Women Are the Ones Who Aggressively Hate Beautiful Women

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  1. That is very true, i even catch myself doing that and I have to make myself stop. I dont understand why we as women are critical of one another.

  2. Even though I disagree that beauty is the reason Nicole got so much backlash, but Janet does raise important points about female cattiness. Insecure women will often lash out against other women they find more attractive than them. Two thirds of women are insecure and low self esteem. If women felt they too were just as attractive as the next woman, they wouldn’t need to try to cut each other down.

  3. Two major reasons I can see, possibly more as sub categories.
    1: Pecking order. We want to be top of the pecking order, where we get the best guy (sexy, loving leader), the most food (money) and the most people protecting us (popularity). We can do that by bringing ourselves up or pushing others down. Because humans are lazy and flawed, it’s easier to try and bring others down than to fight our own flaws.
    2: Maintaining quality. Men inherently love women. Men in general love women in general, whatever we look like or do. Because a healthy womb is good news for society. Men are too kind to women. So it’s up to other women to remind us not to let ourselves go, be mean to our kids or neglect our duties. Sometimes it comes our the wrong way, but it is important to keep our sisters on the right track and we seem designed to do this job.

    We could probably work harder at improving ourselves and be more supportive in our criticism of our sisters, but that’s a matter of personal focus. The two points are just the starting point from which we must try and improve.

  4. Well i dont think i nag other women cause of men, its mostly if they are imitating celebs like Kim Kardashian or if they think harry potter is stupid

  5. It’s not a conscious thing. It’s just what your body wants you to do in order to keep social order, make sure people you like are healthy and try and get yourself ahead. Just like we don’t want junk food because we think it’s good for us, but because our bodies mistakenly think it’s good for us. We need to use our better judgement to take these instincts and direct them into something actually good.

  6. It could be that or because i hated girls like that from grade school to high school cause i was bullied. However you are right we do need to make better judgment calls.

  7. I was bullied by similar people too. But we all form tribes (men too!) of people like us and sometimes when we’re too different we become vulnerable. Now I have found my own tribe of people like myself, it’s easier to see that the people who bullied me were just protecting their turf, again, acting on instinct rather than reason. They have probably grown a lot by now and I would hope they’re less like the children they were.

  8. You know I didn’t think it was really the beauty issue either that made feminists so angry at her fat-shaming video, they hate fat-shaming I think no matter who’s doing it usually.. I was surprised Judgey Bitch thought that way, but maybe for some, it really was the beauty issue. They do have some issues with beautiful women – hence how they reacted to the poster of the bikini model – complete hatred over her beauty and perfect shape!

    I watched Nicole’s fat people video, and didn’t really like it nor strongly dislike it that much for some reason, or at the very least, I didn’t like it to the degree that Janet did lol. But like you, I really did like her explaining how women respond to women who are beautiful – whether it’s “innocuously beautiful” or the aggressively beautiful types… both receive negative attention or degrees of “bitchiness”from other women, and that’s bothered me before.

    I read a study in a beauty magazine, Allure, a few years ago that researched how beautiful women did in job interviews based on who was interviewing them. A plain or otherwise not conventionally beautiful woman interviewing them was harsher on them, more critical, and less likely to think they were capable for the job even if their resume and interview skills were excellent. A woman of the same beauty as the interviewee treated them without that negative bias, they treated them like a normal person and scored them purely on how well they did and on their resume. They also looked at how men treated women who were beautiful and interviewing… they scored them on their ability, but if I remember the study right, they seemed to appreciate the woman’s beauty kind of like art-work – smiling more at her a little, or liking her more as a person. They weren’t dressed like skanks or anything, but their pure beauty was simply **appreciated** by men interviewing them – not in a sexual way. And that makes sense, men typically love seeing or being around a beautiful woman… they take in her beauty and it actually affects them like looking at art does. The magazine (keep in mind this is a beauty magazine, one of the best too) actually told its readers to go to interviews dressed a little “frumpy” and less stylish, to wear glasses and not have your hair so beautiful, so that you wouldn’t be judged poorly for looking too beautiful. I was shocked lol… I mean, advice to try to NOT look beautiful – even using the word “frumpy” or to purposely look less stylish – from a BEAUTY magazine that is all about teaching how to look more beautiful and how to be stylish was insane 🙂 But according to that experiment, it’s worth it to look less beautiful so that you can avoid nasty women who aren’t as beautiful treating you with harsher attitudes, criticism, dislike, or general prejudice. The message (to me) was “hide your beauty, because you’ll receive a harder time because of it if you dare to show it or own it in any way.”

