Single Women: Make-up or No Make-up – Feel Beautiful in Your Own Skin

When you’re just starting to date or see someone new, obviously, you put your best foot forward – and you probably wear make-up.  For me, I love wearing make-up, I love how it brightens my eyes and darkens my very light lashes… in general, my face and features are so pale that it looks very washed out without some degree of make-up, so for going out (especially on dates) I choose wear make-up.

The key here is choose.  I don’t think any woman should be with a man who doesn’t think she looks beautiful without make-up.  As much as I love wearing it when out, my husband vocalizes all the time how much he loves seeing me without it.  He never makes me feel like I need to hide my true face or self behind some mask of make-up, and yet, he appreciates the extra effort on my part (maskcara and lipstick) when we go out.

If you’re a single woman, this video can give you the extra boost of confidence when you’re just starting out and taking off your make-up around a new man.  The key is confidence and self-love.  Your worth and value are not based on your skin or outer beauty, and a man who truly loves you will understand that.

The key is for YOU to understand that.


  1. Great post! I love make up but wear very little these days, but I’m a bit older and I really like to focus on keeping my skin looking healthy. There are some incredible older women around here, much older than me, who have better skin then I ever did in my 20’s and they just glow. Lot’s of water, leafy green veggies, carrot juice, and exercise 😉

  2. Its better to wear zero makeup when you first meet someone so they know what they’re getting rather than wear makeup and have them in shock later. If you like to wear makeup then you can wear it on the second date if there is one.

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