I’ve Been too Heartbroken for Words

There’s another side to police life. There’s a part you don’t see in the media. There’s something they don’t tell you when they hand your loved one the uniform to wear, and the gun to carry. They tell you it will be a difficult life, that there will be challenges, stress, and sometimes horror. You […]

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5 thoughts on “I’ve Been too Heartbroken for Words

  1. i’m sorry you and your family are in the midst of these harrowing days. there is nothing in me that can even begin to comprehend what you and your family are experiencing.

    Holy God, i lift Stephanie and her husband and their precious children to You and lay them before Your throne. i ask You to send legions of angels to surround and protect her husband, herself, their children, and their home and property. put a hedge of thorns around them, Lord. cover them each with Your blood of Jesus and clothe them with Your Armor – Your Helmet of Salvation to protect their minds, thoughts, dreams, daydreams, their eyes and what they see, their ears and what they hear, their noses and what they smell, and their mouths and what they taste, eat, and speak. Put on the Breastplate of Righteousness on all of them, Lord, to protect their hearts, their feelings, their character, their integrity and purity. Your Shield of Faith – fill them with Your faith and strength, Lord. Your Sword of the Spirit – fill the with an insatiable hunger and thirst for Your Holy Word. may they devour it and hide it deep in the wells of their hearts to sustain them and so they might not sin against You. Your Belt of Truth, Lord … weave Your truth in and through every fiber of their beings, and may Your Truth set them free from fear and worry and anxiety and all forms of evil. And fit their feet with the readiness that comes from Your Peace, Lord. may Your peace flow through them with every step they take, and may they experience Your peace in real and tangible ways that surpass all human understanding. You are Holy God, and I lay this family before You, Lord. in Jesus’ Holy Name i pray, amen.

  2. I put the blame of this firmly at the feet of the Obama-moron, the Hillary-idiot… They have done everything they can to tear down and destroy this nation.

  3. One of the things that has to be corrosive to the relation between the public and the police is using the police to go on “campaigns” to write tickets for minor violations.

  4. Hmm at least in our city that doesn’t seem to be a problem thankfully. Hope you’re ok Fuzzie wanted to send you some encouragement that wasn’t so public regarding the nasty comments you’ve been getting.

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