Our Winter Wonderland Experience!


Taking a break from writing the Proverbs 31 series, I wanted to take some time to finally upload our pics from our mini “Winter Vacation” a couple of weeks ago.  San Antonio never gets real snow.  Well, one time back in 1985, but even that was called a “100-year snow,” for us.  Soooooo  we decided that since we missed going to the beach/island this Summer due to so many car issues, that we’d instead drive up to the mountains in New Mexico for a little less than a week to see if we could catch some snow for the boys to see!

It was the best decision ever to do this – our oldest had so much fun!  I’ve never even seen snow like we saw on the last 2 days there (we planned it somehow just right)!  It was so exciting (and FREEZING COLD)!  It made me SO GRATEFUL that we live in South Texas.  I love the heat… yes, even the really extreme heat we get in the Summer.  We live very close to a great waterpark and have access to swimming all day if we want.  It’s bliss ❤  🙂

But as for New Mexico’s mountain chill – wow!  We had all the correct clothing and even snow boots for everyone, but mentally, I was so not prepared for that level of cold!

We stayed a little cozy cabin in the area of a ski resort (that wasn’t open for a few more days – we got the best price because of this, and yet we still got to see their ski slopes with “created” snow).


This day wasn’t actually that cold, hence the hoodies (they had layers of clothes underneath though!).  These were some photos of the bottom of the slopes at the ski resort.  We weren’t sure we’d be able to play around there so I didn’t wear my snow boots, the boys did though.



New Mexico with it’s deserts and mesas and mountains was incredibly beautiful!  I’m not posting a lot of our pics of exploring the town and the mountains because I tend to take too many anyway, but I wanted to show the most exciting parts for us: the snow!

I loved seeing all the thousands of fir trees, and we were lucky to get to see it before and then after the first snowfall of the season.  I thought it’s scenery was equally as beautiful – it was that stunning.


Our big window in the cabin the morning after the big snowfall.


Our patio showing just about how many inches we got overnight in the mountains!  Wow!!!


Our adorable little cabin!  It was a great stay and experience we’ll never forget.


So. Beautiful.


Thanks for reading 😉


  1. ahhh! i LOVE this! you are so beautiful! your sons adorable … snow is so much fun – especially for a short period of time 😉

  2. Hey I’m on right now too! Thanks Ame, I’ve missed you ❤ And yea… it was way too cold to live there LOL… that mini get away made me SO GLAD we live in Texas.

    We're never moving God willing. LOL

  3. Home location certainly influences what you experience. My kids had never seen the ocean until they were 10 years old or so.

    They were familiar with snow here but, in 2003, we traveled to Winter Park, CO to ski and got there just as a huge blizzard hit. Can you imagine 6 feet of snow falling in 24 hours or so? Even the locals had little idea how to deal with it. It’s a good thing we were planning to be there for the week as the road back to Denver was closed for 5 days or so.

    I am curious about the photo with the handprints. Was that new snowfall “drifted” into handprints made earlier? The photo looks as if those are “snow fossils”.

  4. Yes, you’re certainly right about location and experiences! Wow!!!!! 6 feet that fast!?!? That’s something that would be a little scary for me – getting “snowed in” and not being able to get out – or having to dig yourself out LOL! That’s right up there with getting trapped in a sand storm in the Middle East or something. Just sounds insane! We really never get anything like that. Sometimes, rarely… we do get less than an inch but then it melts away before noon, and it’s not like you can really play in it or make anything except cute tiny snow men a few inches high.

    The handprint photo is out of order, that was up at the ski lodge resort place where the snow was created. So maybe that’s how it looks so different than normal snow? I’m not sure. The snow that was “real” was definitely softer and more powdery. Thanks for reading!

  5. Unless you’re claustrophobic in the sense of not being able to immediately go anywhere you want, it wasn’t bad. The motel was warm with indoor heated pool and hot tub, and there was a supermarket across the street so it wasn’t super hard to get something to eat. It was an experience that I would not choose to repeat but I have some fond memories (and some not so pleasant but I won’t go into that).

    I think snow varies according to the conditions (temperature and maybe humidity) when it is created, but the accumulated snow also changes according to heating/cooling during the day and night. I have a little experience with it, because even though I live about 500 miles north of you (further than I realized), I have seen a single snowfall of 14 inches and also snow being on the ground for weeks (I think more than a month). But some years we have no snow at all.

  6. That doesn’t sound too bad, with the heated pool and hot tub and grocery store across the street. I was thinking something like the cabin we were in… kind of remote and fairly far away from the store, with icy roads that we had to wait for the snow plows to come plow. Getting stuck there would be claustrophobic lol! It wasn’t that big of a cabin, but just big enough!

  7. Beautiful pictures! So glad you guys had a good time. I am a hot-weather girl myself, although my New Englander would never approve of southern Texas…guess I’ll have to live vicariously!

    We stayed at a cabin in the mountains in January with some friends. They were up and going for a run at 5 am…my pregnant butt was staying in bed until the cabin reached a slightly more livable temperature. 🙂

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