Kate Hudson & Living Life


I was excited to see Kate Hudson (yet again) on the cover of Shape magazine, for their March 2015 issue.  Her energy about life, fitness, motherhood, eating, and embracing her creativity have always been things that drew me to her & her mother, Goldie Hawn.

Growing up, she was a wild child, the only girl among brothers, “I was the sister who wanted to keep up… I was that bungee-jumping, rock climbing kind of girl.  My brothers and I would ski the double black diamond.  Now that I look back, I can’t believe I did it.”  The interview describes her, now that she has had two sons (ages 11 & 3), as having found satisfaction in allowing herself to revel in her femininity; she no longer has that urge to compete or “prove herself” to anyone.  “I felt a shift and really don’t have the desire to thrill-seek anymore.”


Her suggestions for having a positive attitude and doing life right?

Let out the Girly Girl – embrace your femininity

Always stare down your fears – coming to terms realistically with what you’re afraid of will dispense a lot of the irrational fear

Crush a Fierce workout – “I’ve been switching up from the softer stuff, like Pilates and yoga, to more aggressive activities like TRX and boxing.  I really enjoy sweating it out, and it helps clear my mind.”

“Its not just about trying to look good physically, its important to get oxygen to my brain and feel like my blood is really circulating.  I love skiing, walking, hiking, and especially riding my bike.  It makes me feel like I’m a kid again!”

Reclaim real food – don’t diet, change your lifestyle instead

“Food is wonderful and amazing and yummy.  Taking time to cook your own food and enjoing the process of feeding yourself can change your life!”

Own some chickens – OK… so this girl loves her eggs – and they are possibly one of the best foods to fuel your body for breakfast.

Also, Never pass up wine – In the interview, she explains her being in France and splurging on a rather huge dinner at a restaurant, and then the dessert came, and a French woman felt compelled to come over to Kate’s table to warn her about what she was about to do.  The French are typically completely turned off by the way Americans eat, and here Kate was, gorging herself on a delicious & high fat meal, drinking wine, and was about to dig into a strawberry and cream dessert when the woman said,

“No, darling

This is your piece of cake (pointing to the glass of wine).  That’s how you should be thinking.”

She also graced the cover in October 2013


Know your own heart – Be passionate, get involved in the things you’ve always wanted to do, give back & you’ll find it returned to you

Find Zen anywhere – Meditate.  Take time each day to stop and relax.


And my favorite quote of hers from this interview?

“Dance is one of my favorite ways to express myself.

But the very discipline of it – continuously pushing to be better – is what I love about it.”


2 thoughts on “Kate Hudson & Living Life

  1. Love Kate Hudson and what great advice! Have you checked out her workout wear line? I’ve looked at it several times, such good deals, but the clothes seems so tight, I can’t get myself to buy anything.

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