Lover Above “Mother” – Putting Your Husband First

Reminder for Mother’s Day… Yes, it’s nice to be honored and recognized for all our hardwork being a mom, but don’t forget we’re lovers to our husbands first, THEN a mom.

Our husbands are the reason we’re privileged to become mothers in the first place 🙂 Be grateful and joyful this Mother’s Day!

All Things Bright and Beautiful

We all fall in love when we decide to get married – we’re not in those days where marriages were arranged (at least, in the U.S.) – we typically fall in love naturally, and marry the person we are head-over-heels for.  But once the months of preparation for the wedding have transpired, the blissful honeymoon hours have faded, and the actual marriage has gotten under-way, the couple usually realizes that it takes work to keep up a good relationship.  Most couples seem to navigate this establishing of their unique couplehood well.

When children come along – all bets are off!

Us women typically become cranky and argumentative, with a sexual desire that can be as cold as Antarctica – we take our silly complaints to social media sites like facebook to let the world our friends list know that WE ARE TIRED OF IT!  The irony of complaining about the very people you love the…

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4 thoughts on “Lover Above “Mother” – Putting Your Husband First

  1. Thanks for the good word. I am beginning to accept that a woman’s peer group may have more influence on her that her husband. Sadly, the peer group always wants her to to jettison hubby.
    Mother’s Day is coming up. I hope that women can see the flattery for what it is. Father’s Day is much more subdued. At least, fathers are subject to bashing anymore from the pulpit or the President on national TV. it proved too effective.
    Women should treasure their husbands, As fathers, they can’t be replaced, and, as husbands, they can only be replaced with great difficulty.

  2. Oh Fuzzie!!!! If you only knew what I see around the web and through social media sites like Facebook.

    The entire week leading up to Mother’s Day I’ve been watching more and more posts go up from women (Christian women, too) about how much they feel jipped and upset or angry about how they don’t get enough done for them on that one day. I kind of thought about writing a post about it, but the subject is so negative – these poor miserable women really make their own lives very awful!

    Here are some links if you’re interested, and maybe I’ll post them tomorrow on Spawny’s for anyone else interested too:

  3. What I saw was a whole lot of “If the the Mama ain’t happy, ain’t no one goin be happy”. This is not going to end well.

  4. I had another thought. They have to get off their high horse and start being part of a team. It’s too bad that they can’t accept that from men.

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