    I’ve honestly had a long journey with my own looks… I’ve gone from being bullied when younger, feeling super awkward and ugly – being a super late bloomer (in my mind), to being someone that even in regular clothes gets male attention even when walking down the street (men would whistle from their cars!! And I wasn’t dressed skanky, just pretty), being judged as being arrogant or prideful by women friends when they just met me, and then having them admit that later when we were closer that they thought I looked incredibly snobby, but were surprised that I’m so friendly and sweet and love everyone. I’m so so sooooo glad that I went through being bullied because I think it made me so much kinder to people in life, less apt to judge people on their looks, and there is a very strange thing about a woman being both beautiful and kind that gets to people – its a very special thing I think because beauty gives you so much power in its own right. There was one time when I saw some fellow teens messing with another kid’s backpack – throwing their stuff everywhere to bully them, and after they left, I got up and picked up all that kid’s contents and put their backpack completely back together and set it back down where it had been. A guy was watching all of it and suddenly came out to tell me that he saw what I did, and thought it was so kind. He was really touched by it… and I was completely embarrassed. My own husband was enamored with that (or so he said 😉 ) that I was beautiful to him, but so ridiculously kind – that he said it was a rare combination, that usually beautiful women are snobbish or all about themselves (again, lol he was picking up on their standoffishness but maybe they just appear that way, or have learned to be that way).

    I had to grow into my own “beauty,” started to own it and be confident in it maybe 19 and early 20’s finally, and felt some backlash from other women at times (really pretty bad backlash, like think betrayal and back stabbing behavior), and really got mad at God for awhile – thinking that beauty was just a curse of some kind. What was the purpose of it, if women (even women friends) treated you SO horribly just because of how you looked – it really bothered me for awhile. But owning my own beauty in confidence that God gave it to me as a unique gift to use it for His glory really changed my perspective, and gave me grace to be able to understand women’s (negative) responses to it. I became less bitter about it, and more forgiving and able to extend grace. I was talking to my husband about that video and the other fat people video and came to the idea that I hate how women are like that so much, because I’m not like that myself – I don’t judge people on how they look or treat them differently, so it disgusts me to see other people do that right off the bat. It really tells you about the state of their heart or closeness to God, that they let their emotions and ego control how they treat others or view others, instead of how God views others.

    You nailed it when you said that “insecure women will often lash out against other women they find more attractive than them,” but I would take it a step further to say that they typically NEVER lash out openly. It is a very subtle thing – even Janet pointed out in the video that only one person was brave enough to say something to the woman’s face.

    Most women that have this character flaw (and it really is a character flaw), do these things passive aggressively. They treat them differently in very subtle ways that are still negative, or talk about them when they aren’t there, and are not kind or nice but have a mocking tone, putting them down purposefully. I guess it’s still “bitchiness” but not always obviously so.

    As far as that Proudfoot woman that had an alluring LinkedIn picture and got extremely offended at the businessman’s simple compliment, I’ve worked at a place that had a woman like her (that worked there before me). That’s the thing about beauty – if you aren’t also kind, you are no longer truly beautiful by default. Beauty, is only really beautiful to others when it is more than skin deep. The woman I worked with always dressed beautiful – not skanky at all, she was professionally very beautiful, maybe sometimes an accidental hint of cleavage (which happens to me at times), but not overt cleavage that’s obviously looking for sexual attention. She received a compliment much like the Proudfoot woman from one of our male coworkers who was older and just simply complimenting her on being gorgeous (she really was). And she actually filed sexual harassment on him and he got into trouble because he noticed her beauty.

