Life with Two


My 4 yr old son decided yesterday that it would be a great idea to blow his soccer whistle inside the house, while the baby was sleeping peacefully in his swing no less than 5 feet away.  He just had no clue, and when I told him why it was inappropriate, he looked a little sad, but understood and put his whistle down to his chest.

Not even 2 minutes go by, and this boy is back, walking down the hallway, past the baby’s swing, his drum around his neck, marching and beating out a riff.  I look at my husband like, “What on Earth?!?!”  And he promptly tells our son to take a chill pill and to realize the baby is still there.  Our son smiles his most adorable smile and is embarrassed, “Oh,” he says, “I forgot,” and laughs with a laugh of glee at the hilarity of what he was doing.  My husband and I share an intimate glance full of the immense pleasure and humor we find in his scripted for a Comedy-behavior.

And such is life with two….

I understood it’d be hard to balance, but I had no idea my son would paint his body with chocolate while I desperately tried to snag a little naptime with the baby.  LOL This has been a time filled with bliss & exuberance, and a healthy dash of light-heartedness admist the mistakes and sometimes frustration.

Like the time in February when I got the leaves into giant piles for our compost


And since the baby couldn’t play help, my son decides to bring the leaves to him


Nevermind they were the last few leaves that were actually green and still hanging on our tree… LOL….

And such is life… with two.

4 thoughts on “Life with Two

  1. How sweet! What precious children you have, just adorable. They can be a handful. What used to drive me crazy was my shampoo. Each kid seemed obsessed with pouring my shampoo down the toilet and trying to make bubbles.

  2. Thank you! They really CAN be a handful lol…. That’s hilarious about the shampoo/potty trick, LOL who knew!?!?! Do you have boys or girls or both?

    I’m secretly worried my husband only shoots Y’s… we’re going to possibly end up with 4 boys!

  3. Children are so precious. I had 3 girls and a boy. LOL, if you do wind up with all boys however, I think they’re a lot easier on their moms! That mother/daughter thing can get pretty intense.

  4. You are right about the mother-daughter thing. Yea, it wouldn’t be so bad 😉 they are sooo sweet sometimes. But it’d be so much fun to have a girl, take her to dance classes, tutus, cheerleading, or whatever she wants to do (now I’ve jinxed myself and she’ll be a tomboy – which wouldn’t be bad)!

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