Best Halloween Oldies Kid’s Will Love Today

Last Minute Halloween Movie Ideas!

All Things Bright and Beautiful

worst witch cat

Worst Witch (1986)

Before there was Harry Potter & Hogwarts, there was another school in Britain for young witches, a prestigious all-girls academy run by Headmistress, Mrs. Cackle.  The story follows one girl, Mildred’s, transition from feeling like a failure at everything, or literally, the worst witch in the school, to becoming herself and finding her confidence in her powers.  It’s a great movie for girls and boys, and no bad words to worry about.

worst witch potions

They even have a Potions class, much like Professor Snape at Hogwarts.  It’s adorable & my son loved and laughed throughout it!

worst witch

Like any good movie, there’s a villain, Mrs. Cackle’s evil twin sister, who wants to destroy the school and ruin the young girls there.  Her song she sings is addicting

Mr. Boogedy (1986)

A spooks & jokes salesman moves his family into a haunted house – aside from driving his family crazy with his terrible…

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4 thoughts on “Best Halloween Oldies Kid’s Will Love Today

  1. Fun! I haven’t seen the first, and I’m sure the boys haven’t.
    Happy Halloween Dragonfly!
    What are your boys dressing up as?

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