The Big F … Failure

Failure crushes.  We fail at anything and everything.  Personal failures… professional failures… major failures & minor failures.

Recently I was reminded of a failure in my past.  A failure that I definitely played my part in, but still grappled with that sense of being dealt a bad hand.  That yes, I took ownership of my failure, but boy was it also paired with some sheer bad luck. After the failure – even during the failing – I tried to use the experience as a learning opportunity.  I’m still finding myself learning from it in small ways.  And being on the other side, I can see how it’s been ultimately a good thing, even if it was painful to go through.

What can we learn from failure?  What did I learn?

  • Failure shows you (quite brutally) what you did wrongwhere you can improve, and prompts one’s self to do the hard work of trying to change
  • Failure causes you to realign what you previously thought or believed, it can break you or make you
  • Failure isn’t the end, it can and often is, a new beginning
  • Failure can inspire
  • Failure can be good

7 thoughts on “The Big F … Failure

  1. We fail, but God never does huh? You know, our failures arise most times from only one real failure on our part…the failure to listen to Him. Nice post!

  2. I’ve been reading about failure too and really trying to adopt the mindset of an athlete in terms of my life. To just get up and keep going…without failure we don’t succeed…

  3. You’re right… everyone fails at some point, it’s how you learn from it and move on that makes success. An athlete mindset is so interesting – I never thought of it that way. I used to do hurdles in track, and there were a few times I fell – you just have to get back up and keep running if you ever want to succeed.

  4. Good post. 🙂
    I’ve actually learned far, far more from mistakes than anything else.
    Dilbert wrote a book on this…entitled “How to Fail at almost Everything, and Still Win Big”.
    He discusses a bunch of his life failures and what he’s learned, and how.
    I have it, it’s a good read.

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