Christmas Joy & Excitement!


This past weekend, our family does the usual tradition of getting all the Christmas decorations out on the day after Thanksgiving, otherwise known as Black Friday lol… my son thought that sounded scary, and I guess from what it’s turned into, it is!

Getting the Christmas decorations out, putting up lights, the nativity scene for the kids, getting out my Grandma’s old glass Christmas decorations she passed down to me – telling my son stories about the family he’ll meet in heaven as were admiring their trinkets… it all makes me so happy!!!


Throw in the Christmas music playing joyfully in the background, and you have a beautiful scene!


Even though this holiday season has been emotionally difficult, I’m still trying to make it as joyful as possible for our little family.


My dad is still not completely there mentally, and my brother and I have been receiving some things he no longer wants or uses. 😦   I’ve gotten his camera 😦 and his field microscope, my brother’s gotten the family rifle, and even though he’s excited and loves guns as much as I do, as we sat talking on Thanksgiving in his room (that he no longer really lives in, my baby brother has grown up!!!!) we both felt the sadness of what this meant.



So we’re still mourning the loss in a way… and trying to be thankful that he is still here, and that we can still enjoy him.  Over Thanksgiving, we had the best times playing games together, talking, and laughing till we cried!

The morning of Thanksgiving, my older son (5) and I made a cherry pie together 🙂 I really suck at baking… but I keep trying and adventuring into this realm of the domestic goddess, and at least this pie turned out great!


And it was even more fun that my son had especially requested we made this kind of pie this year (he was obsessed with cherry pie for months!), and so making it together with him, letting him help me do the dough and create the lattice work, was SO fun and SO worth it, even if the pie had turned out terrible.  So hooray for that!


It looked beautiful, and tasted amazing!!!  So proud of him!



6 thoughts on “Christmas Joy & Excitement!

  1. Beautiful home, Dragonfly! And well done on the pie.
    It looks spectacular. You already know my unfortunate pie story. Wish I knew how to upload a photo, it was pretty hilarious.

  2. Christmas is Mike’s favorite season, btw. When I was growing up we didn’t do holidays much, but Mike’s family is really into it, so we’ve done the same thing for our kiddos.
    It’s always fun. Today we get the tree! 😀

  3. Aww I LOVE your pie story, Liz!!!!! So awesome!! Don’t worry, there’s no judgment here!!! We learn best through trial and error right? I hope… 🙂

    I once tried to cook homemade applesauce and it literally EXPLODED in the oven… I still don’t have a clue what went wrong. 😀

  4. That was beautiful to see and read. My mother made the best custard pie on the planet. I ate many of them as a boy.

    Love your decorations. My wife bought about a one foot plastic tree that is cute.

    Merry Christmas.

  5. I posted a comment and then it disappeared.

    My mom made me custard pies that I loved.

    My wife bought a one foot tree for Christmas–plastic, but cute.

    Merry Christmas.

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