Early Spring in Texas

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAIts been a beautiful, wacky-weather January this year – with days where the weather is in the 20’s and then days where it is in the 70’s.  This past week, we found our first dandelion – something we’ve started to look out for as a new little family tradition.  To see the promise that the bright yellow brings after all the grey and brown of winter is just exciting, the brightness of the yellow makes us anticipate summer!

My oldest playing outside in his Ironman costume 🙂


OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAEven our cats are ready for Spring after being lazy all Winter.


Since its been relatively warm, we’ve been bringing our littlest son outside – one of the great things about living in Texas, January doesn’t mean you’re always stuck inside!


And, with this gorgeous warmer weather, i was even finally able to wear one of my pre-pregnancy dresses!  My husband loves seeing me in a dress, and its been awhile since I was actually able to FIT in one of my pre-preggers dresses, it was a shock and pleasure 🙂  OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA


  1. New GWADT blog fan (found you via RM comments). I wish our Texas winters were more wintery. It would ease the blow of that brutal heat in July and August. Congrats on reconquering that dress. My first thought was “Drew Barrymore.”

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