The Summer Party

I love throwing parties.  I get so much joy from planning them, making the party food, decorating cakes, having friends packed into our house and backyard, talking, our kids running back and forth screaming excitedly, playing all kinds of games and getting into mischief.  We had a Summer BBQ & birthday party last night that left us all breathless and filled with the deep satisfaction that comes from being around friends you love.

We had armored duels in the hallway… my son’s friends dressed up in his knight costumes battling away….

Boys and girls splashing in the kiddie pool, or jumping and screaming on the trampoline.

One of the older daughters of our friend’s was playing her latest piece she learned on the piano in the sun room… the melody drifted along with all the squeals and screams of delight, shouting orders and instructions of kids playing together as if it was supposed to there, a kind of background music.  It was so loud inside that when I escaped to feed the baby in silence in our bedroom, I could still hear the muffled joyful noise.

Yes, it was such a joyful noise!

There is nothing that I love more than to have our house filled with people we love, kids we love, and see everyone having so much fun together.  It’s the greatest high there is… to be surrounded by friends that are like family.

There was some excitement of course, one of my vases decided to fall and crash randomly onto the floor (from the top of the bookcase no less), but one of my friends & role models took care of it spectacularly!  She competently knew exactly what needed to be done and delegated out tasks to get all the shattered glass up.  She and a man worked together to get the whole crime scene cleared – it was adorable.

BBQ, birthdays, kids, music, friends, and love and family.

If you haven’t thrown a good party yet this Summer, it’s time.

3 thoughts on “The Summer Party

  1. We love to throw parties as well. The first this summer was my son’s graduation party and send off to Basic Training. Next was my closest childhood friends. I love to surprise our friends and family with their favorite treats or drinks. I keep in mind what each of them drink and keep it stocked. Same with food. Having a daughter with Celiac disease, I know how much we appreciate friends and family who always make sure she has food to eat.

    I miss the chaos of little ones running around. We’re all at the stage of having teens/late teens and early 20 yr old children and no grand children quite yet. This stage does make for entertaining parties. Especially our newly “of age” children who don’t quite know how to compose themselves after a couple drinks. 🙂 (We’re Wisconsinites, drinking is a huge cultural norm here.)

  2. Congratulations on your son graduating! What a brave man! You must be so proud of him! *tear* 🙂 I can’t imagine my sons leaving us! Does his Basic Training last all summer?

    That’s a great idea about the drinks and treats, and especially when people have dietary restrictions. We try to always have gluten free options for sure.

    And yes! I absolutely love the chaos of everyone’s little ones playing in our house. The teens are great too, love talking to them – they see life in such a cool way and have so many questions about it.

    Wisconsinites!? I didn’t realize you had a Summer season 😉 LOL That’s ok… we don’t really get Winter here either.

  3. Thank you! We are very proud of him! He actually just shipped out today and won’t be home again until Christmas time (Basic Training combined with advanced training). We’re keeping ourselves busy as we adjust – going fishing tomorrow. 🙂

    We do have summer – for a couple months anyway. 🙂 We’ve only been home for the last year and a half. We lived in Oklahoma for 8 years prior and desperately missed the seasons when we were there. In fact just today my daughter told me how excited she is that fall is coming soon. Cool, crisp days, changing leaves, the smell of apple/cinnamon in the house, wearing sweaters and jeans, and (of course) football. 🙂

    We’ll be down in your city for my Son’s basic graduation. It’ll be fun to be back there. We always enjoyed Texas. Our favorite vacation spot when we lived in Oklahoma was South Padre Island.

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