Why Do Women Have Instinctual Strategies for Marriage?

This man is a red pill genius.  We love listening to Stefan’s videos because they’re not only entertaining and hilarious, they are so on point – especially regarding the sexual market place.

This video answers some basic questions of

Why would a woman in her late 20’s suddenly be interested in settling down or stopping her sexual promiscuity to land a ‘stable’ guy?”

“Why would this be a BAD DEAL for that poor guy who ends up marrying this woman who wasted her 20’s in promiscuity?”

Watch the video to find out ❤


  1. He’s a smart guy. Another guy I found that’s just as red pill smart is Terrence Popp, though his delivery is a bit more….colorful, lets say. He’s not for everyone, but he is right on. I enjoy listening to both, and wish more men would find them and take them seriously.

  2. I love Stefan’s humor!!! So I’d probably like Popp lol… we’ll have to listen and see – we actually get a kick out of listening to these things together and laughing together.

    On a side note, it is awesome that so much information like this is just widely available online. Our kids will have a much better chance at understanding how marriage and the sexual market place works (or marriage market place for that matter). 😀

  3. Yeah, I really wish this information had been available when I was a young man. I mean, even if a guy doesn’t believe it, as life happens and things happen he can always look back and say: “Wait a minute….this is what that guy was talking about!”. He won’t be completely blindsided. That’s what I tell my sons. “You may not believe me now, and you may get mad at the things I say, but if it ever happens to you, you wont be blindsided.”

  4. Have you gotten them either of Rollo’s books? The second is really great for teenage guys and young twenties guys… tells them exactly what most women are going through during that period. We have it in our bookshelf for our boys when they get old enough, but we’re already talking with our 6 year old about different kinds of normal or abnormal female behavior (good vs bad) even on a kid level he really understands it.

  5. And books are nice because they can be passed down! I still have a really interested red pill-like book my mom passed down to me that just has loads of stuff for young women and early teens to digest about what really matters to men in romantic relationships… as well as a big section on how to catch a good husband. It’s awesome that I can pass it down to our daughter and any grand-daughters who want that information.

    So see if you like Rollo’s books… to me they’re the same priceless value but for boys.

  6. I haven’t. I actually had downloaded and had them start reading Ian Ironwoods ‘Red Pill Primer’. There hasn’t been an update on his site for quite some time, and I was hoping he would finish it, but it was very, very well done and easy to understand for a younger guy. I would recommend it with both thumbs up. I will have to look into Rollo’s books, as my oldest son is about to get married and would probably benefit from it. Thanks for the heads up!

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