Those People Who Choose

I had a conversation with a man about how someone I knew was able to deal with having an “unfair life.”  They had gone through various circumstances where they felt that they had been almost deliberately (as if, by fate, or worse, by God) been dealt a bad hand.  Unfairness.  When we feel like justice has truly been betrayed.  When we ourselves have felt betrayed.  When we experienced or watched injustice in action, play out right in front of us, and were unable to make any contribution to righting the situation, but instead looked on in desperation while the events around us were .

The thing is, everyone has had a somewhat unfair life. Really. Someone’s life might seem perfect if you just look at one aspect of them, but I bet there was something or even quite a few things, that were utterly unfair. It really comes down to how we choose to deal with it for whether it makes or breaks us.

One of the greatest lessons that you or anyone will ever learn in life, is that life itself, is just not fair. That life is hard… full of problems for every person (even those who look like they’ve had it easy – I assure you, if they were asked and were honest in their answer, there would be something very dark in their past). No one gets out of life without something being ridiculously unfair. And that’s what makes great epics and legends, its the stories of those people, really any person, who chooses to do amazing things IN SPITE of their hardships or how unfair their circumstances or life was. Those are things that are remembered, and those are the people that choose to not be defeated by “unfairness,” because we’ve all had our share of it.

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