Celebrate the Pumpkin

pumpkin cupcakes

I’m loving our Fall 2014!!  There is something about pumpkins and looking forward to the activities of October that just gets me pumped & excited!  Almost every weekend in October is full of plans and pumpkin-y things, from the first weekend when we picked out pumpkins 🙂 ❤ to Oktoberfest at the Beer Gardens this coming weekend, to Halloween parties – I want my son to really appreciate everything in each time’s season… not just feel like time passes by, but to learn how to have JOY in every season with all its unique changes and flair.

Soon, we’ll be posting us making the Pumpkin Spice (Latte) Muffins, complete with the video we use & the recipe.  We’ve already done our first batch of sugar cookies glazed with Dinosaurs, shields, and swords for my son’s Tuesday class once a week.  We’ll be posting a Frittata breakfast post – the perfect Fall morning treat aside with all its spices and warmth, along with Tamale Pie next week – with multiple ways to create it from “Yankee” aka – not really Tamale Pie, to Quick & Easy, to the real thing which uses the authentic masa.

Just this Wednesday, my husband and I were able to sneak away for a date night downtown.  It was peaceful and breezy – the perfect Fall evening – as we watched the river that runs throughout our downtown turn to black with the night sky.  It was a full moon that night, and we were able to just relax & enjoy each other, listening to the music and night life all around us.

Before we got to our destination, we walked through one of our favorite places, La Villita, or “the little village.”  This place has special memories for me as I used to dance there on weekends for performances.  This year they decorated every corner and front shop porch with pumpkins – I couldn’t resist capturing the memory!


This is what we saw when we first came inside La Villita… the beautiful vines in the backdrop, and the first of their pumpkin show.
















And an adorable, Halloween cat – this cat could easily have been named “Pumpkin” in my book.  ❤






The colors of the pumpkins are just so pretty in this picture – and how they slightly reflect on the white wall.  It was so beautiful.



Decorating our own pumpkins with Glow in the Dark glue!

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  1. I love it that you and hubby have a date night. We try to do that once a month–usually at a romantic restaurant near a burning fireplace. My wife really loves Date Night. I loved reading about yours.

    My wife used to not like Halloween for religious reasons, but has become more flexible and enjoys seeing the children come to the door.

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