    He told me about it because one of his friends made a compliment to me one day, about how I looked extra nice that day, and he warned him how you can’t do that to everyone, and told us of what happened to him with that other woman. All the men for the most part that I worked with, were such sweet, lovely, wonderful men… it’s not at all that they wanted to have sex with other women, they just appreciate beauty or seeing a beautiful woman. I wasn’t offended at all, because I knew he didn’t mean anything sexual about it. But we all agreed that the other woman that filed sexual harassment on this sweet, older man for just saying she looked beautiful, was a true bitch lol.

  9. Disclaimer: I neither watched the “fat shaming video” nor did I watch the majority of JB’s video. I watched up until the 7 minute mark. I can tell you what women were responding to in the “study”. I’ve seen numerous similar studies. They were responding to a violation of social courtesy. Courtesies include dress. So, if a woman is dressing inappropriately other women in particular are going to respond negatively to that. Why? The same reason people respond negatively to other violations of social courtesies. If I wrote a person’s name in red back when I lived and worked in South Korea, they would respond negatively too. Another violation of social norms. Why do people have social courtesies? Lots of different reasons…mostly it is the mark of a civil society and shows people respect.
    I guaran-damn-tee if you had taken the same people and put them at the beach the “subject’ would have been seen as overdressed, not “seductive” at all.

    I like JB but sometimes she misses the mark (she shouldn’t even try to touch War Law).

  10. I should add…“I guaran-damn-tee if you had taken the same people and put them at the beach the “subject’ would have been seen as overdressed, not “seductive” at all.”

    In the same outfit obviously. SHe’d be overdressed. If she’d showed up naked or wearing a similarly inappropriate piece of beach attire she would receive a similar response (maybe a thong and breast pasties? i don’t know, depends on the place…at a nudist colony she’d have to wear nipple clamps I guess).

  11. fwiw, one thing that irritates me quite a lot is people who purposely violate social norms and push people’s buttons on purpose and then claim everyone else is just to out of touch/prudish/repressed/ or…my personal favorite…”jealous”. People actually in general respond very favorably to attractive people, unless those attractive people are violating social norms. Most everyone wants to be around a beautiful person.

  12. I wish I agreed… I went to high school with a crazy beautiful girl – practically everyone in the school thought she was the most beautiful woman we’d seen… and I remember hearing many girls talk about her. I remember some saying that she just didn’t look our age (16), that she looked like she could be a sophomore in college. One time after school when I was in the girl’s locker room getting ready for track practice for some reason I was kind of late, and I remember hearing some girls talk about that one girl – very nasty even though she didn’t do anything, she was pretty quiet really. Well… they left, for some reason I was still there, and low and behold, the beauty comes out of the restroom stall. She had heard the whole nastiness of what they were saying about her.

    We became friends and were in a class together (English AP) when we were 17 and I got pretty close to her. She was amazing. Her parents were just from a different social world and class. She actually had a boyfriend that was some kind of semi-pro athlete. I mean… this girl was so interesting.

    And she was nice!! I could not understand for the life of me, why some of the other girls totally didn’t like her.

    One day while in some other class I think that same year (or the year after – our senior year), I heard one girl say something I thought was remarkable. She was talking about the beauty, and actually said that it was almost wrong – that it just wasn’t right that she was so beautiful, and yet also so smart (she was in all AP classes with us, and yes, she was freaking brilliant). Obviously this girl was kind of trying to make light of it, but at the same time she sounded really serious. Like she did not like that the girl had both things going for her.

    The girl that said the comment? She was more like me… pretty but nothing like this other girl. It for some reason never bothered me that she was so beautiful, I loved her! We would share starbuck’s in the morning sometimes and talk about life. That comment though… wow! I mean it still stays with me, there was no other reason for all these high school girls to dislike her so much Liz, except that she was beyond anything we’d ever seen (and rich, and nice, and smart).

    What else could it have been but jealousy right?

