Beauty Matters – The Real Reason Feminism is Against a Woman’s Beauty

A few months ago, a feminist friend & I dialogued about this video of a woman speaker “un-dressing” onstage in the name of Feminism.  She wasn’t doing a strip-tease, she was instead making a big display of the way women are oppressed by the expectation of them looking pleasant, professional, or beautiful.  How dare women look beautiful or be expected to look put-together for their employers.

In the video, she comes on stage looking quite beautiful in a professional way.  Nothing is wrong at all in the way she is presented and dressed, however, throughout the video she seeks to prove that all the “unnatural” things she is “required” or “expected” to do in our society in order to be taken seriously as a responsible woman, are oppressive to her.  My response was humor, knowing full well that no one is putting a gun to her head, that make-up and hair care do not have to take as long as she was drawing it out to prove her point.  The simple fact (after studying beauty for over a decade now), is that women can look quite beautiful with only a mere 30 minutes of prep.  30 minutes to take care of themselves.  30 minutes to look professionally presentable.  30 minutes to gain respect for themselves and in front of people who pay them money to represent them.  30. Minutes.

It’s long been an acknowledged (albeit not always true) thing that feminists are “ugly,” or that feminism is for “ugly women,” and this is not a small part of that.  From the beginning of its grassroots movement in the late 1800’s, feminism has gone against the idea of a woman ever going to the trouble to make herself more beautiful for a man.  In fact, feminism in our day and age has made a very big case on women not having or being “oppressed” by doing anything for anyone, including their own children.  Feminists are wrong in their understanding of a woman’s beauty, and the gift she is capable of giving to her husband when she makes the most of what God has given her.

Beauty matters, undeniably.  God cares about the visual.  It’s obvious when you see the beauty reflected in a baby’s smile, the masterpiece of artwork that is detailed in a sunset, or even in the beautiful structure of a woman’s face (the face that God chisled out for her – it is not just genetics, but a design given to her, gifted to her, by God).  Oh yes, beauty itself is a gift that God gives to some of His children.  It matters.  It doesn’t mean that they matter inherently more at all than the next person, but their gift of having beauty is not a curse, but something that displays the hand of the Artist who created them.

God was the first Artist, and an artist in the truest form who uses science and mathematics to execute the most eye-pleasing, wonderful designs of beauty all over the world.  The same Artist who designed the stars and their brilliance, who created math itself, combining physics with beauty to ensure that the very planets in orbit and astrophysics align in the perfect beauty & brilliance of their appearance (astronauts are frequently in awe of the sheer beauty of even our own planet) and their function (and I mean function even in the mathematical sense, yes, to me math, because it is Truth, is beauty).

God did not have to create beauty.  Beauty exists for our own pleasure in viewing it.  Think about that for a moment.  He gave us beauty in flowers, landscapes, designs, features, sunsets, animals, the human body, facial structures, all for the entire purpose of it being for our pleasure when viewing it.

The same God who has so much flair for beauty, also has the greatest sense of humor.  He designed the platypus, the adorable koala bear with it’s unique and characteristic nose, and the hippo who has been the brunt of fat jokes for decades!  We have a God who not only can create masterpieces of beauty, He can also make us laugh with His good-humored taste for hilarity.

Obviously, beauty methods can go overboard, and I am not advocating for that kind of thing.  However, when feminists (the woman in the video starts to talk about the 4th wave of feminism towards the end), stand on stage and claim that makeup and styling their hair are somehow against what women should love to do for themselves (not even mentioning for their husbands who they tried to attract that way), or say it is somehow oppressive to be expected to show up to work presentable.  I’m sorry, it is a perversion of the truth.


  1. ” The simple fact (after studying beauty for over a decade now), is that women can look quite beautiful with only a mere 30 minutes of prep. 30 minutes to take care of themselves. 30 minutes to look professionally presentable. 30 minutes to gain respect for themselves and in front of people who pay them money to represent them. 30. Minutes.”

    This is true. I think a lot of women put themselves through much more than they have to (and really don’t look as good as they otherwise would…and end up looking a bit like painted clowns). Simplicity and efficiency is good. Staying in shape is a very important of that too.

  2. There is so much that I didn’t even address in my post that she says in the video. Like the fact that she states the average woman only spends 27 minutes getting ready. To me I just rounded up to 30, but she still makes her case that those 27 minutes are just too much.

    She goes on to talk about how she perpetuates the victim mentality to her daughter when her daughter asks why she wears makeup and men don’t. Instead of a very simple answer like, well, women like to be pretty, or women try to make the most of their beauty, she instead goes into an Activist perpespective of “You know, I don’t like this at all, but I’m doing it because society makes me, and someday I’m going to change that so that YOU don’t have to be oppressed like I am.” If you haven’t watched the whole vid you might want to just to get the entirety of what she’s doing and how feminism works.

