7 Reasons Why Dating Feminist Men Truly Sucks

Oh wow! So funny!!!!

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Cosmo magazine is running an article encouraging women to date feminist men (written by a man, of course) and I would like to take a moment to encourage women to think that one through. Dating a feminist man might boost your feminist street cred, but the actual dating part will suck. Here are 7 reasons you should never even think about dating a man who claims he is a feminist.

1. The sex will suck.

He will embrace the Yes Means Yes standard of sexual consent and any hopes you have of coming home after a long shitty day at work to be swept off your feet by a man overcome with his lust for you can be dumped in the circular file right now. He will greet you at the door, notice you are not in the best of moods (a good start, I admit) and…

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One thought on “7 Reasons Why Dating Feminist Men Truly Sucks

  1. Is that celebrity pictured here a feminist? There’s probably lots of women (and men) who think dating him would be awesome, regardless.

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