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Let’s pretend for a moment that you have a job that nets you enough money to make the statement “My taxes pay your salary” remotely feasible. Now let’s also pretend you spent the same amount of time in a certain apartment that I did today. While we’re pretending, I have an amazing mustache.

If you had been in that government subsidized apartment with me you would have seen how else your tax dollars are being put to use. You would have seen an unemployed mother that receives food stamps for herself and her two children because she can’t afford groceries. You would have seen that same mother use her iPhone 5 to try and get a hold of a family member to watch her kids so the department of human services didn’t take them. You would have seen her explain to DHS that she and her new husband have been…

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4 thoughts on “Redirect

  1. Well said, thanks for the link Dragonflygirl. 🙂
    He missed one thing in his analysis, I’ll just add it:
    “I’m sure you would have seen the young male sitting at the computer with the 24″ monitor, but I’m not sure you would have realized he was a high school dropout that’s been diagnosed with schisophrenia and bi-polar disorder but has decided to stop taking his medications because he thinks he’s smarter without them.”
    He’s still on paper as receiving his medications. The taxpayers pay for them, and he and/or his mother sells them. His disability actually makes up a big part of her SSI check (if he is under 18).

  2. “Try to remember that the next time you erroneously believe you’re my boss because the government redirects some of your hard earned salary to my department.”

    If this whiny policeman could tell the difference between a welfare program and his obligations as a LEO, authorized to enforce the peace, he wouldn’t conclude his rant with the above sentence.

    The USA funds all manner of stupid things. Why does that mean I can’t expect a LEO to act like a civil servant, obey the law, and respect my authority as his employer? Or, what difference does it make that the USG funds social pathologies, in respect of a LEO’s obligations — under the law — to respect the people who keep the society afloat?

  3. Aw BV… I think all them get a little ranty. It does surprise me at the things people will say to them *because* they feel like they are their boss. Yes, they do absolutely work for the people, and it is an element of serving them for sure, but some people (maybe he was talking about one of these types) make disgusting statements like this to them when they are out on break getting coffee.

    They don’t take many breaks… sure there are “slugs,” police who purposefully go slow, who take as long as possible on calls so that they avoid doing more work, but most officers hate those people because they make it harder on everyone else. Most aren’t “slugs.” But feeling hated all the time, and actually having someone come up to you when you’re in line to get coffee, and ask why you’re wasting their tax dollars by spending your time on a break, is enough to make some of them rant about it.

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