The Unexpected Halloween Kitten

halloweenkitten 006

Well, leave it to our strange luck to find yet another kitten to take in to foster.  He’s attacking my fingers as I type with his furry, cuddly cuteness!

halloweenkitten 005

We love fostering baby animals… this little one will be easy to find a home for – he’s got perfect black and white markings, his feet look like he’s wearing boots!

halloweenkitten 004

Just the sweetest, cutest, craziest little bugger.  ❤

And more fun this October… lots of football, games every weekend, Halloween parties already…


Our Ninja Turtles



  1. He’s doing great, Liz! He is sooooo sweet – still very hyper, but they calm down after 1-2 years right? lol maybe not haha! He wants so bad to be good and obey! I adore him.

    Oh, and he’s gotten huge!!! I kind of wish he’d stayed smaller for longer, he’s actually almost stronger than me now, so it’s a little hard managing the baby and his powerful hyper exuberance. But he’s doing good.

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