Spring Bliss 2015


Yesterday was blissful – the sky, the warm sun with the cool breeze, we ventured out as a family to find some fun… and we did!  I had to leave my camera at home to charge so the pictures came out not as clear with a phone camera.  It was just too beautiful to not take photos!

Spring & Summer clothing, for me at least, is lightweight and comfortable.

Striped dress for Spring

Striped dress for Spring

Victoria's Secret Nail Polish in Flirt Away

Victoria’s Secret Nail Polish in Flirt Away




Blue-eyed Cutie

Blue-eyed Cutie

Haha his expression!

Haha his expression!

Our view looking up

Our view looking up

Love being with him!

Love being with him!




6 thoughts on “Spring Bliss 2015

  1. How wonderful! Kind of reminds me of a park I used to visit in Italy, when my sons were little.
    Clap, clap, clap, clap.


  2. Awww so sweet Liz! This was at our zoo, it is really beautiful – I bet living in Italy was amazing though!!! Your adventures sound so wonderful, thank you for sharing bits of your life in your comments!

  3. This reminded me of the times my wife and I took our three children to Hines Park in Michigan to play games and wander around the park–they are great memories.

    I am loving my yellow rose plant this year. Your photos were really good. I love seeing the expressions of babies. The are so curious and trying to understand.

    My wife loves Victoria secret products.

    Have a great weekend.

  4. Lovely pictures! We’re in Autumn here at the moment, so I am enjoying the crisp air and beautiful leaves. But the cooler air is a nice contrast to summer, so the kids have been playing outside lots.

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