1. Since I am 81 and walking one mile a day, I play relaxing Hawaiin music. lol

    If I were 50 years younger, I might give this a try.lol

  2. Hi Dragonfly! Sorry, I don’t know how to PM you (or your email address), but just wanted to give you an FYI: I so much appreciate your following of my blog, but just so you know, it’s very… uh… id. Like, Freudish id. My wife hates it, yet agrees that it’s very much me. If I ever dosed hard on meth and mescaline.

    If I had a thesis for that blog, it would be: “I love people, but hate humanity.”

    On a happier thought, I’m very glad to know you! I strongly suspect we are kindred spirits.

  3. I like the funky beat but am so sick of the crass, ugly, low class use of words like “bitch” and “nigga” etc that pervades much of American music these days. Old school funk didn’t use those words. Nonetheless let’s face it – Bruno says “put some nigga in it” and yeah, who doesn’t want some some sexy rhythmic nigga in it???? LOL!!!!

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