Spring Beauty & Skincare!


Spring and Summer beauty and skincare is always relaxed and fun for me.  This year has been a little different though, as our baby started weaning around November and finished by January, I started gaining weight very slowly (but unfortunately, steadily)- and just attributed it to the holiday foods.  We got a gym membership back in November, however, and had been using it off and on, but still the weight wouldn’t come off (granted it wasn’t consistent, deliberate exercise designed to burn fat).  It finally dawned on us that the calories I was previously burning through with breastfeeding for a year, weren’t being burned like that anymore.  But unfortunately, my appetite hadn’t gotten the message, I was still eating like I was still breastfeeding!  Go figure… I really love food.

My skin started becoming a little more acne-prone, puffy (from the water retention and excess weight), and tired looking with all this going on.  So to combat it, I bulked up on retinol cream and moisturizer, along with lots of exercise and adding the fruit/veggie smoothies back into my daily routine.  It’s still currently in “recovery” phase in these pictures, but nothing works as well as topical retinols/retin A’s and good nutrition.

It amazed me how fast things like weight, and overall health, can get away from one when they’re otherwise preoccupied!  I had gained 25+ lbs and am still working on getting it off!

Spring Easy Breezy Makeup


While you can’t hide puffiness exactly, you can contour the angles of your face with a subtle bronzer to make them look a little more chiseled.

Pictured above:

For concealer, I’ve switched to: Loreal Visible Lift blur in Fair, a super light-weight, barely there cream that is supposed to “blur” the look of lines.  Since it’s so able to blend, I only used this product in “spots” that I wanted to lighten, and avoided using a foundation altogether. This concealer is frankly amazing, I’ve studied makeup for years now on my own, and I’ve never come across anything like this, and the best part is it’s price!  It’s available at drugstores and is only $11.97

The last skin product I used in this picture was a cream blush: Loreal Visible Lift Blur in Soft Berry, a poignant, delightful bright pink color that’s perfect for Spring.  Again, this product is extremely light-weight, and you use literally the size of a marker dot for each cheek and a little on your lips.  It does build in pigment very fast, so if you want a more defined mouth, it’s very easy to create.  The texture is actually more moisturizing than it is creamy and rich.  It blends almost as if it disappears off your skin!

That’s all you need for Spring & Summer!  Just a concealer, bronzer, blush, and a little mascara.  4 products and you’re done 😉





5 thoughts on “Spring Beauty & Skincare!

  1. Omg can I relate! When nursing one can eat like a teenage boy and yet hardly keep weight on! I nicknamed my oldest “the lipo machine” lol! I think this is why women gain easily, your body is prepping for the next round! If we had babies every other year or so, we’d probably never struggle w weight gain ironically! (Sanity… Another story perhaps! Kidding! 🙂 )

    Love the makeup! I was looking at that very foundation and wondering if it was a good one – now I know! I shall get some…

  2. Yes! LOL it’s so sad! I’ll have to use that next time 😉 “the lipo machine”

    And thanks, yes, the concealer really IS like a foundation in that it’s so thin and easy to blend, yet it covers well. Maybe not everyone would like it though, if you like something that doesn’t cover as much, then a BB cream is perfect. And you wouldn’t use this concealer everywhere, but spot treat areas you want lighter. I never buy department store makeup, just cause I hate how high their prices are. But Loreal is good… the makers are the same as Lancome.

  3. Heh, for me that last eight pounds never came off before I stopped breastfeeding. Everyone is different. 🙂
    I love the makeup too, Dragonfly. It looks great, and very fresh and natural. It really looks like you’re wearing no makeup at all, which (for Mike, and probably your man too) is the prefered look. It actually kind of reminds me of an average Saturday morning.
    Mike: “Hey let’s go to the coffee shop.”
    Me: “Okay, I just have to put on some makeup.”
    Mike: “You look great…come on, let’s go…”
    Me: “Just a minute…” (five minutes later) “Okay ready to go…”
    Mike: “You look the same.”
    Nope! I feel much better. 🙂

  4. LOL I totally relate Liz 😀 And yes, my husband doesn’t think I need it, but at the same time, he actually appreciates the effort when we go out on a date or something. I think it really is about one’s own perception of themselves, to me it just makes me look more even-toned and polished… in the first picture, I’m red in areas and have some acne, so it smooths out the bumps, and evens my skin tone out. I love using as little as possible… or as little as I can get away with! haha

  5. My oldest said this morning, “mom, why do you even wear makeup? You look the same!” Oh bless her… I told her it was all in my mind I guess? 🙂 (But actually it does help… Even if it doesn’t “look” made up.)

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