  13. Dragonflygirl, I’m not saying women are never jealous. Look at the example JB gave in the study. It was the same person, dressed one way and then another. The example noted the difference between the way she was treated. I submit there is a 99.9 percent chance the woman in the example was pushing the edge of inappropriate in her dress.

    Girls act catty towards all sorts of people, for any number of reasons. Even teachers do, I had some horrible female teachers. Women act badly when they have power over you…school days don’t count as “life” in my opinion. But it’s true in highschool too. That girl might have been so pretty everyone was jealous but what was the girl with Cushing’s syndrome and a lazy eye going through? It has been my experience in the adult world that people like to be around beautiful people. Even the jealous ones. Same reason people want to be around successful people even when they’re jealous.

  14. Perhaps it’s because I’ve lived in other countries I’m pretty in tune to social courtesies (including the culture shock that comes with being thrown into a new environment…even when you think you’re ready for it). People will absolutely treat you differently depending on the way you are dressed. In some places, the difference is striking…the US less so than most. Just depends. Appropriate depends pretty much entirely on what everyone else is wearing. In Sardinia you’ll feel and look very very out of place in a tankini, for example…everyone is pretty much wearing a thong and that’s it. Mostly the people will understand you’re an outsider but they can be pretty nasty to outsiders, too, if you know the language and listen. I’ll never forget the way people looked at me when I stopped at a store after the gym. I guess I was a little sweaty but in the US it would have been fine (it’s wasn’t a mall or any hifalutin place). Wow, they looked at me like I was a skunk that just walked in the room (I did not smell, I swear). 🙂

  15. Thinking further, here is an example that comes to mind. My highschool years were horrible, btw, I practically get ptsd thinking about it. Flash forward a few years and I’m married and going to school while working nights at a cafe. The girls talk about me and whisper about how slow and stupid I am. The fat manager tasks me to do dishes instead of manning the counter most of the time, and jokes with the other girls that I’m such an airhead I can’t even make or serve a sandwiche.
    Friends come in. Male friends in pilot suits. “Where’s Liz?” I talk to them for a couple of minutes and after they leave suddenly everyone is nice to me. At least, for the day. Even the nastiest people are nice to those they have a need for. If you’re beautiful, there’s a much much better chance people will have a need for you. It’s kind of like being rich.

  16. Here’s a good photo example:
    Note the classlessness and vulgarity. Definitely preferable to a lot of other photos of people at Walmart, but a woman dressed like this is likely to receive unfriendly attention from women. I have no doubt that whatever she encounters she will justify to herself as “I’m just so beautiful…they’re just jealous.” But the reality is, she is vulgar and would probably look more beautiful and receive better overall treatment in something less vulgar.

  17. If they really want to do an honest psych study on this subject, the researchers should not take the same woman and dress her differently…they should take different women, one pretty and one plain or ugly, and dress them the same. I’d bet money the better looking woman is treated overall better. (assuming we’re speaking of adults)

  18. LOL … I agree, but it’s much better to have true friends rather than leeches who think they “need” you. Haha I’ve had that happen too. Thank God for the adult world. There is actually still cattiness (at least that I’ve experienced), but you’re right that it’s nothing like high school. But women are still passive aggressive, and “needing” you is only great when you’re providing what they want.

  19. I do think that girls/women & boys/men who have abnormalities or things that otherwise make them stand out do have it worse by far in how they’re treated, even in employment. Definitely not trying to say that beautiful people have it somehow worse than them (or even as hard as they have it), just pointing out that they have a kind of prejudice of it’s own that can make their life difficult in a different way. But it is true that the girl with a lazy eye or cushing’s syndrome will be treated worse 😦 I wish that wasn’t so.

    The girls in high school that were pretty but more the “mean girl” type didn’t turn out that well, especially physically. The ones that I saw and have seen since have lost much of their beauty (and that was maybe 7 years ago when I saw them again). They had ugly attitudes though, and I swear that tends to show on a woman’s face as she ages, or maybe even in weight gain. Maybe its that they aren’t happy or joyful inside, but have bitterness and that makes them gain weight. Or maybe they just don’t care to workout or eat healthy? Who knows… but I’ve seen quite a few “mean girls” from high school or even college gain tons of weight in their mid 20’s.