  3. Thank you Frank! Beauty IS supposed to stun… to stop a human in their tracks… it’s something that God deliberately created, and not some kind of accident. He created beauty all around us, for the SOLE purpose of us enjoying it when we see it. That’s it.

    Women can use it in good ways or bad ways (to manipulate), but to think a woman’s beauty doesn’t matter (or that it *shouldn’t* matter) is wrong.

  4. Ah yes, nothing more attractive than a woman who does something that’s actually valuable to her own self, for her own self, all while resenting and complaining about it.
    (I only got through the first five minutes of that video the first looksy…i’ll try later)

  5. She actually looks younger and better at the end.

    Isn’t the corporate world moving in the “casual dress” direction anyway? I see no reason why she couldn’t go into work as she looks at the end.

  6. According to the manosphere- female beauty does not exist past 29.. Hitting the wall I believe .. Kinda like the movie Logan’s Run.. Lol

  7. I say bring it on, I actually dream of being a grandmother someday and I’m sure I’ll look wrinkly and nothing like myself now. ❤ It's more than worth it.

  8. Outward Beauty is not Gods focus any way… We all grow old and hopefully wise. You have built your home on sandy soil.which is about to be hit by a huge wave.. Oh lookk…!!!!!. Cover your face sister.. You have hit the wall .. Shame on you !!

  9. It’s definitely not God’s focus, but the Bible even refers to several good people as being “beautiful.” It is one of the gifts God gives to people, and nothing to be ashamed of pursuing or having. Inner beauty is far more important and always will be.

    I have not built my home on sandy soil at all, but on God’s truth. You cannot insult away my salvation or judge me because I look a certain way or think beauty is a gift given from God.

    I don’t understand all this ugliness or hatred spewing… so what if I’ve hit the wall to you, or you think I should cover my face? What kind of woman would say that kind of thing to another woman except one that would only want to tear her down?

  10. She has not built her home on sandy soil. No one familiar with this blog who actually reads for understanding rather than looking for discord, could say that.

    I like the new ‘recent comments’ feature, dragonflygirl!

  11. “Outward Beauty is not Gods focus any way… We all grow old and hopefully wise. You have built your home on sandy soil.which is about to be hit by a huge wave.. Oh lookk…!!!!!. Cover your face sister.. You have hit the wall .. Shame on you !!”

    I so enjoy these self-congratulatory, superior humans who deign to explain the unknowable, the infinite and the perfect.

    You’ve got all the answers, ironically-named Let Us Reason. Thanks for sharing the wisdom.

  12. Anyway, despite my limited “reasoning” capacity, a person asserting Biblical authority should probably recognize that a) the phenomena we observe (such as physical beauty — or unreasoning solipsism in the service of self-praising critics of physical beauty) are b) of deliberate design. For nothing that we observe or experience, from a faith-based perspective, lacks design.

    This blog really attracts a lot of trolling, wanna-be Christian females with grudges. What’s their problem?

  13. Per the topic, I just took a big hunk of baguette, even though I’m allergic to wheat it looked so tasty I was going to do it. While grabbing the roll and stuffing it into my mouth I look outside and see this beautiful woman in a bikini walking toward the water. I spit the bread out right there and threw it away. God bless her. Pretty people inspire others. 🙂

  14. I’ve wondered why it attracts so much trolling, too, BV. Especially from Christian women! It might be worth noting I’ve only encountered it from women who read pro-masculine blogs like Dalrock, Rollo, Matt Forney, or other manosphere blogs.

    Normal, mentally-balanced Christian women that I know in real life don’t base their online “life” around such behavior, and you can bet that these women aren’t brave enough to act like that immature in real life. These spiritually immature manosphere women seem to love judging, ridicule, writing mocking posts or comments, sarcasm, and overall passive-aggressiveness – none of which is good for them personally or spiritually, nevermind not how a godly woman is supposed to behave obviously. I’ve actually felt (and given in to) acting in the same way right back! Scary…. I don’t want to be like that – some old, crusty grouchy, judgey woman who attacks younger women just because.

    At the very least, it’s a good example of what not to become.

  15. Probably not relevant to you, but there was a deal in college football this weekend when a kid lost his sh1t on social media and embarrassed himself, his team and his school.

    The coach was very fatherly. He acknowledged the player’s failure and then said two things:

    a. it was unnecessary because we should not seek validation on social media.

    b. it was mistaken because he was making broad generalizations about people he didn’t know, while attempting to defend his sense of self.

    I’d say both of these insights are often true. The trolls are validated by attention, and attention emboldens sweeping statements.

  16. Oh, and the boy really screwed up. But the coach stuck with him and he remains the captain of a prestigious team.

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