Giving Thanks When its the Last Thing You Want to Do

Happy Thanksgiving sweet reader!  I’m hoping that today is finding you well, and has been a long awaited, wonderful blessing for you.  I’m supposed to make a cherry pie this morning, but wanted to drop in and post a brief note of encouragement to you.

I’m sorry for the absence and delay of the promised next post.

We’ve been having computer issues, and actually had to take our computer in to get it fixed, so tomorrow I will post on the character of Abigail.  The computer place we went to was a trusted company that’s been in our city for years, one that my dad even used to go to when we had computer problems growing up.  Unfortunately, our computer anti-virus software had been over-rided (if that’s the right word), and we had many viruses and malware that was removed by the technician.  It was hard to feel thankful (even though I obviously am) when we got it back yesterday – I feel so vulnerable and exposed, being thankful feels like a distant memory.

But God tells us to,

“Always be joyful.  Never stop praying. Be thankful in all circumstances…” 1 Thessalonians 5:16-18

When things are going all wrong, don’t stop praying.  When your reputation is being maliciously slandered, don’t stop being thankful for it.

As I’ve mentioned before, in the post about Malicious Joy, thanking God for the trials that you go through, especially when you are doing a good work for Him, Redeems those trials.

There are blessings even in the hardships if you continue to look for them.

I was prevented from posting for days because of our computer issues, but in and during that time, God refreshed my spirit and even gave me 6 more ideas to post on that will be coming soon.

Even though I’ve seen posts written criticizing my compassion for other people, or my authenticity with my readers, or my ability to admit fault (which I freely admit my shortcomings to anyone, especially those of you who know me in real life), even though I’m being “cursed,” God is blessing.

Even though I shouldn’t be writing – my computer was so infected it actually completely stopped working – even though I shouldn’t be joyful in light of these circumstances – I am still writing, and with every word, God is lifting my joy and even thankfulness!

Our attitudes often mysteriously align with our actions.  So with my actions, even though I didn’t truly feel like it, I’m choosing to thank God this Thanksgiving.

No matter what trials you’re going through, dear reader, be thankful for what you do have.  Be thankful for any of the gifts in your life, they are all graciously and generously given to us from our loving Father who wants so much to bless us!


Happy Thanksgiving, and may you truly find happiness in it today.



  1. our computer anti-virus software had been over-rided

    Completely off the topic but there are several ways to guard against such infections even if you should hit a site that has been infected. Sounds like you are taking the standard precautions, but there are ways to safe-guard against the “unexpected” so I’ll tell you several of the best tools which also are free. Be sure to block all ads -adblock plus is useful if you use firefox, as ads are the largest route for infection, and getting rid of them make the web much more useful. But there are other tools for other browsers and OS’s.

    Since Windows is the biggest OS easily attacked. “Spywareblaster” by Lightfort – it will keep you from going to some of the known sites with IP’s that are known for viruses – and also prevent your system from sending information to those which are most egregious – be sure to “immunize” your system. “Spybot Search & Destroy” catches some of the various trackers others don’t – but it really only tends to remove trackers.

    But the best for preventing infection in the first place is “Peerblock” – get the latest 1.2, accept all of the “default settings” and go to “iBlocklist” and grab lists which relate to viruses as well as spam, and other things. Some of them you have to pay for – but you can get basic protection for free. I block something like 1.5billion (of the 4.3billion IPv4 IP addresses) available, as well as various entire blocks of countries – China, Russia, etc.

    There are others – “SuperAntiSpyware” and “Malwarebytes Anti-malware” – I have the above on every Windows system and on the systems of all of the various women I see regularly – mostly for my sake as I am the one having to recover their data from their mistakes.

    Anyway – you can pick from the above – there are other things you can use to protect yourself and your privacy – VPN’s, Tor, i2p, other OS’s, etc. depending on what you are doing, and the level of obfuscation you desire. I have a box that runs an OS not easily infected (Unix) purely in memory that boots from an SSD that cannot be written too – so I have to save anything to a USB that I want to keep, but like i said, it depends on what you are doing, and your degree of paranoia. Of course, just because you are paranoid doesn’t mean someone isn’t out to get you. Combining that with some of the above items can make it so that you are a ghost and cannot be easily found, tracked, or infected.

    Sorry it’s so long – but I wanted to give you a brain dump – Peerblock is lightweight on system resources, and very useful to prevent bios hacks and some really nasty malware from taking hold – but you do have to pay attention to what it’s telling you if you want to get the most out of it – like it will show you if your system is trying to do something when you aren’t – always use a “firewall” – those keep things from accessing the Internet so even if infected it can’t send data out. There are also attacks you can use for script kiddies that show them sharks are out there as well, but that is for the experienced hackers.

    Hope your Thanksgiving is joyous and peaceful.

    ps: Didn’t mean to hi-jack your topic of being thankful even when things go wrong, but I’ve always been one to believe the old adage about prevention – at least in some things.

    pps: I’m at the home of one of the young ladies I see this weekend, and am helping with various things – computers being one of the largest – did a reinstall of an OS on a system here that was infected so bad I had to delete the partition then do a low level format of the drive and rebuild it – now I’m running software to “clean” their data before reloading it. She neglected to tell me we’d be alone – the little scamp – so her mother will wonder how various things got fixed when she comes home – computers and plumbing seem to be the two items every household tends to always need worked on. Since this particular young lady, seems to be playing the part of a domestic goddess this weekend, I figured I’d show a side I usually don’t display.

  2. Happy Thanksgiving, Dragonfly. 🙂

    “I was prevented from posting for days because of our computer issues, but in and during that time, God refreshed my spirit and even gave me 6 more ideas to post on that will be coming soon.”

    Looking forward to reading it!

  3. Just a side anecdote, a while back (many years) I downloaded a document from the internet that contained classified material. I had no idea until Mike used the computer and looked at it and said, “what the *(&(*&_ is this!?!”
    I had no idea what he meant, it was just some document a person linked to on my debate forum. Apparently the person who made it available online hadn’t properly “swept” it. Anyway, we had to take our computer up to the base and have them do…whatever it is they do. Mike had to report it because of his job.
    Fun times! 😛

  4. Just to add: The base knew about it, fortunately.
    Unfortunately due to that breach in security the name of a soldier was released to a country that subsequently attempted to tried him in absentia (a judge eventually threw the case out).

  5. Wow JustSaying!!! Thank you SO much for all this information. Don’t worry at all about “hi-jacking” the topic – I’m grateful for it. Please don’t be sorry at all, it’s very helpful and we’ll implement more than a few great suggestions on your list!

    Our Thanksgiving was so great – much needed family time and having fun! I hope yours was wonderful as well.

    And glad you’re getting the benefits of a domestic goddess lol… for all that computer work, I’m sure she’s thankful!

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