    Jealousy, bitterness or envy shows on a woman’s face, too; I have a sweet, truly beautiful (inside and out) close friend who’s said she’s noticed that before. She had one of the same strange experiences I had with a weird kind of betrayal, and since mine had been years before, I was able to coach her through, advising her to do things wisely (lol that I wished I had done!). This was also in the adult world (albeit young adult), but this was in her place of employment at a hospital! She is like an angel, there are very few people who don’t like this woman, so I was so sad to hear what was happening to her at her job.

    So even in the adult world, women still act like high schoolers using passive aggression or outright betrayal or back-stabbing. I think men do, too, they just don’t complain about it as much.

    It’s sad to me that even adult women can act like that. But you know the best thing I’ve found is to just rid your life of those kinds of women. And if it’s in your place of employment, just do your job and be polite and ignore any drama… always behave above it. Especially avoid a close relationship with the kinds of people (men and women) that want to use you or think they “need” you. Usually people like that have poor character, and if you bring them close in your life, you will be hurt by them in one way or another.

    They are not true friends and might gossip about your life, even spread rumors or lies… yuck. I had a “friend” like that lol… she could have been employed by a gossip magazine, I mean, she knew things about our friends before they even knew them! But she would spread gossip about you, even sometimes spread things that weren’t true. Cutting her out of my life was like a breath of fresh air.

  20. “Men inherently love women. Men in general love women in general…”

    Not neccessarily true. I like demur feminine Christian women. I have little use for the aspiring lesbian like creatures I encounter here in the Pacific Northwest. Here in Oregon, they mate promiscuously, like barnyard animals.

  21. Ah, but if we’re speaking of men in general, and not yourself personally, the fact that these “aspiring lesbian like creatures” CAN “mate promiscuously, like barnyard animals” just goes to show how much men as a sex are willing to overlook in women in general. 😉

  22. “Only those with ugly souls who say ugly things about other women they don’t even know.”

    LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Well, that fits you then. IB, can you not see that this is what you’ve been doing first, unprovoked, all along? First to the men here (Rollo’s site), and then to any woman who comments there, throwing insults at Red Pill Girl Notes (saying ugly things about someone you don’t even know), and red pill women in general.

    Its too funny. You tell me not to mention you or dare judge you and your words/actions there, meanwhile you’re judging all the men at Rollo’s site that you “don’t even know.” I guess its ok for you right? To judge all those men you don’t even know, but no one can dare mention you or judge your own words or actions (ie: make you accountable for your words there).

  23. No, it’s not funny at all. When men are engaging in complete foolishness, calling all women whores, sluts, cunts, promoting hatred, bitterness and immorality, it is necessary to speak the truth to them about what they are doing to their own selves and to the women they encounter. The fact that you frequently butt in and attack other women while seeking the approval of such men is duly noted. That is not how women are to behave towards one another. You have been unkind to me and to several others and I don’t appreciate it.

  24. When I go out to dinner alone with my 20-something daughter, older women are somewhere between icy and hateful to both of us. (They misunderstand the relationship, think I’m running sugar daddy game.) (I have been actually elbowed by a dowager queen, at 21 in New York where people are supposed to have manners.) If I add a date, they’re very kind. The only difference is if I have a more age-appropriate woman on my arm.

  25. Dad and I used to ride our bikes around Sanibel Island back when I was a teenager. I remember stopping to look at an open house…now, dad was 50 when I was born so he was almost 70 then and I was about 17 or 18. I’ll never forget the pasted on smile of the Realtor who was very very friendly and very very careful not to imply I might be his daughter. Lol! Obviously she wanted him to buy the house…so she was properly motivated to be “nice”. That’s how most people roll, unfortunately.

