This past couple of months have gone by too quickly!  It seems like once our son’s school started back up in January we’ve hit the ground running a fast pace.

Just this last week, we’ve been celebrating birthdays, going to the stock show rodeo in our city, and doing intensive Spring cleaning!  It’s so beautiful outside, the sun is so bright, the grass is getting greener, and more spread across the ground.  Birds are everywhere making their beautiful noises.  It’s a Texas paradise!

I’ve been working on re-vamping our game room – classroom area, it’s sad how many little toys accumulate, things they don’t need at all, and when in excess, none of them are really appreciated.  So while I try to keep the things they love the most, we’re trying to go through all my older son’s things, again, and put things aside for him to sell or give away.  This seems like it has to be a yearly endeavor, it’s sad that it builds up that fast but it definitely does!


I like them having a simplistic environment, without trying to be a nazi-mom about it.  I love that gives peace when things aren’t cluttered.


The latter Winter, early Spring months go by too fast I think in part because there is just so much to do.  This year we decided to go to the rodeo on Valentine’s day, since my husband managed to have it off this year in tandem with a party we gave the day before.  We’re past the stage of celebrating Valentine’s day – I hope that doesn’t make us sound old!  But seriously, it was just another day for us, we try to romance each other and be passionate about our love life every other day of the year, I don’t feel like we need just one day to express that anymore 🙂  This may be relationship nirvana lol I don’t know.  But we had a wonderful time with our children seeing the stock show/rodeo.

Pics will be posted soon!

2 thoughts on “

  1. Awesome game/playroom/classroom.
    I love the big stuffed duck! 🙂

    Heh, someday you might go back celebrating Valentine’s (at least, a little more). Depends on the year and what’s going happening. Life is long, seasons and all that. 😉

  2. lol I’m sure you’re right, Liz. I think it’s just that I don’t mind not being spoiled on that day, or have any huge expectations for it to be so romantic that I get upset that it isn’t like a perfect, romantic day where it’s all about the woman. I saw a blog post for all the women who are upset during Valentine’s Day, that it’s not what they expected or that their husbands don’t remember it or go over the top to spoil them – so it’s a painful day for them apparently. I think way back when we were dating almost 10 years ago, it was different, Valentine’s Day was a huge deal, now it just isn’t… but now I appreciate our romance and love on all the other days of the year much more. I’m sure you and your husband are probably like that too, from what it sounds like! Y’all seem to appreciate your love and spoiling each other year round. I do love celebrating it with the kids as a family though, I love doing holiday things or making treats for specific holidays. Next up is St. Patrick’s Day!!!!! I always love doing treats and green punch for that one.

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