Girl With a Dragonfly Tattoo’s Summer Beauty Guide

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I’ve always loved braids… until this last weekend, I’ve never taken the time to learn how to french braid my own hair though.  When I was 17, I was a summer camp counselor – it was one of the greatest jobs ever – you learned about taking care of elementary to pre-teen age kids since they were in your cabin for a week – 24/7 – you had the responsibility of getting them where they needed to be, and showing up to teach classes yourself.  We had swimming classes, tennis, archery, twirling, gymnastics, cheerleading, leather crafting, ceramics, and many others I can’t quite remember.  I loved teaching the kids, being their counselor and pretend “mommy” for the week… we even had to make sure they ate well as we were at the tables with the kids for every meal!  Imagine that… lol… parenting prep; but during that summer I must’ve braided more heads than I could count.  My favorite was doing two french braids – one on each side of their head basically – and I got really good at it, but still could never do my own hair.  These videos are great guides to some basic braids that look amazing while at the pool or beach.

For a girl that was very interested in makeup, beauty and hair products, the summer was one of the hardest times for me to look good, and yet still have all the fun that playing in the heat, water, or humidity brought.  Here are some tricks I’ve found along the way,

Minimal Makeup

This is crucial….  the last thing you really want to do is wear too much makeup or wear the waterproof foundations that look too fake or overdone.  The best thing I’ve found is to do the most minimal approach you can get away with.  If this is no makeup because you have an easy complexion, that’s awesome!  If you feel like you need some skin-tone evening, try a lightweight BB cream – they often come with anti-oxidants, moisturizer, and sunscreen in them now, and feel (and look) like you’re wearing nothing!  When I feel like I need more coverage, using some concealer under my eyes, or down the ridge of my nose, and then blending with the BB cream gives a polished and perfected look while still looking conceivably makeup-free.


All you need really is a good water-proof mascara!  Every summer I buy one first thing in May, like an exciting ritual getting prepped for playing in the water with our family.  This year I’ve also bought some soft pencil (not water-proof) eye-liner to give my eyes more definition… with the lack of makeup or lipstick when out at the beach or pools, I want my eyes to at least stand out.  Lining the bottom row (on the outside) looks great with a soft pencil for the summer… save your dramatic liquid eye-liners for the fall and winter seasons.


Lips are easy in summer – you can simply do nothing, put on balm, a sheer but shiny lip gloss (sexy),


or even go for dramatic summer colors like Blood Orange, a variety of pinks.  I adore Emily Weiss’ quick list of her favorites,


A close up of Revlon Kissable Balm Stains for Summer, less than $8 in the US


And red lips are always, always in… no matter the season


For going out with my boys now, I use a sheer lip gloss if I remember in time ❤


3 thoughts on “Girl With a Dragonfly Tattoo’s Summer Beauty Guide

  1. My daughter and I watched how to do the Elsa braid. It looks sooo pretty. She wants me to try it, but it looks really complicated!!! Thank you and curse you 🙂 LOL

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