September Blossoming


Learning is Awesome!!


I love September… as I was working on our classroom September board, I was reminiscing on all the things that go with this first month of Fall….  There really isn’t a lot of exciting things or holidays to be enthusiastic about, however, to kick off this month (and put a nice end to our wonderful summer that felt like a vacation at a beach (and we got just as tan 😉 ), I took my son to a fireworks display near where we live to celebrate Labor Day.

We stayed out ridiculously late, meeting my husband when he got off work for tacos and Mexican food around 11pm… we never do this – but with the baby coming in December, I feel like we have to take advantage of every chance together we get being just a family of 3!  It was so much fun!


And a great way to “officially” end the summer, even though we’d already had 2 weeks of school.  It felt just as official.


So we began our September with a bang… or a few bangs 😉

September is my birthday month – I’ll be turning 28 🙂   I tend to use birthdays as a time of reflection and introspection, as I’ve posted before (last year, when I had just turned 27), aging doesn’t bother me, to me aging brings wisdom and beauty – you become more of yourself and if you’re working towards the best self you can be, you should be becoming more beautiful (the kind of beauty that comes from within and shines outward) with every year.

I read an interview in In Style magazine with Diane Kruger, who is 38 this year, where she talked of love, embracing life… of thinking of herself as “half-French” even though she’s undeniably German, (oh how I can sooo relate to that with my French music fetish and cooking obsession).  She talked of eating and drinking the wonderful food and wine in Paris (I swoon).  And just merely taking in her beauty – the beauty that she still emits and possesses well into her late 30’s.

diane kruger - beauty


Looking back at this past year, its been really wonderful… I tend to view the years via the school schedule – despite being out of school for quite a while.  I guess you could say I follow the Jewish New Year schedule which begins every September with Rosh Hashana (a time of deep reflection into how you lived your past year, a time of making amends with anyone you’ve fallen out with, and a time of receiving forgiveness, and in the old Jewish days, making animal sacrifices for your sins, before the Day of Atonement which came 10 days after – Yom Kippur – which was when God would seal up the old year, and erase all sins of the past that were forgiven through a blood sacrifice.  Yom Kippur is a very special Jewish Holy day, and was fulfilled in completion through Christ dying for our sins (Easter celebration).  Messianic Jews celebrate it in a very unique way from the Jews who don’t know Christ… the last Yom Kippur I went to was so touching and deep I cried from the beauty of the scriptures so perfectly fulfilling the prophecies.

So here is to another year, another year of life lived in beauty, gracefulness, and thanksgiving for everything that has happened – the good and the bad – in order to shape us into who we are becoming.

And it is most definitely a becoming.

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