Take Your Time

My husband told me he heard this song the other day while driving in his truck – and thought of us back before we were dating.  Romantic ❤

5 thoughts on “Take Your Time

  1. Our oldest son has just started taking a real interest in girls (he has been interested for a while, but I think it’s now a bit more than a passing interest). Last night we were doing our family workout and he mentioned wanting to get his driver’s license this break (next week). He turned sixteen a few months back but never cared, I asked if we could wait until summer and he said…”No. I think I’d like to get it now…”
    Pretty sure there’s a girl involved! He has also started working out with his shirt off and you can see how proud he is getting muscles and manning out. Boys are SO SO awesome and adorable, girlwithadragonflytattoo! I actually love the teen years (everyone warned me they’d be awful, but so far so good, and my oldest two are teens). You have much to look forward to. 🙂

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