian values and yet were peaceful, even kind people. I think they’re playing with fire (doing the VERY wrong thing and dabbling in evil) and I did try to convert them through discussion and dialogue, but to equate their hearts and sins with those of truly evil people makes me wonder if you’ve thought this through.

    Same with atheists. There are some really generally run-of-the-mill atheists that think rationally and aren’t ascribing to a religion that **DESIRES** to subjugate, enslave, murder, and destroy other people. Can you really not tell the difference between different levels of sin or people’s hearts? In fact, because of how evil Islam is, I’ve actually watched a few atheists start to rethink their previous thoughts on Christianity – just because of how much evil they see in Islam in contrast to Christianity! Some have started to see for the first time just how pure Christianity is, and how favorable it is for society, all because of them realizing how evil Islam is when watching the effects play out on their people and cultures or the cultures they seek to overthrow and dominate. It’s amazing and wonderful – but again, it makes me wonder if you’re really being sincere coming here asking me these questions. I mean, can you really not understand the difference between a normal atheist who is lost but open to seeing God’s truth when God convicts him, and a satanist who delights in harming children and animals and making smut tapes for fun? i mean, come on!! C.S. Lewis was an atheist, and yet you’re placing him on the same level of evil as that of a person ascribing to Islam. Even *he* understand how evil Islam was as an atheist and wrote allegorically about it in his books. Can you really not understand the different levels of sins or degrees of evil?

    I can’t think of it now (way too sleep deprived and I’m in the middle of making my kids breakfast) but I believe the Bible talks about different degrees of evil and sins and how some are punished harsher. But that’s way too deep for 8am thinking for me when I’ve been up several times with an infant. Sorry… Maybe you can take your own advice and start a blog speaking out against every evil under the sun to make up for my lack there.

    Coming here, trying to get me to qualify to you that I’m in fact, fighting on all fronts in order to meet your strange measure of whether or not I’m perfect does seem insincere. Kind of ridiculous to challenge a mom of young children, sleep deprived and exhausted, to take on writing about every single evil under the sun just to please *you* – seems so prideful and outlandish lol.

    I’m a mom of 3 kids under 10 that keep me extremely busy – one is an infant for goodness sakes LOL! I’m a wife to a husband who has a career that demands that I be all-involved in my own family and holding down the “fort” making sure everything is running well and smoothly in my own home. I’m living out (or trying to) what Paul said young women should be concerning themselves with being “keepers of the home,” “marrying and having children” etc… it never calls young wives and mothers to do what you’re challenging me to do – probably because it’d take away way too much time from them doing what God DID call them to do and from what their husbands’ need them to do (taking care of the home, children and family overall).

    I’m not called to be some conservative social justice warrior cranking out article after article on every kind of evil in this world and spending too much time away from my kids and family to make strangers like you happy (hint: you’d never be happy anyways). I’m making a difference in my own community and in my own children, husband’s life, and family where I am… for you to basically insinuate that I should be doing more in order to be “allowed” to criticize Islam is just yuck. My husband’s job literally requires that I be his “calm” and stable person in life – he goes out and fights evil in our own city as *his* calling and makes a living while I maintain our home and children and am a soft, stable place for him to come back to. My calling isn’t to constantly speak out against every single kind of evil that exists by endless blog posts about them, or to get into qualifying arguments with strangers like you on the internet (even though you’re “not trying to be mean” to me, but still selfishly trying to take my time away from my husband and family and infant). The message of your comment is that you’re basically trying to tell me I shouldn’t take a small stand, on my personal blog, against Islam just because I’m not also taking stands against everything else *you* think I should be as well.

    Sorry to disappoint you, but this is just what it was. A definitive stand against Islam on a busy wife and mother’s blog, something I’ve wanted to do for awhile. There most likely won’t be posts just on blasting homosexuality, satanism, atheism or the like – mostly because I don’t have time to deal with the drama that those kinds of posts bring or to answer the questions that *are* sincere. I am against those things and do speak out against them in appropriate times and places, but for many reasons, I just decided to do Islam this time. You can read more into it than was intended (white supremacy you’re accusing me of – really tasteless accusations… bleh!) but that’s some flaw you have ascribed yourself, and has nothing to do with why Islam is evil in it’s ideology or why one Christian wife is calling it out.

    For the sincere people reading: Mostly this was just a post to take a stand I thought was really needed and to let people stop following me if it bothers them.

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