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Couple on the beach of sea

We’re about to leave in a couple days for a week long vacation – a much needed family vacation – our first since having our Babymoon over 5 years ago.  We’ll be staying for 7 days on an island, the same one we were at when we were celebrating/mourning the last days of being without kids.  Aside form all the tidying up and packing we’re doing in preparation, it’s hard to contain the excitement we all feel!!!!  This has been a lonnng time coming, and we are so ready.

Planning and packing really got me thinking how we probably approach vacations a little differently than most people.  We go purely to have fun, sightsee, eat weird or new foods, and this is considered “relaxing” for us.  Before we had kids, we tried to have a vacation by staying with family, and it was nice, I loved being able to visit with them, but they were constantly trying to interject what they thought we should be doing – particularly, that we should be actually doing nothing and just “relaxing” there at their house watching TV.  We wanted to go out, we loved participating in the night life of their city – even finding a Salsa bar to dance at, and exploring it’s uniqueness during the day.  They thought we were doing too much LOL.

People can view vacations so differently… but again, for us, we are highly active, crazy people – sure we love down time or laying out at the beach or pool at the condo, and there will be A LOT of that, but we are also going to be boating and having an adventure on an undeveloped island as well.  Maybe we’ve just got ants in our pants, but our vacations are going to be pretty action packed.

Another element that took me by surprise, or rather, took my husband by surprise, was the packing – he temporarily forgot I was a girl, and thought we would be able to somehow share one suitcase.  Um.. yeah.

I tried… I really did.  But a whole 7 days worth of clothes for me, just would not fill up only half a suitcase, I successfully took over the entire thing on my own.  He came back from work, and was shocked then laughed – teased me mercilessly about how much I was bringing, comparing it to those women who have like 7 suitcases for one week.  HELLO!  Unfair!!  Woman here!  I’m not a guy….

He loved giving me a hard time about what clothes I was packing 😉  Until I proved to him how great they look by wearing one of the feminine dresses to show him how it completely changed my everyday look – he loved the feminine snark, his jaw dropped, and I laughed as he was forced to admit he loved seeing me like that.  What better time to pick to look flirty and sexy than on vacation?

Since Summer is coming to an end, this post will be great for next year or even winter vacations… but here are some thoughts on some ideas to really do vacation right.

Here are some things I think are great attitudes for vacation:

1) Make sure you have fun – whether that means staying with family, or going as your own family, vacations are supposed to be about what you both want to do as a couple.  The only problem with staying with family is that it can put a damper on vacation sex.  For some people, it can be hard to lose your inhibition and have fun in bed when your parents or partner’s parents are literally… down the hall form your bedroom.

2) Don’t let your vacation be dictated by your kids’ desires.  Disney world and other kid-destination vacations are great, but you want to make sure there’s enough adult time in order for it not to be all about the kids.  Standing in lines all day, melting in the heat, dealing with tantrumy children, more than likely means you’re gonna need a cold one after being out all day riding rides (ie: standing in lines).  Those kinds of vacations often tend to be super stressful for parents of young children, we’ve even heard a couple we know complain that it was like going to hell for a week.

Vacations should be about joy and having a carefree attitude, so if you are going somewhere predominantly for the kids, try to have a couple of nights where you all go out to eat and dress up nice.  Bring at least one fancy dress and some jewelry to counter the super hot days of sweaty mommyness.  Have one night of relishing looking like a dream, and get pictures together to remember it by!  Appreciate being able to let your kids enjoy a magical vacation, and fall even deeper in love during the down times where you’re able to appreciate having each other as well.  It will help counter the stress of standing in the sweltering heat for hours.

3) Romance your husband on vacation.  No matter where you are, romancing your husband comes from an attitude of loving and enjoying your life together.  Be sure to relax in the hotel pool in the evening, cuddle up in the hot tub together, or enjoy cuddling on the beach at night around the fire while the kids are tucked in. Simply relax and enjoy the closeness of having your soul mate with you on your vacation paradise.  Not many people are lucky to be in a good marriage or relationship like this… appreciate it, with all your heart.

3) Make sure to bring some cute, feminine dresses or tops – whatever makes you feel beautiful.  Accessories during vacation can make it even more fun for women to enjoy and revel in their femininity!  Look your best as much as is possible depending on where and what you’re doing.  Sure there will more than likely be activities where looking your best is downright impossible, hiking, exploring outdoors, swimming, etc., these are situations where a bare face and beachy wavy hair look earthy and sexy.  Having a carefree attitude is key, but in general, making sure you look good has a mysterious way of making you feel really good… leading to even more enjoyment of even simply activities like exploring the city or area you’re in!

4) Be sure to pack your best lingerie, vacations are about having lots of fun, engaging in wild or uninhibited behaviors!  No matter how long you’ve been married, make the most of this time away – time that only happens usually once a year for most couples, and use it to fulfill all your deepest fantasies about having sex far away.  Lingerie adds an element of purposeful passion and shows that you’ve got seduction on your mind.  Vacation sex is usually adrenaline-fueled.

5) Go with an open, carefree mind and attitude.  My husband is extremely adventurous and particularly in the area of food, he is always eating or trying new things, whereas I’m predictable in that I will order the same thing, at the same restaurant, for years.  There is one meal that I’ve ordered consistently at the same restaurant for 11 years straight.  So for this vacation, we’ve decided to order for each other for every meal… making our eating out a kind of fun, unpredictable game to play with each other.

If you haven’t left already, or are thinking about a Winter vacay, try out these suggestions and let me know what you think!  If you have anything you’ve done in the past to add to making a vacation fun, please comment!

**Note: Blog will be Inactive 08/05 – 08/12.**


  1. Good points!
    I lol’ed at number 5 – that is my husband and I to a tee! And my husband always makes sure we order different things so he can try them both. Great idea about ordering for each other!

  2. My husband just read your comment and laughed!!! He does that too!!! Not ever letting us get the same thing – he says he thinks it’s only ever been twice in our marriage we’ve gotten the same thing. 😉 😀

  3. Hope you are having a great time, Dragonflygirl. 🙂
    Mike and I always said we’d go back to Hawaii (where we married/eloped) to show our kids. Now our oldest is very close to the age I was then, and we still haven’t made it. Hopefully next year. Good grief where has the time gone?

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