Sponsoring and Modeling Material or Merchandise

I have had several emails in the past few months and recently requesting me to sponsor a person’s or company’s products through either blogging about their products or modeling their clothing or hats.  I thought it would be easier to create a post about this, to explain an official policy for future interested partners or companies.

This is my creative outlet blog, not a business blog.  I have tried to start a very small business of making baby, girls’, and women’s clothes, however, with sleeploss and being a full-time mom, I haven’t had the energy to devote sufficient time to that business yet.  There have been several weeks in a row now where our baby woke up every hour or 2 hours during the night, and I am the kind of person who desperately needs 6-8 hours to function.  I’m not drinking real coffee (and decaf just isn’t enough) due to breastfeeding, and do not feel like a real person until after our quiet time/naptime.  However, with that said, I only model the women’s and girls’ clothing I make because they are my creations and my personal business.

In order to sponsor any products, goods, or services offered through your company, I am extremely picky about what I am willing to support.  In order to keep with the integrity of my blog, I will only model or present products that I can fully back and that match the overall purpose of this blog.  A product may be great and may be something I’d even wear, however if it does not match with the overall intent of this blog (or my personal style), I will not feature it.

Any books, products, or services that are currently shown on this blog are personal favorites of mine, and fully backed or purchased by me personally.  My readers can expect only the best is presented here, and what I would want to represent my particular brand.


  1. Thank you Laura, 🙂 I think part of me wants to hold on to that excuse so that I don’t feel like I’m failing my goals! But I do need real coffee… I hate feeling yucky all morning until about 3pm in the afternoon.

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