Sneaky Mommy (St. Patrick’s Day Pasta)

Last year on St. Patrick’s Day… LOL Make Your Own Green Fettucine!

All Things Bright and Beautiful

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Spinach & Kale Fettucine

I’m a sneaky Mommy, and I don’t play by the rules.  Always one to look for ways to sneak vegetables into dishes so that my son will unknowingly devour something tasty and yet get some vitamins in him at the same time.  This last week I wrote the post on how to make your own pasta from scratch, with a promise to provide my journey through making Spinach or Kale pasta.  I’m so proud of how it turned out – it was so temptingly good that the moment I snapped the last pictures and mixed it in with the Alfredo Sauce, I ate some!

This recipe makes about 3 lbs of cooked pasta!  It called for 10 oz of spinach, but I didn’t want to use all the spinach we had (which was conveniently, 10 ounces… ), so I did about 3 to 5 oz spinach…

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