  26. It’s nice to receive a long, thought out response from time to time, so thank you.

    Everything you say definitely makes sense. There’s this contradiction that we want more body positivity, but when women look good and dress, walk, and talk like they know they look good, it’s criticized. I was also a late bloomer. All my yearbook pictures are hideous. I don’t know what I was thinking. I had no curves at all and had no idea what I was doing with my hair and makeup until I was 22. I used to be told to have more self esteem and confidence, but I found that some women do not like it when another knows they’ve got it going on. “Be good looking, but not too good looking.” or “Be confident, but don’t show off.” That seems to be the message. I suppose some women might hate Nicole because she’s good looking. I just think it mostly has to do with what she’s saying/how she’s saying it.

    When it comes to sex harassment and the Linked In situation, I am probably more lenient when it comes to receiving comments and male attention than some of the more vocal and radical feminists. If I received that comment on the site, I’d probably either ignore it and continue talking business, or quickly say thank you and change the subject. If he was being persistent, I might take action but not seek legal action until it was a more serious offense. Just like with men on the street. If one says, “Hey beautiful.” I smile, nod, and keep walking. That is a more sincere and nonthreatening comment and it doesn’t bother me. The more aggressive men with comments like, “Damn, sexy!” while breaking his neck to look at my ass, I usually fire back some snarky remark and embarrass him a little, but I still don’t feel it necessary to hold some big protest against men checking me out. If a guy followed him, I might warn him to back off, and if he touched me then he’ll find out quickly that I’m armed. So I have my own ways of dealing with cat-calling, harassment, and it doesn’t involve being scared of them of feeling victimized.

  27. LOL Unkind to you… by pointing out that what you were doing was not good or helpful and was embarrassing to watch? That’s actually considered being kind, and I tried to do so in an extremely kind way at the same time, pointing out how horrible you were being to those men. Keep in mind that my own brother has read there… my “little” brother. I’m protective of that and rightfully so. Then you totally shock me with telling me to “STFU.” What kind of older woman of grace does that?

    What Rollo’s writing does help men to find the truths about life and about their own masculinity. Not all the men who wander, are lost, IB, and it is not your job to berate them, harass them for months on end, threaten them or joke about killing them even, in order to somehow bring them to Christianity. You’re doing it wrong… never-mind that its not your job.

    I’m not going to be able to allow you to use my blog for your agenda in taking down male bloggers and attacking men. No more comments for you IB.

  28. See I just don’t understand why they feel allowed to be “icy” or “hateful” to anyone! Especially when judging how people or circumstances appear. Never judge a book by its cover… and I’ve almost always found that to be true.

    Even if you were dating or with someone much younger, that would be your own life and choice (none of their business to put it another way). The only reason older women have a problem with it is because it makes them feel obsolete, or envious that men are able to do that more easily.

    I just met a very beautiful woman this morning 🙂 that is married to an older man. One of his daughters is her age, but she’s managed to make it work and has a beautiful marriage. She seems so wonderful, and I don’t get why people would judge their relationship from the outside… its just none of their business.

  29. You don’t understand it because you don’t think that way, Dragonflygirl. A lot of people do. I didn’t mention this before, but in your life if you and your husband are successful over time you will find that people start treating you very well.
    It’s important to hold on to those ‘genuine’ sorts when you find them. People who are nice to those they don’t need are the good people. How people treat others they don’t need (or you, when they didn’t need you as opposed to the way they treat you when they do) is a very good character screen.

  30. Ok IB… Just read the post you wrote about me and wow!.LOL It’s like you can’t even own your own shut!!!! You pull my comment from today and act like it’s the first thing we’ve ever said to each other.

    Last week, I happened to be reading rollos blog and couldn’t believe you were resorting to telling the men you’d kill them and put them in your attic… And how much u were harassing those men there and then clearly enjoying the abuse u were getting because you had been doing it to yourself for months at that point.

