Something Old & Something New


Last night out at the field, we had a blast.  I finally was able to work up my nerve to run on the track – the real freaking track – complete with baby in tow in the stroller.  It was intimidating before, especially when you’re around other people LOL.  Run like no one is watching!

Running again felt so wonderful, I felt my muscles wake up, get rejuvenated, and felt so wonderfully exhausted by the end of it.  The baby didn’t mind it, either, he seemed to like the speed and held on tight… success!!!


And I swear we both fell asleep faster and slept deeper after it… running used to feel easy, lol, I was surprised how exhausted I felt afterwards.

Look out, extremely random & happy baby picture below that will make you want to cuddle!!

This kid wakes up with joy… it’s so unfair that he doesn’t need coffee! 😉

This last weekend we were gone on a long weekend get-away, a road-trip without the kids, traveling for what seemed like forever ❤  through the beautiful Texan small towns, the big cities and their lights over black waters at night, so fun!!!!  And such a great surprise from what I was expecting.  What was supposed to just be a quick trip to celebrate a good friend’s wedding, turned into a mini-vacation and love-get-away adventure.

Fall2015 015


We drove through a little town of only a population of 90 people.  There were antique stores everywhere, with some beautiful things.

Fall2015 049 Fall2015 052

Fall2015 051

I love finding things like this – looking at the way things were built, once upon a time… to me, walking into an antique store is exciting, full of anticipating wonder.

Fall2015 056 Fall2015 060 Fall2015 064 Fall2015 063 Fall2015 068 Fall2015 067

Fall2015 075 Fall2015 074 Fall2015 073 Fall2015 072 Fall2015 071

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