The Best Thing

We were out running errands this last Thursday, when my husband decided to stop by an RV dealership just to look and see what they had since we saw we were ahead of schedule.  He’s had this hint of a dream of owning an RV for a few years now, it started with the desire to be able to travel in retirement, and then grew to the dream of using it for vacations with our children camping around the country.  It is cute, and even though I really disliked the thought of RVs in general, I adore how he is so drawn to them.

We were met by a salesman who wanted to know how to help us, and were up front in saying that we weren’t ready to buy anytime soon, but just wanted to look at the prices and see what they had to get some research on what it’d be like to own an RV.  The salesman didn’t mind taking us around and even offered us the entire property to explore on our own.  As the time went on, him showing us RVs and asking us questions about our life, he started talking about his own family and offering some great advice.

He had married young, and was still a very handsome man, he had 6 children with one wife, and was honest with us in saying that he loved seeing how we acted with each other, and hearing what we were doing and planning to do with our “beautiful” family.  It was such a sweet encouragement.  He talked with me about the importance of staying home with my children while they are so young, how 4 out of his 6 children had that privilege with his wife and as a result, excelled in school and even in college – finishing in just 3 years with their degrees.  His last two children didn’t have that opportunity, as his wife had already started her career, and as a result, were in daycare from a young age and struggled the entire time with their schooling, including college.  All of kids though, were now adults and doing excellent in their own paths in life.  He showed us a picture of his family – it was so sweet, and his wife looked so impossibly beautiful that I actually thought she was his daughter!  Meeting him, hearing him talk about his family, feeling the reassurance of our own paths in life, was a blessing to me personally.

One thing that stuck with me when talking to him while expressing how much I loved being able to be home with my babies, was him agreeing and saying that having a family, enjoying your family and actually getting to be with your kids, was just “the best thing in life.”

The Best Thing.

And it really is.  There are so many times when I can’t believe how blessed we are to have each other, to have our boys, and the excitement I feel for the future paired with the pleasure I feel in just enjoying the mundane moments together.  He encouraged me about feeling so behind on my career, how it was on the back burner.  I was not a woman who didn’t know what to do with my life.  I had a profession in mind when I was only 9 years old, I loved school and especially college.  I was ambitious… I had motivation… I knew what I wanted and was going after it at lightning speed!  😀

I received my Bachelor’s of Science in Biology, and graduated with honors mostly because genuinely enjoyed the difficult classes.  I devoured my education, and loved every last bit of it.  I had the taste of utilizing my degree by working in research and still miss it, miss learning new things everyday, and miss the excitement of scientific discovery.  The salesman reminded me that I was still so young, and that his own wife had waited until mid to late-30’s to even start her career in nursing, and still climbed her track steadily until she became a very prestigious nurse.  It was so interesting to hear him talk about how her particular type of nursing was her vocation, her calling (and very necessary one, giving chemotherapy to child cancer patients).  But he also insisted that raising their children, creating a beautiful family, was also an incredible part of her success.

It was The Best Thing.  Not her amazing job, not how she’s using her talents now, not how she’s able to help children who are dying… but how she raised her children.

Her family, her ensuring that her children grew up to become good, healthy, well-adjusted people, kids who excelled in school, who knew what they wanted in life, was “the best thing.”

Him having a family, enjoying his family while they were growing up in his household, seeing them turn into adults, was the best thing.


I know with our toxic environment that is aggressively hostile to the family, especially the traditional, Christian family, it’s hard to feel any encouragement that what we are doing is making any difference.

But if you are out there, trying to do the right thing for your family, if you’re a wife who is working because the income is needed right now, or a stay-at-home-mom who is lovingly teaching her children and faithfully home-schooling them so sacrificially, I just want to encourage you.  I’m thinking of you tonight.

If you’re a husband who’s keeping it together, making the best of your life, and honoring your commitment to your children, I want to encourage you.

It really is the best thing.

5 thoughts on “The Best Thing

  1. This is encouraging, thank you!

    I also think it’s so important as wives to be making sure that we are not just working for our own dreams (whether that be career or home-schooling the kids) but helping our husbands achieve theirs.
    Some days I am so aware of the huge sacrifice my husband makes by being the sole provider for our family, and while my life still has it’s challenges, it is largely what I make it. He doesn’t have that luxury at the moment. So I am particularly aware of making sure that I do things just for him, and that our life is structured in a way that we can all enjoy it together.

  2. That’s so wonderful that you do that SS! And yes, you are right about it being important to help our husbands in their career reach their goals. I wish you could have heard this man… he was just SO encouraging and he would have loved seeing your family, too. It’s awesome that families that have these common interests can connect through the internet. Thank you for commenting ❤

  3. I just have to add that the idea that stay at home mothers are worthless drones and perform menial labor is a total lie.
    You can learn sewing. It’s amazing the amount of stuff you can make with a simple mechanical sewing machine and a dozen or more presser feet. You can make: skirts, shirts, curtains, duvet covers, pillowcases, sheets, dresses, jackets, take up cuffs on pants, pet beds, coats, cloth grocery bags, dinner placemats, aprons, table cloths ….

    The feminists think they are talented because they do pivot tables. If they were really L33t they would be using Linux or FreeBSD and coding in Ruby and Korn shell. Alas, their only talent is being whiney ass kissers. Real women do cool stuff like sewing.

    Steampunk anyone?

  4. Yes!!! It is truly amazing! I learned everything I know from youtube… it’s wonderful all the free advice and tutorials that are out there. I’m about to work on some curtains this week… it really is exciting creating these things. I have a mommy friend that does her own boutique and has been so successful that she makes more than her husband does now with just her little home sewing business. It is really profitable if you’re talented and market well! It took her 6 years to reach that level of where she’s at in success though, and a lot more discipline than I have now. It also probably helps that she’s done having kids… but she’s a wealth of information and a great resource for other SAHMs who want to sell something on the side. She’s created a little group (since her business is so popular) and she helps other moms promote their businesses! I’m looking forward to that once I can get some more products (maybe start specializing in one kind?) going.

    And omg… that Victorian website…. drooling over here! When I was in middle school I think, I drew a complete fashion magazine all in Victorian style dresses and hats… it was a really fun project and I fell in love with that style of dress and design. Thank you for sharing that website!

  5. Dragonfly:

    Both Michael Levine and have really inexpensive UV resistant curtain backing. If you sign up for they will give you a 20% discount. Shipping is slow though.
    I bought my drapery backing on labor day from Michael Levine (online store). I got 54″ wide backing @ $3.20/yard.

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