    Red pill girl notes (aka Bloom) points that out and sincerely tries to help you… And u attack her ruthlessly and needlessly, she wasn’t rude at all but felt sorry for u. U judged her and even lied about her – again, doing exactly what u accused her and I of doing. So I back Bloom because I’m sick of seeing you giving those men death threats that aren’t funny and harassment, try to come at u in a nice way, even polite, and u accuse me of emotionally cheating on my husband because I read Rollos blog. You attacked our marriage disgustingly and then keep attacking me calling me a special snowflake and pretty princess. Then I tell rollo ur taking him for a ride… That he could probably get u for online harassment, and u go full psycho mode, cussing at me a.d acting like some drunk from hell. U actually managed to shock a lot of the men there with how you went off… But no… According to u none of this ever happened. I love how ur commenters have no clue.

    U are mentally ill. I don’t think that even menopause can truly explain the mental gymnastics ur mind is trying to do to be seen as a victim. It’s too bad your community isn’t smart enough to go looking for the truth of what you’ve been up to. U can bet rollo will keep it as some kind of historical archive of a woman’s worst histrionics!

  31. SMP competition, displayed front and center. Interestingly, as regards the competitive aspect, my daughter just returns the hate, with an icy smile. I’m the one who is made more uncomfortable. She likes to torture them and *act* like my date.

    The best evening that I’ve had with my her in the last few years was one of these nights; as the restaurant cleared out we had coffee and desert with an older couple who were very pleasant — an exception to the hate rule — who began by asking how we met (they were curious, not angry). I said, “I fell in love with her the moment I saw her” before disclosing that she was my daughter, which they didn’t believe for a while.

    Also, I think the older women know that daddy erotica is a real thing, and witnessing a potential example of it heightens their own sexual insecurity. (Most women my age are involuntarily, or voluntarily, celebate.) It’s a lot more common than the culture would let on. By “daddy erotica” I do not mean of the incestuous kind. It’s just a common kink that a great many women keep private or suppressed, it being totally non-PC and antifeminist.

  32. I thought this was pretty funny. I tried to post it over at Bloom’s place but it’s stuck in the mod queue. Testing it here 🙂

    “Only in Europe can you go from Kissing to Petting to Fucking to Wedding without ever leaving your car”

  33. Not really. Women with healthy relationships with their fathers are keen for protection and provisioning, some submission and the freedom to be dominated. Some of them then take it to fantasy land. It’s antifeminist in that, while its certainly sex-positive, it asserts female submission, male dominance, and celebrates an age gap of 20 years or so.

    And the flip side may be true, too. The most disastrous relationship I’ve had was with a woman who said her uncle raped her in high school. I’ve never believed that and believed it was her father. She scores over 30 on the Hare score.

  34. @superslaviswife

    “how much men as a sex are willing to overlook in women in general”

    Women are wrong as always. Only a few “alpha” cads are doing the overlooking. I know lots of good men that prefer character above cup size. Intellect more than intercourse. Unfortunately that does not score points with you American women.
    You love the genitals of donkeys and crave the emission of horses. Ezekiel 23:20

  35. Jonathan, I agree with you about lots of men being completely turned off by the loose women – that is part of why so many are joining the Men Going Their Own Way (MGTOW) movement, or even turning to sexbots in the future possibly (?).

    Also, Superslavis wife is wonderful! And I don’t think she’s American either (?) ❤

  36. Dragonfly I really appreciate your blog. The problem is that American women (not including you) cannot be given a free pass.

    The latest transgression is


    Which went viral. Meaning lots of people agree with that sentiment. Instead of being greived, they rejoice in evil. My assessment of American women is dead on target. Of course American men are not far behind.

    Poor Americans. If only they comprehended the appaling fate that lay in store for them. You know that those who despised the law of Moses died without mercy. How much worse then it is to spurn the forgiveness of Christ and despise the sacrifice made at the cross. Having done this there is no possibility of forgiveness. Only the expectation of judgement and raging fire.

    My guess is that the U.S. will get into a war with China. The war will go nuclear and the U.S. will lose badly.

  37. OH wow! I have not seen that trend… been staying off social media a lot recently because it’s just too darn negative. I think you’re right that our country is in for a major downfall and war. Very right.

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